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Im Tierd Of This Crapp Like wth i dead dont want to be in the world anymore !!!!!!


Im literaly tierd if this im really worried now i dont want to be here anymore in this world im tearing this is like a dream im laying in bed i felt like rush like was going to die just now my heart pounding hard i dont know whaat the hell to do anymore this is really getting to the point that im going crazyy my heart worried me alot i know alot of docters saw me even a cardiologist but wth why i keep feeling this way its like im going to die sooner or later i have aleverything you could name shaky , rapid heart rate arrthymias , head feeling wierd , vision like im not here or unreal dream like my whole body is wierd i cant be my self i cant do anything my fresking nervs are really bad even when im in traffic in a car i feel like im about to die my heart goes super fast im tierd of fighting this and this dont leave i been like this for about 4 months im tierd !!!!!!!!!! you dont under stand no one does not even my family they think im just going crazy or im mental after that one day smoking weed i got a paick attack now this hunting me for freaking for months i stoped smoking im doing good what the hell this wants for me i just want to be normal enjoy my life how i was going out being myself you know what is to be out and your heart is racing and you cant do anything but try to act normal mean while no one knows what you going through and trying to fight this everyday its like fighting for my life im tierdd!!!!!!!

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Don't give up Johnnie! I have been battling with anxiety for years. You are NOT dieing! Get that out of your head! These are all symptoms of anxiety that you have described! You CAN overcome this! I am no expert but I really think you are suffering from panic disorder along with general anxiety. I highly recommend going and talking to a therapist about your issues. Also I have started reading a book that many others on here have recommended, called Self Help for your Nerves by Claire Weekes.

where can i get it and i know like i really need this out doe completelyout of my body i need my old self again

Amazon is where I got mine. I got a used book pretty cheap! You should buy it!

but i need something that really work

It's worth a try! Also turn to God. He will give you the strength you need to overcome this!

Dr Claire Weekes books explain everything you need to know in order to recover, stop fighting, there's no battle, you've just become stuck in the fear cycle, get a copy of the book xxx

im going to check it out

Good, you won't regret it, she explains everything xxx

sorry the name one more time its book right?

Yes, books by Dr Claire weekes, I bought mine from Amazon, just type in her name and her books will come up xxx

I totally understand Jonnie1234 . This last 2 weeks my anxiety has been horrific , so over it . I had a new symptom yesterday . Woke up fine then I had the worst spacey feeling , everything I touched was wrong , making mistakes, vision weird , and felt like I was going to have a seizure or something . It was the worst feeling ever

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yeah i dont get it this is a powerful feeling i never felt this before

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Very powerful just takes control , hang in there as your not alone

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would this ever leave and mines started from smoking weed after that one day i been like this for 4months everyday 24/7 i have something bothering mostly is my heart and head like accelerating like out of control feeling like my nerves are bad and i feel like i hold my breath in with out knowing while its happening and i get it worst the heart racing alot

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Bloody hell it sounds like me to T . I know I hold my breath and deep breathing does nothing for me . Yer I can go feed the horses in the morning and all off a sudden my heart goes mad , beats so bloody fast for no reason . It's draining and some days I'm so tired from trying to fight it .

Feeling like this since January, we can't give up, we can overcome this. I am also reading that book. Try deep breathing, it does help. Do it like an exercise 3x/day, breathe in for four seconds, hold for three and blow out for four. It relaxes the stress after you practice for a while ( part of cognitive therapy). Supposed to slow your heart down.

yeah like if you was in my body and feel what im going through you would say no you have really bad like bad nerves like sometimes i get places and i want to run out because i feel like i cant breath or im about fain because my heart going fast and i dont exercise because then my heart would be going faster and it would be worst its going fast with out doing anything being nervous imagine execising

Living with anxiety is harder than people who don't suffer from it will ever know. I too became tired of my anxiety. It's like living in your own personal hell alone in the world regardless of how many people surround you. My mom said I had the "crazys" for lack of a better word. My symptoms created a mind that was an undesirable place to dwell. I wanted it to just go away already! So I did what many of us do when we're at the end of our own strength, I sought God. I started praying and reading my bible because I refused to let some annoying diagnosis run my life. I'm glad I got tired and came to the father. Since then I have gained a lot of the control in my life back and when I'm feeling weak, I ask for more of His strength. I hope you find strength and hope in this👑💫psalm 23 always makes me feel better😊

thank you so much for being here i needed that plus im sorry to ask but do you ever get spasms on your chest i get it where i feel my heart sometimes i also think its my heart but its a quick spasm

Palpitations.. I got those during panic attacks😩 they're awful. I've learned that you can think your way out of a panic attack. YouTube has some great videos that teach on stopping attacks. Once I learned how to control my attacks I started regaining hope again because I wasn't being controlled by thoughts of "am I going to panic again" or worry about where I panicked etc. Check out the videos and read some scriptures that soothe your mind and spirit(psalm91),if you'd like, and enjoy 🤗

but mines is all the time my heart racing or besting wierd

Have you spoken to your doctor? There are many kinds of anxiety disorders and some have symptoms that are similar to what your describing. Sometimes prescribed medication helps after seeing a psych doctor to ensure you get the best kind. Also, our thoughts are proven to trigger or relieve anxiety. It's not your fault that this is happening to you either. Understanding whats going on with you only empowers you so educate yourself and find a good doctor or councilor to confide in😊

If you're getting palpitations and racing heart, your doctor might prescribe you something. My son is on medication for it. Try to stop fighting it. It's probably making you more anxious. Just go with it, hopefully it will lessen. I'd definitely see your doctor though and be totally honest with him. Good luck! Hope you feel back to normal soon.

i have beta blockers but i dont take it all the time just some times because the docters say im to young i shouldnt take to try to control it but its hard .

Please talk to your doctor. The bad thing about anxiety is that it feeds on itself. The more we give it the more it takes. When you can't calm down your mind, it's time to try something new. I have had this happen to me and it scared me so bad I had to go to the ER. They look at me and say, 'why are you here?'. People truly don't understand if they have never experienced it. Medication worked for me. I take a beta blocker, anti depressant, and anti anxiety like Zoloft. Once you are on the medication you can learn how to manage your anxiety to better cope with it. It's not easy but it is a learning experience. This will not kill you. You have to believe that! Talk to your doctor and if they don't listen, find someone who will. We have all suffered far too long with this. Be well soon!

yeah i do have meds beta blocker metaprolol i only take it sometimes because the docter say im to young for it but i still take it somwtimes because my heart goes super fast plus i anxiety meds that i never try before its called paxil

Psalm 91 is one that brings new hope into my life read out loud.

I read it out loud

Just remember healing takes time but it can be done trust me...i was pretty bad before depression no eating or showering and big panick attacks plus hypochadria and all type of anxiety ptsd and little by little with me pouring out and reading scripture there is a healing my heart that is changing day by day...healing takes time but we can be healed.Just have a little faith.

yeah i feel like im dying my heart feels wierd so does my head like if im going crazy or really have a bad mental issue after smoking that weed four months ago i felt like it hit me hard because i still feel this way for already 4 months i guess it triggered me or it was to strong but i dont get it my friend was fine i was the only going crazy

I honestly hope you never go back to weed perhaps this time for change there's a few people who have had your experience but even then u can come back to be normal trust and believe.

You think soo ? plus did those people get to normal again? plus im not taking any meds for it i dont like those types of pills i only have beta blockers for my heart rate when it goes super fast

No my cousins didn't want to take meds he felt like he was loosing it even more so he stoped said he prayed then he focus on hobbies he enjoyed to keep the mind distracted in due time once he started noticing the symptoms he would ignore carry on little by little he forgot he suffer from that everyone copes with it differently recently I bought this humidifier that's has essential oils that help with anxiety on Amazon they sale a lot of great things but as for me reading and praying and actually taking lil road trips help seeing the beauty of the world being a bit adventurous helps to get your mind off the problem.

yeah did your cousin it happen the same way it happen with me weed and what is that oil for ?

Hi Johnnie! You are not alone. I used to smoke a lot of weed everyday at university. After I stopped I became very paranoid and anxious. Ever since , I have had small bursts of anxiety here and there. I never knew what anxiety was back then. 3 years later (2 weeks ago) it has come back with a vengeance and hasn't gone. I'm losing the plot. I've started taking magnesium today which someone on here recommended as it helps tiredness, weakness etc. I'll let you know how it goes. Try breathing exercising and guided meditation x

yeah my heart right now going super fast just by heading down some stairs and went outside i came back noe i could feel my heart beating fast

Exercise is supposed to be good , run up and down the stairs a few more times.. Not sure if it does actually help though :/

i wish i can do that but my heart be going super fast idk if its good idea

and yeah let me know about before buying it

You need to work on relaxation to calm your nerves down . You've had tests on your heart so you know it's working fine . The heart is a strong organ and as much as you think you are putting it under pressure and something will happen , it very likely won't . Sport enthusiasts have racing hearts daily , extreme adrenaline junkies do it for fun . You need to accept what you are feeling is just symptoms of a stressed body and mind and take the focus off how you feel . It is very hard but until you do your symptoms won't ease , you are keeping them lingering and intensifying and 1 symptom will become many . I also recommend Claire weekes books and ' at last a life by Paul David , they will help you .

There is no quick fix , it takes time for your body to calm and recover , you are keeping it in a heightened state and stuck in a vicious circle . The only way out is to go through it and you hold the key .

yeah thank you its really a hard thing to try to control because i feel like body gets out of control and my breathing feel like i hold it in with out knowing

Don't battle with it , let your body do what it's doing and learn to accept it , you need to reduce the fear and be ok with it , anxiety will lose its power over you . Distract yourself . It IS a very hard thing to do because you feel like your dying and exhausted but you are also strong .

yeah did yours ever leave?

Your body knows what to do if you let it , you are fighting against it and telling your brain you are in danger so it's kicking fight or flight to protect you , you are stuck in heightened anxiety so you need to try and relax and calm all your nerves down .

Yes my symptoms eased from the point you are at , I'm still in recovery though and it takes time . If you continue to focus on how you feel you will get more and more symptomatic and it's harder to climb back up

yeahh but mines was because of weed your is probably regulay anxiety mines hit me this was because smoking weed ever sense that i never beeen the same was like for about 4 months

Very well said Onedayatatime76.

Look on you tube for a guided meditation to listen to daily . It takes practice and your thoughts will race off or you'll focus on how you feel and want to switch it off but keep at it , it does help

Anxiety is anxiety , whether it was a trauma , smoking weed etc , the fact is you have turned your anxiety into a disorder by fearing your symptoms . There's only one way out and that's accepting how you feel and stop battling with it . The guy that wrote at last a life smoked weed and he is full recovered because he gave up the battle with how he felt , feel it and go with it , your body knows what to do if you let it

Yeahh but when it happens to me it goes out control like i cant breath and my heart goes super fast and right now while we talking my head feels wierd and eyes like unreal feeling dream like so wierd and a nervous thing in my stomach like im getting nervous

This is a good point. It doesn't matter if its stress at work, genetics, trauma from war or whatever. You have to desensitize and the only way is acceptance. I've tried it all and honestly a $10 audiobook by Claire Weekes is all you need.

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i keep hearing about this book is it really that good ?

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Its the only thing that every helped me. It wont fix you over night but you will improve. buy they audiobook and listen to it during your downtime.

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it really helps and what was your symthoms because mines are almost 24/7

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I've had months and years where I was anxious all day everyday for a few months i'd throw up every morning before work I was so bad. slowly overtime I started to get better. I'm not 100% but I go to the gym, go for walks, have beer with my buddies. I felt better by doing things regardless how a felt. It was hell at first but slowly I started to feel better.

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Best advice I can give is get some helpful info from people here, put together a decent de-stressing routine and stay off forums. At first its good to see others are like you but seeing blow by blow accounts of people struggling daily will end up making you worse not better. Get the info you need and stay away until you feel better. And you will feel better.

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yeah im going to have to force my seld but my sythoms are 24/7 mostly is more my heart and head and body pains my heart be going super fast sometimes for no reason just by going places or getting up from bed i saw a cardiologist he said im fine he did alot of test he said i had a litttle bit of arrythmia but not a dangerous one he said but idk i feel like my mind is going crazy i try to go have fun or party and my heart starts racing arrythmia fast but then after a while it calms down but i get shaky aswell or feel like im holding in my breath with out even know its like i go out of control like say if im in a car my back gets tense like i start to move because i feel my heart going super fast and its like i cant relax or breath if felt like jumping out the car sometimes its like body is relax or calm at all and my head feels wierd and my vision unreal or dream like this been going on with for 4 months already and its getting me nervous and thinking about the future like i have disbilty or something is really wrong with me

I've been there many times in the years I've suffered , it will pass , you really have to stop focusing and monitoring how you feel , I know it's hard because you can't ignore your heart pounding and racing away but you can stop feeding the fear , if you freak out then your body will react , stay calm , accept it as best you can because it is temporary and harmless

how long did it take for you to get better i been like this for 4 months

There is no time scale but the sooner you accept it's just anxiety symptoms and the sooner you will make steps towards recovery . I know it's not what you want to hear , you want the symptoms gone already but until you start calming your body they won't ease . I had multiple symptoms 24/7 and I worked on the strategies , the majority eased by 3 months and the rest I learnt to not care if they were there or not . Read at last a life or Claire weekes books , they will help you understand what's happening and why , give you strategies to help recover . Anxiety doesn't tend to come out the blue , there's underlying factors

yeah you right and did your happen for smoking weed or ?

I've been anxious since childhood due to something traumatic , it didn't manifest into a disorder until my first panic attack which was after a smoke in my twenties , I'd smoked it for a while before that and continued after because it helped me , it was my escape but I did stop smoking it , it wasn't the weed that caused my panic attack

ohh the weed caused mines because i took a couple of pulls wnd had my heart racing for 30 minutes and then i threw up and then i calm down a bit then i went put the same night to a bar only drank one cup and my heart started racing again i saw alot of docters and been to the hospital alot and saw a cardiologist everythingn is good they say blood work normal everything even had 7 day heart monitor he said i had a little bit arrythmia but not a dangerous one but for some reason i feel like its gotten a little worst after i saw them teo months ago i get nervous and out control out of no where it all start with holding my breath with out know and wierd feeling in my head like dizzy or idk nervous and my eyes dream like or unreal feeling

It will feel like it's getting worse because you are monitoring it daily to see if it's still there and then get fearful because it hasn't gone , you are feeding that fear . I've had shallow fast breathing , rapid breathing ...... it does feel like you can't breathe and you tend to hold your breath , the reason you are dizzy is because you aren't breathing properly and restricting oxygen . Practice belly breathing and relaxation CDs help . You've had tests on your heart and they are clear , you can keep chasing for a medical diagnosis and put yourself through unnecessary tests , go for a second and third opinion but if they say it's anxiety then try accepting it as anxiety , work on calming your nerves . I honestly do understand where you are coming from , I've been there several times until I gained knowledge and had therapy . I wish I had the help and support back then .

yeah its like a feeling like your going to die soon because my heart always besting rapidly arrythmia fast and have this unreal feeling aswell

right now when i get up my heart is beating hard and fast idk if i should take a beta blocker

Your dr would have intervened and ordered further testing if he felt it was a serious heart condition . We just can't accept it's anxiety because how can it make us feel so unwell right ?

yeah thats what im saying and right now ehen i get up from sitting down or laying down my heart beats really hard and it speeds up really fast idk if i should take a beta blocker even doe the docters say im young to take those type of pills but i take it any way sometimes because it calms it down a bit

It's a personal choice on taking medication . I chose not to because I already feared my symptoms and didn't want to be dealing with side effects too and then weaning off them . I tried to keep myself occupied and outward focus instead of inward . ive had the racing heart 24/7 for weeks and I'm still here . If I had everything I diagnosed myself with I'd be dead by now

yeah your was 24/7 ? and may i ask how about drinking would it hurt to drink one cup im just worried about my heart if i drink or something happening

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