Hey wassup guys Needed someone to talk to about how its been going with me . hope everyone its good

Hey wassup so i been alright these couple of days just trying my best ignore some sypthoms but for some reason does anxiety have a type of pressure where you feel your heart beating at or spasms aswell i been having all over my body espically where my heart is at plus my heart feels wierd beating and have someone ever satdown on a chair or couch and all of sudden you start feeling like you having trouble breath or holding breath with out knowing and as much as its going your trying to act normal infront of people that was just happening to me like something is wrong with my breathing and also i saw a nerologist everything seems fine aswell told me it can be anxiety your having and panic attacks thats what it is they told me because every test they have done its been good and normal also they gave me this pill called trokendi XR dont really know what is good for but she said it was good for spasms and emotion they way im feeling But yeah i guess everything is good the thinng thats worrying me a bit its the pressure on my chest where i feel my hesrt beating like it comes and goes and spasms aswell where my heart then it goes different places of my body really wierd . Thank you every one im trying my best not to be on here aswell trying to cope with this but its just been bothering me alot


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  • Hi Johnnie, glad to hear you saw the neurologist and that she confirmed it is anxiety. I wouldn't be surprised of you feeling like you may be holding your breath. I catch myself doing that at times. I tend to notice it when I sit down to relax or after going up steps. Our anxiety makes us hold our breath w/o even knowing that we are doing it. Are you going to try the medication she gave you? Sounds like what you need for spasms and emotions.

  • yeah its a sample to see how it works but the problem is taking other pills and then that thats just to much pills to be taking also i search those pills up on google it says to prevent seizure stuff like that but i dont get why those pills and also pressure on my chest and spasms there are they anxiety related ?

  • A sample is good so you don't waste your money on something you might not take. Does the doctor know that the cardiologist gave you the other pills to take. It's always best to have one doctor prescribing meds or for them to at least get together on what goes with what. I understand that you don't want to be overmedicated but you need to try something. It seems like the doctor feels that the pressure and spasms on your chest are anxiety related.

    Oh I feel for you right now. This has always been the hardest thing for me when I was given recommendations for different meds and I would take nothing. The thing is if you don't do anything, you are not moving forward in getting some relief. Does your regular doctor know that you saw the Neurologist? Maybe the 2 doctors can consult with each other as to what you should take.

  • no my docter doesnt know i just looked up for docter i need to get checked out for sure so i can know nothing really wrong with me also the pressure and spasm the docter havent saw that and when i went to the cardiologist nun of this was happening now all this been hitting when i saw the cardiologist told him about pain and my heart racing really fast thats what he was just focus the pressure and spasms he doesnt know about it plus ill see him again the 24th

  • If this were me Johnnie, I'd wait until the 24th when you see the cardiologist. This is when we can get into trouble when seeing multiple doctors on our own. Show the cardiologist what the Neurologist gave you and let the cardio doc make the decision for you. You will just have to hang on until next week. Of course, the decision is yours and what you feel is best for you. But I know how confusing and scary it can get with meds.

  • yeahh alot of meds and seeing alot of docters its just difficult because they all give different kind of meds you know

  • I too experience the holding my breath thing. When I realize I'm doing it I'm like "really, breathe woman!" lol it's no wonder we have chest pains etc with all the funky breathing and such we do 😉

    Best of luck to you

  • all this started with weeed i stoped smoking after what happen to me with my heart racing soo after that i stoped but i had a massive panic attack ever sense that day i never been the same i have so much sympthoms i never had in my life my he worries me and like i grt a dry cough i never smoked again after that day and i been this way for 5 months i dont whats wrong if the docters dont find anything but i feel like im dying slowly or something .

  • It's panic/anxiety disorder

    Sometimes all we need is a "trigger" yours was smoking weed. Mine was buying my first house. 🤷🏼‍♀️

  • yeah but mines is wordt idk why im still having physical sympthoms did it mess somehing up and feeling all these wierd stuff and my heart beating fast

  • It's just the physical symptoms of anxiety. The more you dwell on it the longer the physical symptoms will be there. It's tough trust me

  • yeah are you taking medication ?

  • Yes klonopin

  • Oh okay how is it working for you and how long you been taking them ?

  • Good. 8 months, I just found out my potassium is low so that started my anxiety up again.

  • And you feel better taking meds ? and i dont know what causing all this because i been stoped smoking weed when that happen i got 5 months and it really messed up having physical sympthoms alot wierd feeling in my head also dream like and unreal vision and pain around my body and i dont even do anything like that in order to have so much pain like it comes and goes

  • I'm in the same boat

  • hope dont stay this eay flr ever because 5 months i think the wierd triggered my brain or something ot probably did something to my body because now its wierd

  • No your fine it's just anxiety... which sucks. But once you relax, take some medication for a while you'll see a big difference

  • yeah plus all this give me headaches and im not gonna lie im a little undecided i been trying to handle it my self but idk if i should because its daily i get this physical sympthoms and everyday anxiety and nervous feeling in my stomach just by going in a car and really bad headaches probably because i try to fight it much

  • My counselor told me it's very very hard to fight it on your own. Especially if you can't "accept" it. That's where the meds come in. Meds plus counseling acceptance is the key apparently

  • so you think i should just get it over with and take it but i heard those meds mess you up more thats what been having me thinking

  • No the doctor wouldn't prescribe it to you if he thought it would make you worse. He wants to get you feeling better, he wouldn't prescribe something to hurt you

  • yeah you right ?

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