Hello everyone this is my first attempt on here but here goes. I've suffered health anxiety for over a year now. first started with sore throat which seemed to go on forever think that's when the anxiety seed was planted started to think throat cancer, then after agonising mental torture backwards and forwards to the doctors was referred to have camera down which was fine all clear. I was so happy get on with my life enjoy it ! but no that anxiety seed was planted and growing ! ! next was lung cancer absolutely hysterical crying to everyone that would listen! Then it was bone cancer , brain tumor the list goes on . I am seeing a cbt counsellor at the moment but it's a battle going on in your head all logic goes out the window ! now suffering again numb little finger or fingers or hando when I wake up on a morning doctor said carpel tunnel I'm not convinced , and to top it all I have to have a red mark on leg looked at im being referred so I'm going through hell again. feel teary all the time so fed up with it all just want to be happy an just get it off my chest so came on here , sorry for going on


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  • The anxiety seed is planted before the awareness of the condition. You have probably formed exaggerated beliefs from a previous trauma, maybe when you were a child. You haven't got over these events and this has destroyed your trust. Has someone close to you died or become extremely ill? This has now alerted you to these minor symptoms being more than they are. Your anxiety also convinces you that these anxiety symptoms are acute conditions. There is an OCD aspect to it.

    You are going through a process of re-building trust, trusting the opinions of others and more importantly, your own thoughts.

  • How bout giving yourself a 3 month holiday from worrying about your health and leave all things to God or a greater power?

  • Hello Goldfish

    Your reply made me really smile!!

    Wouldn't it be great if doctors could write a prescription for a holiday for anyone with aniexty or depression!! And when you were back everything was how it wanted it lol. I can but dream

    Keep going everyone I think we all deserve a medal for what we go through each day

    Take care


  • Welcome! You have absolutely nothing to be sorry for in reaching out for help and support! That takes courage!!! Excellent you are seeing counselor! I believe that is the way I discovered some of the reasons I have anxiety and some of the triggers as well as different methods of helping the anxiety. I've been diagnosised with severe anxiety and panic disorder. I try to avoid the major triggers. Like my family. Ha! Can't stay away from them I love them. I just limit my time! I support you on your journey in dealing with all this. You will find excellent support and information here. Sometimes I just read and don't post. By receiving support and giving support there is much we can do for each other! We all have had our struggles and we reach out with a helping hand!

  • Hello McLanglin

    Thank you for your post it's all rings true and I agree since I've joined this site I feel I have someone else to talk to. I have had couselling a few times but have and are fighting issues still I've been on the waiting list for over a year now!!! For more couselling!! I'm on medication and joined a wellbeing class for a few weeks in the meantime but this forum is a very big help like you say

    Thank you again Take Care


  • Goldfish_ My Mother always tells me to let go and let God. I wish it could be that easy. I'm a spiritual individual. I pray for help. In the darkest hours it gives me a sense of peace unfortunately doesn't take away the severe anxiety and panic!😕

  • Thank you all for your replys . someone did say to me just think what will be will be , but it's forcing yourself to get busy stop letting the what ifs take over an then the tears! I look forward to trying to help and support you all thank you again

  • If you put your faith in God, he will deliver you from this...keep faith and hope alive. Even if you feel like you can't, tell yourself you CAN and you WILL...I promise it will get better. 😊😇🙄I am a sufferer myself, but I am finding that through God my life is getting beer.

  • Thank you , sometimes think God gets sick of listening to me begging him to help me !🤔 but I have to be strong for my family it upsets me when I think of them seeing me like this

  • Hello Sharon51

    bless you I would think like that too with God always worrying about being a burden or something but we are not of course lol. I do worry about upsetting my family I get stressed so much sometimes I can shake and snap at the closest to me I hate myself when I act like that. In turn it brings on my depression!! lol I just have to smile to myself in the end what am I like sometimes it's like I'm watching myself and it's not really me!! Sorry to go on sometimes these thoughts come on to my head as I'm writing.

    Take Care


  • I know exactly what you mean you get so fed up and angry with yourself and have no patience at all! your that busy with what's going on in your head and how your feeling everything else I have no time for ,which is so sad but it's hard to break the cycle x

  • I believe strongly in God. I pray. God isn't a fairy godmother. I've found a sense of comfort in knowing Jesus walks beside me.

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