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Late Night Anxiety

So It's about 2:38AM

I've been fine the entire day literally, helping others with their anxiety and just watching videos to help calm myself down,

I was having a little trouble falling asleep, so I drank a little bit of Z-Qyil to help me fall asleep,

it's only been like 2-3 minutes since I taken a little bit, but I had a little sharp chest pain / heart pain whatever you want to call it, And as you probably suspected my over anxious mind now has me up at almost 3 in the morning typing out my problems on here.

It sucks, I want to just be able to chill and relax, but anytime I have anything dealing with chest pain or heart burn it really freaks me out and is hard for me to grasp that it's just Anxiety fucking with me.

Hopefully I'll be fine, I'll post an update later if I don't pass out then I'll just do it in the morning,

- Tabuu

P.S Anxiety Sucks

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It's crazy isn't it how we as anxiety sufferers can reassure others and offer them advice yet we can't do it to ourselves! The slightest thing can send us into a panic. I will have weeks where I think I have it under control and then BANG an attack over the silliest thing. Even feeling tired sometimes can make me feel scared because my over anxious brain thinks there is something wrong!

I hope you managed to get it under control and are now having a good sleep



Jogging is very good to reduce stress and anxiety.

Good sleep is very importent. Last night i slept bad and the day after i felt so so bad.

And for the pains i allso have it.

How you mange or reduce anxiety or panic while you are in bed tryn to sleep or relax?

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The only thing that I find helps is music or I have puzzle games on my phone that I play. It's hard though because I find my anxiety worse at night

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Yep. My phone is my best friend thourgh the night when i have anxiety.

Music or reading some stuff her.

Yeasterday i felt very week like never. Didnt sleep well two nights ago only two hours

it was nightmare. If you dont sleep well you dont feel well.

We need to sleep well!

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Yes . ! Sleep makes you feel so much better in the morning


Same here, sometimes my Anxiety will be fine all day until It's time to go to sleep or lay down, then Boom it hits me,

Yeah I used to just play like Mortal Kombat or Minecraft whenever I would panic, games where you have to use your mind really help you forget about the anxiety.


I ended up watching people tell funny stories on youtube, which elevated my mood & in all helped me forget I was even panicking, next thing I know I'm passed out.

I workout sometimes too whenever I need to take my mind off of things


Wow! I'm in your same place right now! It's almost 3 in the morning here and I'm soo scared to fall asleep, and I have no idea why! It's so frustrating! I get so anxious that everyone else in my family is sleeping soundly, meanwhile I'm here laying on my bed feeling tired, but too scared to close my eyes and drift off. :(

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Hey budy

be strong and dont fear.

Try to relax and dont think obout it. Drink some water and listen to some chillout music.

Dont panic because this situation..

If you feel realy not good talk with somebody that may calm you or help you

Good night

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Thanks ! I appreciate that, Yeah I knew it was just my anxiety so I just calmed myself down with funny videos to help get my mind from negative thoughts,

Thank you so much for the advice (:


I know exactly how you feel ! I also suffer from Sleep Anxiety ,

So sometimes I'll be completely asleep, then wake up in a panic thinking something is wrong, or just before the moment of falling asleep I'll start to become over anxious, usually waking myself up completely and watching a little TV or reading knocks me out whenever my body is too tired to stay awake.

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Hi...I have my radio right there in bed with me and listen to it every night...I listen to talk radio instead of music... Usually listen to Coast to Coast. :) It distracts me from my own thoughts rambling around... I turn the volume low enough so that I have to concentrate to hear what is being said.

Whether or not this is actually 'good' for you might be debatable, I know, but have done this for years, and it does help me. That, plus one Tylenol and a half of a Unisom tablet!

Good luck to you!

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Same . ! But usually for me it's relaxing music, or reading, reading or looking at pictures on tumblr really puts me to sleep fast,

It's very calming for me when I panic to read about people who feel the same till I fall asleep, assures me I'll be fine. I'll try the radio thing sometime . !


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