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In so much pain. Chest...arm ugh


Ive been so depressed lately because I'm so uncomfortable. I've been told that I have costochondritus and a problem with my shoulder. I've had almost constant chest pain for days and days. I've been taking ibuprofen, and was also prescribed a muscle relaxer to take at night. Although I've had chest ct and chest X-rays it always scares me that something's up with my heart, as I have had heart surgery when I was born.

I am not at all suicidal.. but i feel like my quality of life right now is horrible.

I make it through the day with a smile and do the very best I can for my children but it's hard

I'm tired of going to the hospital and back and forth to my gp. It's embarrassing and I feel like no one has helped me... idk where to turn.

My gp gave me a number for a chiropractor and massage therapist. But i almost feel like it's a waste of time just like every thing else I've done.

Its hard bc I used to be a very active person.. i rode horses all my life.. gymnastics... weight lifting... running. Now I'm just all a mess

Costochondrits sucks bad.... and my shoulder problem sucks BAD. Anxiety from all of this is just icing on the cake.

I'd give anything to get my life back

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Stop worrying stop stressing you're making your symptoms worse. I know believe me. You're fine. Costo is no joke it flares up gets worse with stress. Gerd acid reflux can cause a lot of weird symptoms then we think it's our heart. I take gelusil and sometimes Xanax a very low dose to calm my nerves. The gelusil works wonders. It's like 10 bux for 100 of them. You're fine!!! You've been to the docs they said you're good. Don't worry. God is in control of your life. Give your worries to him. 🤗😊♥️

Thank you! 🙌🏻

Yw!!! I hope you feel better. You will you'll see.

I have costo too last few days i have chest pain and even my left side of my face is numb and my left arm is like numbing but it never realy happens to me like a heart attack or anxiety is playing up. Just try to relax if u feel something take a moment breath and then divert your attention on anything maybe watch a movie.

Elizabeth04 in reply to Greyen

Thank you. Hope you feel better soon.

Mine is slowly getting better.. I also have other issues with my shoulder and shoulder blade. I have a chiropractor appointment in a few days to maybe straighten me out!

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