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My anxiety makes me feel nauseous and gives me stomach aches. For the past 2 days, I've also had feelings of acid reflux? Or like a burp that is stuck? It's so uncomfortable for me since my job requires me to talk to people all day long. I went to the ER and they basically did nothing for me. Just told me it's anxiety. I was on ativan but my psychiatrist told me to stop that but continue with lexapro. I keep waiting to "magically" feel better. I just feel as if I'm on a never-ending ride and I can't get off. I'm not myself and I truly hate this person I am right now. I just want to feel better and not be so scared to do things.


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  • Hi Kaitlin16, when we are anxious, it most likely that our stomachs produce more acidity as well as swallow air from nervousness, causing that nauseous feeling. That burp that feels stuck is more likely an air bubble. I too got off Ativan and only take Lexapro but know that there is not a magic cure. What can help is reaching out for methods other than medication that may help in relaxing your mind and body. You would be surprised at how much relaxing can do for you. Including pain. Being scared to do things is one way Anxiety controls us. Taking small steps to get back in control will defeat those negative thoughts.

  • I so appreciate your reply. I have a terrible fear of throwing up and especially being in public if/when it happens. I haven't done so yet, but my mind keeps telling me these awful things and I can't get the thoughts under control. I have certain things I do in order to relax but it only helps for so long. I've been dealing with this since December and I can't seem to shake it. That's why I feel so hopeless. I'm just growing extremely impatient waiting for my old self to come back.

  • Hi! my daughter is also has the fear of throwing up because of a bad experience growing up. When she was a little girl she got sick and was throwing up and she was choking with her vomit. Ever since then, she has this fear of throwing up. She gets scare of stomach discomforts and people sick around her. She is 27 and she has control herself from throwing up. I do the foot reflexology on her when she is feeling stomach discomfort and it seems like it helps her get through that stressful feeling she has at that moment. Hope you feel better soon. :)

  • Hi Kaitlin a lot of people and I mean thousands have a phobia of being sick in public so you are not alone,its more common than people realise .But please try not to avoid places for fear of it happening !!!! Say to yourself OK this anxiety is ruining my life I would rather just be sick and get it over with than have this constant worry that I could be sick in public.worse senorio you throw up in a shop on the bus or train ........no big deal people will just think you have tummy bug and carry on with what they were doing.I used to panic about going shopping in case this happened or that happened it got so bad I thought I can't live like this anymore ! I'm going shopping bring it on do your worst !!!! I have a life and I'm going to live it ! It was not easy my legs were like jelly my hands was shaking but week after week I did it and my symptoms got less and less each week,until I now enjoy shopping again.its the fear of what if ! That gives us anxiety.hope you are soon feeling back to your old self.

  • Kaitlin16, I do not have the experience in getting sick in public. Follow the advice and first hand knowledge of both EMB1225 and jessiejakes. It is always best to hear it from others who have gone through the fear. We all can relate to certain symptoms of anxiety. Learning to relax is a long time process, do not give up or feel hopeless and as jessiejakes said, "I have a life and I'm going to live it"....My best dear!~

  • How long have you been on Lexapro? I take it myself and it has worked wonders for me. It takes time to get back to normal after dealing with anxiety of any type. Especially for people like us that already battle with it so much. Hang in there and with time I'm sure you will start feeling better!

  • Only been on Lexapro for a few days. My psychiatrist has now given me xanax and latuda to try too because I had a very high anxiety day that left me completely shook. I don't know why I can't control the fears and irrational thoughts. I'm really hoping that the meds start working and I can get over all of this.

  • Lexapro took about 3-4 weeks for me to feel the benefits and it has been WONDERFUL for me. I also take klonopin. It's really just a waiting game a lot of time when it comes to anxiety. To figure out which medicine works best for you. Also with counseling, it takes time. Just try to stay positive and remind yourself that what you are experiencing is uncomfortable but is not dangerous.

  • Good to hear Lexapro is working for you. I hope it works for me too along with the other medications. I know deep down that my physical symptoms are just from anxiety and that I need to control my thoughts but it is hard to do. Trying to take one day at a time instead of worrying about what will happen in the future.

  • Kaitlin16, just like Loveydovey, I too am on Lexapro and find it to be a good medication. I also was on Xanax at the beginning along with Lexapro. Even though they are good drugs for anxiety and will relieve the symptoms, you do need to work on other ways of dismissing the symptoms and fears you get. Whether it be therapy (talking or CBT) as well as using acceptance of the symptoms in not being harmful, this needs to go along while taking medication.

    Your psychiatrist will guide you in what is best for you. Wishing you better days :)

  • I do see a therapist and I love her. We work on breathing techniques and things to do when I'm noticing distracting thoughts that cause anxiety. I just feel as if my negative thoughts are so powerful that I can't move on from them. I'm trying so hard to do the best I can and do everything that I can think of to try and get through this because I know I have a good life ahead of me.

    I love talking to you guys because I know you all understand unlike a lot of the people in my life.

  • Kaitlin, so glad to hear you are working with a therapist. I know you are trying hard to do your best and it will happen. It takes time and perseverance but will be well worth the reward. We do all understand because we have been or are going through the same thing as you. You are not alone. We support each other. x

  • Kaitlin, nice to hear you are doing a little better. Good to know that you are seeing a therapist and you really like her, which makes it easier for you. Breathing technique are good at a moment of anxiety and that's what I try to tell my daughter to do. Like Agora1 said, "You are not alone". Remember we are all in it to win it :)

    All my best to you and remember we can all get through this just believe in yourself.

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