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Shortness of breath mostly today

so today i been having shortness of breath like a jumpy feeling like my heart is going super slow and my pulse like its going to stop or something its getting me a little nervous and i cant stop thinking about my heart it feels like it stops then continue you and it take my breath away and i could feel thats it beating really slow little nervous about it i dont know if im going to sleep tonight but my heart is feeling wierd beating hard and slow at the moment aswell and feel like i cant breath or my heart stoped like its making me jumpy and have dry cough any advise ?

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Your "shortness of breath" is actually overbreathing. your body is receiving too much oxygen and expelling too much carbon dioxide. Try square breathing to kind of "reset" yourself.


Breathe in for 4 seconds,

Hold it in for 4 seconds.

Breathe out for 4 seconds,

Repeat this 4 times.


yeah i have the blood presure muchine is this good 119, and pulse 64 and im 20 years old my heart feeling slow and wierd like i cant breath and im thinking about it alot


That's perfect. Don't overthink it. It only makes it worse. I used to be the same way. Checking my pulse 100 times a day. Accept the anxiety and know that you are not in danger. Tell yourself that these symptoms won't hurt you. Eventually your anxiety will get bored and go away.

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im so tierd i want to go to sleep i csnt doe because i think my heart is gonna stop because it going slow


Hello Johnnie. Hopefully you have saved some of the replies to the many posts you have placed on this venue. People on this site care about you and have offered you many suggestions on how to deal with your anxiety.

Have yu tried any of them? Oh, and I may be wrong, but didn't you have a relaxation group available to you but you weren't attending it.

Anxiety and worry about your health is no picnic. I hope you feel better soon. :)

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what you mean is no picnic?


"No picnic" means no enjoyment such as some one would have at a picnic.


yeah im tryinng to go through this and fight it and not let it stop me but its hard you knoe at time because sometimes it hits me out of no and something else i find wierd is when im walking and touch my chest i guess by touching it makes my heart goes faster really wierd



You're not alone. Anxiety does these things to people. Remember to follow the treatment plan your doctor and therapist have formed for you.

Hang tight to the thought you have these two professionals who care enough to form a plan of treatment to help you get better. We are here too. You can get better. All of us are rooting for you. :)


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