I am just watching TV and out of nowhere squeezing tightness weight on my chest. Like my hearts inside a fist squeezing it as tight as can be. Can't understand how one minute it's rapid heartbeat which I had kind of gotten use to but now it's every type of chest pains you could possibly imagine. Theirs dizzyness, feeling like I will faighnt or worse just have pain in brain and swaying inside my entire being. Nothing helps and having symptoms that all know are life threatening to feel yet with this it just feels that way every day but no way to fix it. Going apart to think having an actual heart attack or stroke would be a blessing so if they'd save my life then I'd have some years without this crap. I can't seem to know it's o lying anxiety this time around since I'm of no specific chest laundry like usual but so many symptoms all over my body and all over the place plus the pain in my legs and back that already exists. What to do. How can this much heart pain be what. Nothing. The heart must be affected or causing g it. It hurts I can feel It???????


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  • jaar, were you diagnosed with cerebralvascular disease? Have you recently been checked by your doctor for these symptoms? If so and the results was anxiety then I would say that what you are feeling in your chest is coming from a muscular spasm and not your heart. Since health history plays a big part of diagnosis, a doctor's exam is always suggested.

  • I just started with a cardiologist and have tests coming up but I went to a neurologist and I'm not sure he is looking for anything but anxiety. That sucks because I was having strange brain and leg issues for a while that got worse and I believe brought this season we anxiousness about plus a crime of invasion of my privacy has made me not want to be on this earth. I do want to be here a d I want to live very much so but I have no where livable and no one who will let me live. I can't live like this. I know me and what I can and can't do or handle a d no one will respect that. It's the most painful unlimited able hopeless thing ever. I never heard of the condition you mentioned. What is it. That will just make me feel like a hypochondriac and I am not. Not at all. I like to be aware of my health and get healthy and that's normal who doesn't want to be healthy and symptom and Pain free. I know I do.

  • jaar, the condition I mentioned has to do with a heart condition. I was wondering if you had been diagnosed with one. It seems that you have not had your preliminary tests done by the cardiologist which I would highly suggest. You have a lot going on in your life and yet it's not fair to say it's all anxiety or that you are a hypochondriac. I would have the testing done by your cardiologist and then go from there. If there is anxiety issues involved then by all means the forum can help support you. But first you need to see what is going on. I am sorry about the crime involving your privacy. Stay safe.

  • I know I have e anxiety but I feel I'm having another health issue that's hard to separate the symptoms for myself and my doctor since so many anxiety symptoms mimic other things. I get anxiety but it recent just came back in the worst way. I can't find a one pill a day that seems to work and that doesn't cause other symptoms. Thank you for you response. I hope you are well. Are an anxiety survivor

  • Yes I am jaar, but it didn't come easy. It has opened a new life for me. I wish you well. x

  • Thank you

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