Ground moving feeling dizziness

Does anyone else here have the feeling the ground is moving like you're walking on a trampoline or something soft? And the feeling like you'll fall or sinking into the floor?

It's got so bad I'm scared so much that it's not anxiety. I had stress and anxiety prior to this as my son was bullied and crippled by panic and felt suicidal. The stress of seeing him like that made me anxious and highly stressed which was when this ground moving feeling started. My gp came out to see me November and feces very. He did balance, Co ordination, eyes, ears, bp, oxygen, reflexes and a long list of bloods. All clear and normal. He told me it would be due to the stress and anxiety I was underand told me to rest and see how things went.

I'm just so afraid. It feels like when I walk I'm falling or sinking into the ground. My legs feel weak and heavy. I feel ill walking on a bouncy floor. Mostly though it's the feeling I'm dropping inside my body. Can anyone relate?

My gp said if it continued they'd refer me to ENT to reassure me but I've developed agoraphobia again due to this so appointments tents are terrifying for me. I cry every day worried why I feel this. I get anxious walking around my house so I am spending a lot more time sat down. I stand up and before taking a step I'm terrified I will collapse or have a fit or something. Scared it's a tumour or something. Then I get more anxious and notice I feel worse walking around. I cry my quality of life has gone and worry I let my kids down like this 😢


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  • Are you taking any medications? When I was on Zoloft I had this symptom. But I still get it sometimes, it kind of feels like the ground bounces up or moves down or to the side or something. I think it's pretty common with anxiety.

  • I've been on mirtazapine 2 years with no issues.

  • My ears feel tight full and hissing but that'd the tension I can tell.

    Have you seen your doctor?

  • I get this , when I'm walking about the surrounding seem to be warping then not and I think myself am I imagining this or what, but it's all anxiety related and it sucks :-(

  • Please be re-assured that this is a symptom of anxiety. Your fear of this - alarming but, harmless - symptom has kicked your anxiety into a higher gear. Not easy to do, but you need to accept that and allow your body and mind time to heal. I have balance issues, too. I've had the 'moving floor' feeling when life stresses are high. I asked my doctor to refer me to ENT because I thought it might be the result of crystals in my ears. Not so, it seems. My appointment was last week at ENT. I was anxious about what they would do to me, but I simply had my hearing checked and a couple of balance tests done. I had to stand with feet together and eyes closed. Run on the spot and walk slowly placing one foot in front of the other. The nurse explained that the brain has 3 sources of information to maintain balance, firstly, from the body, or the eyes or ears. By keeping feet together and closing eyes, the ears were the only source of 'information' left for the brain to keep me balanced. If my inner ear was having problems, I would have swayed badly. I hardly moved, so she knew my ears were healthy. The most likely cause of balance problem is tension in the neck region - which I suspected, but needed to eliminate inner ear problem.

  • Wow you've really helped. I felt like crying reading your reply.

    Did you feel heavy with it? When I walk around I feel I'm sinking into the ground and heavy all over. Also the feeling I'm walking on marshmallows.

    Thank you so much.

  • I get this feeling!!! and its scaring me. is it normal?

  • Yes, all part of a stressed body and mind. Mine is related to trauma and stress. x

  • Just curious, when I close my eyes and stand with my feet together I do sway a little in all directions. Maybe no more than a quarter of an inch. I'm not completely still and straight and I have to keep readjusting.

    Does anyone else have this, or should I make an appointment. My balance has felt off now for a few weeks.

  • The running on the spot and walking in a line was that eyes closed too?

  • I have problems with balance every day. To what extent varies depending on how much stress I have to deal with. I've had the sinking floor feeling at times - horrid and frightening. I also get the vertigo feeling (spinning), at times too. I struggle to get my dogs out walking at night, in the dark. I think it's because I can't get a proper reference, to be able to fix my eyes on something. I have real issues with tension up my back, shoulders, neck up to scalp. Tend to clench my front teeth, jaw, which tenses muscles at base of scull. It's a viscious circle of tension, affecting balance, more tension when trying to keep and correct balance, more off balance. Apparently this tension inhibits proper blood supply to the brain (don't be alarmed by this thought). Balance sensors in the neck area. Everything is so sensitised in a tired nervous system. The more we worry about it the less chance our minds have to heal. Mind needs to rest not more worry/anxiety. Lots of energy is spent trying to keep balance, no wonder we feel exhausted, too.

    No eyes were open for those 2 exercises. I'm hoping to get some regular massage for tension.

    Try accept your symptoms, know they won't harm you and in time your body and mind will recover. I'm also trying to manage the way I respond to stressful events. At the moent I have a 93 year old mother in hospital and father (95) still at home. My daughter and 2 grandchildren live with me. Things get a bit tense at times, but I'm trying to deal with things in a more philosophical way, these days.

  • Thank you so much.

    I really really appreciate your messages they've helped me more than you know.

    Is it OK if I message you by inbox? Xx

  • Yes, can message me. I didn't know there was an inbox. Is it just a personal message facility within the website?

  • Haha yes you'll see it on the top bar by your name you'll have a number 1 showing I think. I've sent you one to test.


  • This is so helpful vegenase - I have this strange off-balance thing nearly every day. It is fairly slight but distressing all the same as I then worry about going out shopping and whether I will bump into anything and knock it over or something. I was diagnosed a couple of years ago with an episode of BPPV (by the GP) and my balance has never been the same since then. I had no meds or treatment but just told that it would go eventually! I also have a sore/tense neck sometimes so wondering if this is what it is . I also feel my ears popping at strange times so maybe an inner ear thing. I haven't been to see anyone since about this as just hoping I will wake up one day and it will be gone. I have had a very stressful year also with brother dying suddenly and husband having to have open heart surgery all at the same time. So, i do not know what is causing what .

    Can I ask you what the ENT has advised you to do next and what will you do to ease your problem? Do you take any meds for it?

  • Yes it's a horrible symptom. I'm an active 63 year old. I went along to a salsa class - not a good idea! When they started to practise the turns I almost staggered across the room. I also teach Taichi - believe it or not - that can be interesting, too, at times. I tell people about my anxiety and balance problems, better than folk thinking I'm drink driving. I'm fine in the car driving but after I do high speeds and I get out of the car, I don't feel great, dizzy. ENT can't do anything for me, but I read somewhere that after attacks of vertigo, the brain corrects itself, in time. If your having a constant episode, it would take longer. I told the nurse at ENT that I felt as if I was having migraines, without the headache. She said this was a condition and there was a website for people who have this condition. Think she said it was MAV - Migraine Associated Vertigo. You could have a look at that. If people have an inner ear problem, I think there are exercises people can do. I don't take meds for either anxiety or balance issue. I'm hoping to address this by changing the way I respond to stress and my disfunctional thought processing, also, get massage to minimise the tension in my neck and shoulders. You've had a lot to deal with. I've had anxiety episodes since I was 18 - many years without - but 6 years ago, my mother was suddenly ill, a few weeks later I had appendicitis and follow by a fractured wrist that required surgery.

  • Thanks veganese - snap as I am 63 too. I always thought by my age I would have everything sorted anxiety wise - you know that I would have learnt enough about life to be able to shrug off anxiety. However, I have always been a nervous, self-conscious type of person and am always worrying about something.

    I have heard of MAV and how you can have all the symptoms of migraine but without actually having the headache so I will have a look at that. I find that wearing those sea-bands on your wrist seems to help a lot - they give me confidence when I go out - whether it is a placebo effect or not I don't know but the off-balance feels as if it actually goes away .

    Looking after elderly parents can be very stressful (I looked after mine too so know what you are going through) - I don't know how you learn to deal with stress and worrying thoughts. I find distraction helps but i feel that a lot of anxiety is in the sub-conscious and then manifests itself in all of these horrible symptoms we get.

    I have read that Tai Chi is very good for balance problems - have you found it helps or makes it worse?

    You have a lot on your plate but I bet you are doing a good job - I hope everything works out ok for you and you are rid of these horrible dizzy spells.

  • 63! It's only a number. We still have dreams and passions. I've tried to learn Spanish over the years and have joined a website which lets me have daily input - something to keep brain healthy and not so much ruminating. I'd love to go to one of the dog rescues in Spain to volunteer but the thought of going just ties me up. I've been studying taichi for 25 years - the full martial art. It is good for balance and strenghthening the body - and mind. I will keep it going.

    Yes I just googled MAV. Nurse said there was advice on the site she spoke of.

    I don't think we realise just how much negative thinking we do. Things were bad this month. My mother deteriorated over the New Year period and I had to contemplate the inevitable. I think I've come to terms with the outcome - but don't think you can ever be really prepared for that kind of event. I'm trying not to be so reactionary to situations, maybe to step back first, then look at solutions - or just acceptance of things you can't change.

  • You must feel that you are living on a knife-edge with your parents which will be stressful in itself. I know I was like this when looking after my mum - even if the phone rang i would jump and my heart would race thinking is it bad news - never fully relaxing but always on a slight edge.

    Yes 63 is still very young - that is the thing - I want to suck the juice out of life instead of always fretting and worrying each day. I think we can get into the habit of too much navel-gazing - I find i am much better if I can keep distracted. I work from home a couple of days a week and that does help a lot.

    i sometimes wonder if it is my neck as when working if i have been bending my head writing a lot etc I find then that i will feel a little off-balance when i look up again.

    Onwards and upwards hopefully!

  • Yep happens to me from time to time...

    Here is what you need to do...( this helped me)

    Every time it happens say to your self 'it's anxiety ' , 'nothing is wrong with me' ...Breath, smile and move on. Accept it, don't fight it... Just keep saying to yourself it's anxiety, that's all. If you get mad about it, it gets worse, as your adrenaline levels go up, if you worry about it it gets worse as well. You are a great mum, you doing a fantastic job. You are not alone, there is a lot of us felling the same! Hugs to you! xoxooxoxo

  • Thank you so much that means a loy to me as right now I'm afraid and feel I'm letting my family down being like this.

    For 3 months I've had awful fatigue. Then the balance issue. The last 2 days I've felt weak and heavy all over which scares me even more walking round. I keep having thoughts oh no I'm getting worse now I'm weak and heavy aswell as ground moving. Maybe I'm seriously ill, maybe it's my brain. Which scares me more and makes me feel worse.

    I think all this worry and thinking is wearing me out. I'm sleeping but don't feel like I have when it so exhausted all the time.

    Thank you for your kind reply.


  • I know how you fell.. 110%! I have not been sleeping well lately, watching movies until 4am, then waking up with kids early, school and kinder drop off's , cooking, cleaning, after school activities etc etc. It's 1:16am now and I'm still not in bed. You know what's gonna happen tomorrow? I will fell dizzy, tired, sick in my stomach, weak, frustrated, and the wors of all I will think that I have some kind of cancer that is killing me slowly! And I will freak out, and Google, get depressed!!!But now I'm normal me.. A smart woman with rational thinking ... So let me try to help you.

    Brain cancer/tumour has totally different symptoms.. A dad from our school has passed away last year from brain cancer and his symptoms were totally different to yours!

    What you have is stress... I know it's hard to believe that stress can do all this to you, but it can... My whole body gives up on me when I'm stressed! My legs get heavy, I get rocky felling like I'm on the boat, the floor moves and shakes, Etc etc

    Please keep breathing, you will be fine, just try to calm down. For your kids, for yourself and for me 😉 English is my second language, it's not easy writing this long post, so I deserve it !! :))))

    Best of luck!!!!!


  • Yes, sleep very important. Makes the difference of how you cope during the day. As a matter of interest, what is your first language? I'm trying to learn Spanish.

  • Thank you for your lovely reply. It was a huge comfort to me.

    Very reassuring about the brain issues. Thank you.

    I hope you manage to sleep.

    Julie x

  • I'm Serbian living in Melbourne :))

  • Hello, you write very well. Everything you said makes a lot of sense in that stress can put your anxiety into high gear. Take care, wishing you calmer days.

  • You're other side of the world from me. I'm in Scotland.

  • Manchester

  • Did you find out what it was did you stop worrying what happened how are you now xxxx

  • Hi there! I have had these symptoms for 6 months. They have gotten some what better overtime. I just wanted to check in and see if you have felt any better!

  • How are you all feeling now? I'm going through the same symptoms and stumbled upon this page. Just keep telling myself it's anxiety and it will pass 😣

  • Hey there... I have the same symptoms too. How have you been coping?

  • Hello there... I have the exact same symptoms. I was wondering what your outcome was? Have your symptoms subsided yet?

  • Hi jingyd35

    I have just read your commenr on your anxiety experiences and although i see this is 2 years ago and i sincerely hope things have settled down for you. I too suffered similar experiences and qas convinced I had a brain tumour or something really seriously wrong physically..Like you i attended my GP and had various tests including being sent for a brain scan and there was nothing sinister to be found to be causing my symptoms but was put down to Generalized Anxiety Disorder and I was prescribed anti-depressants and relaxtion therapy which in combination eventually got me back on GP discussed with me personal stuff that was going on in my life at the time which I was blocking out as causing me any problems mentally but as I started to look at eliminating and addressing my stresses slowy but surely I started to feel better and get back to leading a normal life. Sometimes we cant see whats stirring us in the face and we zoom in on ourselves focusing on the negative thoughts..i would like you to take comfort that in time things will get better if you just believe in yourself and focus on the positives and accept the support of loved ones who will help you through.

    There is light at the end of the tunnel and your most definitely not going mad, you will get better.

    Love and Hugs


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