Chest pain help!!?

I know I posted this before but someone please help I need someone to really talk to me 😞, my chest pain been hurting me for the past 5days & it's above my left breast under the collarbone area , sometimes it even feels like the shoulder hurts or even by my armpit , I always think it's a heart problem of lung problem and it worries me and makes my heart race and chest feel like I gotta open my month and take a deep breath. After losing my mother I knew this all started , has anyone else gotten this?


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  • Good morning the anxiety causes all these symptoms. Better you do the heart exam I felt all that. In 6 months I did 3 electrocardiogram and one echocardiogram all normal my cardiologist said in my echocardiogram showed vestige of mitral regurgitation. But it is common and no need any medication. And keep hav pain in my chest. And I did xray everything is fine. After I did all this exames I not feel more pain. Thanks God 🙏🙏🙏🙏

  • Thanks for the reply ! , do you mind me asking where was your pain located?

  • I feel the left side

  • How long did yours last?

  • Anxiety can cause this

  • Thanks for your reply

  • On the left side and in the middle

  • I can't really breathe sometimes & it hurts to touch my armpit

  • It's you probably over breathing or under breathing

  • Hi luv Iam same chest pain in shoulders it's horrible it scares me on tablets go back to see heart doctor said my heart was ok it was all stress see I got hubby with heart failure all stress full luv xxx

  • Hi thanks for the reply & what your hubby got heart failure because being stressed !??

  • No luv it's me with chest pain not my hubby it's me always stressed x

  • Oh okay, well you scared me because you scared stress can give you heart failure:(

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