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Feeling sick

Hi I'm nanap suffering from anxiety after a long time being free of them. The worst thing for me is feeling sick and not able to eat.

Been taking propanolol for 4 days but doesn't seem to make it much better.

Due to get on a plane on Monday morning - it's not the flight I'm worrying about just feeling so sick and wondering how I'm oing to manage. Have to get up early 5am to get to airport in car - I dont have to drive.

Does anyone else feel so sick or on propanolol

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hi, im on propanolol and have been for about 3 or 4 years, i find them very helpful. I feel sick quite often with my anxiety too. what mg propanolol are you taking? x


hi I'm on 40mg - have been taking two a day. I found them quite helpful few weeks ago when I just took one or two and then got better. Now have been having bad anxiety don't seem to be getting much relief - will it get better. Have you been taking them constantly for 3-4 years? x


Hi Nanap, I have been on propanolol for 34 years believe it of not and never had a side effect of sickness. It could well be the anxiety making you feel sick, it's a common symptom love. I always feel as if I can't eat ...but when I do I feel better. It is probably anticipation and worry about how you are going to cope that is making you feel like this. Try and do some breathing exercises and relaxation. They do work, even if you have to do them all the time practically. Eventually it will be second nature and you won't even notice you are doing it. I will keep thinking of you Love from x Ella x


What a lovely reply Ellabella. Thank you. I will try to keep eating little & often.

34 years is such a long time - and you still have anxiety attacks?

I will take your advice. Lovely to talk to you. nanapx


Im on same dose as you :-) and yes i have been taking them constanly. It will get better but maybe u could do with higher dose or going to see ur gp as they may give u something aswell as propanolol. Hope u get sorted asap take care x


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