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Panic attack this morning feeling very dizzy not good I'm not in bed but should I go to the gym

Feeling a bit down now went to see the hobbit last night had Anxiety but that did not stop me but today have felt bad all day the anxiety has comeback I've not been to the gym thought I better be kind to myself today might go for a walk around the block I've been out but not got the Exercise in had a bit of a full out argument with my wife about the fact that I'm not much up for partying at the moment and when anyone brings it up I get confused and grumpy and snappy as I just want to not be putting my self threw any more stress just for the moment and when I get asked the question my mind is so full I'm at a loss what to say at least we have talked threw it now and if I feel better I will go to a party if I feel just a bit better but saying that it's not much fun without a drink can't see the point just hope that I not going to feel as bad as last year !

I do not think that I will just frightened that I

I have come along way this year but this is defo my worst blip so on a positive I've lost weight loads in fact I go to the gym but the stress remains so my next step is eradicate it I'm not doing another Xmas show as it's to much not just for me every one and this is the cause it's a delayed reaction I understand this now

By the way when I did have panic this morning it was awful but I gave it no time I did my breathing and it past but it did and has shaken me up

Tonight I'm feeling a bit better but at least that feeling has gone I would love to here your thoughts on all if not some of this

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HI Bigguy x It sounds like you did quite well last night going to see a film and getting along with the anxiety, go you :)

Sorry to hear its been a pain today though, its all that damn rollercoaster where we never know the next turning point, I bet your walk was nice and relaxing though, its so nice when we manage to get out and about with the anxiety. Sorry to hear you and your wife had a bit of a do to x I think sometimes we feel we are pressured into things we know we cannot do, but it is hard for others to understand that we simply are exhausted with the stress we face each day. Im sure she understands and sometimes it can be frustrating for our partners as they just want us to be the people they know we can be anxiety free. Maybe just go to the party and tell your wife in advance that if you cannot handle it you will return home and she may stay ?

Well done on your weight loss that is one huge positive right there x Takes some willpower sadly im lacking it so maybe next year I will try to lose some to x I don't understand the part about your shows so im sorry I cannot help there x But i think try and relax and just chill until your anxieties pass x Sometimes its the best way to let it all out. Donver x


Thanks for the reply the show thing is my job I run with my wife a Drama School I've worked threw lots this year and done lots I could have ended up being a lot worse than I am today as I avoid nothing but still feel crap I did a show last Xmas and had a breakdown after it by the way have not been for a walk but went for a drive instead might just go for a walk around the block to burn any anxioty that's still there but thanks for your advise fire on and chill I must


Hi Stu

Well done with all you do , these are big steps you keep taking & don't keep beating yourself up when you don't feel so good !

Not everyone likes parties but I am glad you had a chance to talk things through with your wife :-)

Could you not just have a couple of drinks if you went ?

Whatever you decide to do make sure you are kind to yourself as you say you have done really well :-)





But today whywhy I feel awfull feels like dare I say it worried it starting again that I'm going to burn out or do you think it's in my head mate I'm feel very anxious tonight just been round the block feeling dizzy but managed it going to pick my daughter up as the cars t he only place I feel free from it


Hi Stu

I do think it is playing on your mind & the more it does the more you will feel anxious

If we believe enough something will happen our minds will build on those thoughts till we start to feel that way

I know it is not easy but try & distract your mind , accept this is how you feel but it is your anxiety & it wont harm you , try & rest your bodies way of telling you it needs to , I know you can do this & we are here for you :-)



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