on the edge feeling down and confused a bit i been doing ok lately but just alot in my mind.

yeah so wassup everyone i been okay been having physical sympthoms lately i trt my best to stay calm but lately i been really thinking and its been really getting to me lately is that 6 months this way with out smoking weed and after that one day it ruined me had the massive panic attack and was going nuts after that day i dont know it changed alot the problem is that i cant get out my head is why im i feeling this way i feel like something else is wrong like that weed messed me up physically and mentally aswell the crazy part is my friend is still smoking enjoying his life and im sufffering me and him smoke from the same thing that day he was calm i was the lne going crazy and heart racing out of control . but after i dont get this for real im still this way i havent smoked weed again ever sense 6 months and im still feeling alot of sympthoms that makes me feel upset and like im going to die soon right now im so depressed because i really dont know whats going on with my body like spasms every where even where my heart is aswell , shaky hands , legs shake out lf control sometimes , feeling like i cant swallow or cant breath, my heart races really fast some days or beats hard and sometimes really slow i dont get it , my heard just feels wierd another thing is these pains that comes and goes in my chest and pressure and i jump up like it scared the hell out of me , pain in my arms legs , things like this just making me think something is wrong it cant just be all in my head its wierd i think something is wrong physically with me .


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  • Hi jonnie1234 don't worry its anxiety all the symptoms you are describing are caused by anxiety/panic attacks try some breathing exercises big breath in then hold for at least 5 second or longer then slow breath out repeat until you start to feel calmer.please don't be frightened by these symptoms all of us on this site have had all these things to many times.hope this helps you.

  • yeah its a little hard to believe becaus ei never experinced this before after what happen to me like im having the sympthoms in the world right now that i never had before plus its daily

  • Hello Johnnie, how is New York? Spring must have come by now.

    Sorry your symptoms haven't changed, and I guess you still haven't taken your medicine yet. You may want to check on its expiration date, so if you do eventual take it, it will still be good.

    Have a good night.

  • Sigh...hope you'll be okay soon Sir.

    BTW, I asked the same question before, when I smoked weed one time, I felt so much anxious after it, like panic attack for for 3 days bcoz I was guilty by what I did and I know I shouldn't try weed after all. My friend were so normal after the night we smoked weed, wow, too unfair I got that hell after trying weed but my friend was so just relax and happy. Then now that I was diagnosed with GAD last April 2017, I realized, I really take things differently, not like somebody else, that I got this disorder that they do not have. April 20174 I got my first full swing with anxiety physical smyptoms, gladly my doctor gave me medicines to calm down then the physical and cognitive changed, now I can sleep, eat, no more chest hot flashes, I can think more relax too...I guess thanks for my medicines. I gamble everything in the medical side because I really wanted to have my life back, not so the old life, but at least a part of it. I hope you'll be okay soon sir. Lets fight anxiety togather! God bless

  • thanks maybe i should just take the meds

  • I know exactly what you mean. I am going through the same being worried about every little physical symptoms. I can't focus. I'm in tunnel vision all day as soon as I start getting physical symptoms. Sharp pains, wierd brain sensations, heart palpitations, shaky hands, Omg the difficulty swallowing, everything you named, eye floaters, twitching, off balance, tightness in my neck, it's so sad. I get down throughout the day and it's hard to let go. But I know exactly what you are going through.

  • yeah i dont know when all this will go away these physical sympthoms im getting tierd of this already

  • Oh my I'm so glad you brought up eye floaters, do you no why anxiety causes these? I'm terrible If I look at bright walls like white or a blue sky there everywhere some times my vision is fuzzy on normal colour s like it's moving. Had this for 2 years now had eyes tested and drops in but my eyes are fine and my blood pressure is ok not fab but nothing that would cause upset I get a lot of neck ache and up my head it's horrible

  • yeah thats exacly i get eye floaters like black spot or see something moving and then it goes away i dont get it very wierd

  • Sometimes there black most of the time like shinny wiggles thousands of them in the sky or on white walls, I find it disturbing but I'm learning to live with them

  • Yeahh its a crazy feeling

  • Ummmmm.....Haven't you read the replies to your 100+ posts?

  • what about it ?

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