Chest pain

I have a question if anybody can give me a reasonable answer I have been having chest pains left side mainly pains up in my shoulder and my arm and my neck but I have been to my doctor EKG nothing I've been to the ER twice blood tests EKGs chest x-ray heart monitor blood pressure everything was fine I am only 20 years old could my arteries in my heart be clogged up my father had a known heart problem which he died from at age 26 his heart was born on the opposite side and was flipped backwards I'm really scared that something could be wrong even though I've had these tests


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  • With the EKG, chest X-ray & blood work you should be ok. But I know how hard it is to except it. 5 months ago I was having crazy chest pains & horrible heart palpitations so I 100% believed I was going to have a heart attack. I went to the ER like 4 times in one month. I had to get a peace of mind. If that's what it takes for you go & get another opinion. I always believed they missed something & had to be reassured. I hope you find some peace of mind 😊

  • Idk my cholesterol never had it checked my heart doctor was gonna give me an echo but said there was really no use of it I have bad anxiety its scary thinking about it all the time

  • sounds like GERD/acid reflux. I had the same symptoms with it. Its scary but I was/am ok

  • I'm scared I mean my dad died of heart defects but I wasn't born with anything like that my doctor was gonna do a echo but said there was no use to do its driving me crazy

  • See if an antacid will help you. I understand the panic. Trust me. Ive been there. I obsessed over the pain thinking it was something wrong.

  • I take zantac but the pain is in the left side of my chest in the shoulder and arm sometimes notvall the time shortness of breath its an every day thing I don't work out eat fast food sometimes I mean should I be scared after the test they have done???

  • Thats exactly the same pain area as GERD. zantac isnt as strong as GERD medication. Look it up. The symptoms will help ease youre mind. If you dont feel satisfied ofcourse get a second opinion

  • I am going back the 22nd to demand the echo I mean I don't want something to happen i have 2 kids!! But its like behind the breast in that area usually radiates up into shoulder and arm hand

  • Hi Shane,

    I have had this as well and I think as with me you are having panic attacks, maybe worth going back to you drs. and discussing this issue with him/her

  • Iam later this month it's driving me crazy my father passed away you with a known heart condition at a very young age but I was not born with any heart condition and it's just terrifying but I've been to the doctor cardiologist EKGs blood test chest x-ray all came back fine but what are the chances of somebody like me have enough plaque buildup in the arteries

  • Hi Shane,

    Your pain could also be caused by something not sitting right in your spine. Are you able to see a chiropractor or osteopath? I have had many chest pains and tests done also with no negative results. An osteopath sorted a lot of it out by correcting the spine and shoulders. It's worth a try. With the tests you've had done and reassurance from your doctor, I'd say it's probably not your heart though I understand and respect your fear.

  • Could be idk this stuff is driving me mad

  • I know how you feel. At some point you have to accept the reassurance and try to move on and enjoy life with or without the pain. We have to learn to live with the uncertainty of life. I say this from a place of understanding and experience.. I don't have the answers myself. I know what needs to be done, putting into practice is the hard part.

  • I think the chiro us at least worth a visit. :)

  • Remember to keep hydrated. Our muscles and neves need water to function properly. It could be a pinched nerve too. You had many test done so is not your heart. Keep that in mind. Keep telling your self that. 👍🏻👍🏻

  • I want to believe that I've been drinking water I wasn't born with heart defects like my dad was but whose to say something ant there everyone is telling me its cause I've worried about it so much

  • I get these similar pains but I have costochondritis which is a torn muscle on the rib/breast bone on my left side and it mimics the same pains as heart issues

    Any muscle pain at all?

  • I stay pretty tense most of the time bad anxiety I been to doctors heart doctors they don't seem to think anything is wrong

  • Yes same here do you get weird spasms of flutters?

  • Ya it feels like my muscle behind my breast is thumping I think its my heart skipping but its not its the muscle but I still get pains similar to a heart attack

  • I have anxiety and always think the worst when I have chest pain I have had EKG all the tests under the sun

    I get the whole fast heart rate etc etc but I just have to not worry the more you worry the more adrenaline and the more stressed out you become

  • O ya its hard for me to cope with things when I go into a panic...everyone tells me to not worry bout it that its rare to have artery disease at a young age

  • Ask you doctor to do a CT scan. that will show if anything major is wrong. Good luck.......

  • Do what you need to do to have peace of mind; have all the medical tests going.

    With the trauma of your father's experience this could be "medical anxiety". You don't want to inflict this "trauma" onto your children, so you are understandably trying to treat something before it becomes serious.

    If it is medical anxiety, you can then begin the journey of dissociating that trauma (and maybe others) from your current experience. Managing the condition may require therapy and changing parts of your lifestyle e.g. healthy eating etc. Do you exercise? Supervised exercise can be a good way of preventing some cardio-vascular conditions and help you to be more body/posture aware.

    Learn how to breathe to control your anxiety; it involves using the abdomen (diaphragm). It can help stabilise hyperventilation, tachycardia and physical tension etc. It can take a lot a practise to make it part of your natural "being".


  • But what are the chances of having artery disease this young??


  • They won't give me what I want which is angiogram


  • Why do you have heart problems or something? ? I was not born with anything im wanting test run to see if something is wrong

  • Shane, as suggested, request a CT scan and also a blood cholesterol test. That's a good starting point. If you're really set on an angiogram, do that as well. All these tests should then put your mind at ease.

  • But what would be the chances of having artery disease at 20 years old I don't really exercise at all I eat alto of bad food

  • Shane, we here are not Dr's so it is VIRTUALLY impossible for us to answer that question.

    I've gone back and looked at all your previous posts which are essentially the same.

    You're winding yourself up in a total frenzy over something that can be readily rectified. You don't necessarily need an angiogram. A simple blood test check for cholesterol levels will ALSO do the trick. Arrange that with your Dr as soon as you can. Also, give up the ciggies ASAP. Hard to do when anxious I know, but in the long-term they'll just be hurting you more.

    Limit any junk food and go for walks with your family.

  • That's just it I don't have family they all went home to be with the lord that's what scares me so much that something is wrong with my heart when I have been checked growing up there's not but what if ya know

  • Correct me if I'm wrong and if I am I apologise, but did I read somewhere that you have children? Do you have a partner?

    BTW, did all your family members die young of heart disease?

    If you don't have family then look to walking, hiking, cycling clubs. There's an app called 'Meetup' available for various groups I've mentioned.

    Shane, you MUST start to calm down because you're making yourself sicker. Make the appointment with your Dr for a blood cholesterol check and then take it from thete ✌

  • no my dad was born with his heart flipped backward and on the opposite side but I was not born with heart defects at all yes I have 2 kids no I do not have a partner not all of my family is gone my adoptive dad has alot of heart problems but he is not blood to me but he is 71 years old I have real bad anxiety I can't seem to control

  • Ok. Your anxiey is probably related to your thought processes re your heart. Request the cholesterol blood test and CT scan. If after getting the results back and they're fine but your anxiety is still high, then that issue needs to be tackled. Request to see a Psychologist for meds and/or a reputable psychologist to help you talk things through.

    Commit to a healthier life-style: ditch the ciggies, severely limit the junk food and start some low impact exercise. Most importantly ditch the "what if" mentality because it's clearly doing you more harm than good.

  • *Psychiatrist for meds. IMHO they know their meds better than a GP does.

  • I am on a substitute for zoloft but it does not help at all I feel as if I need more and more

  • Im doing my best to stop the smokes I started dipping that no better I know I stay depressed most of the time

  • Hey brother hang in there! I had a health scare (thought I was having a heart attack) in February. Went to heart hospital did chest xray, ct scan, blood work, ekg, etc. I see a Cardiologist due to family history and I have high bp and cholesterol. I forced him to do an angiogram on me the next day at the hospital and it came back fine. I'm 35 years old and have lost family members young to heart conditions.


    I continued to follow up with my Cardiologist with blood work along with my General Family doctor to rule out anything else. I wanted this thought process gone so I went see a counselor who helped me get over the traumatic event at the hospital. I got on a small dose of Xanax and continued exercising daily. I SLOWLY got back to normal over the course of 3-months. I FELT ABSOLUTELY AMAZING for about a month and a half and was back to normal life!!!

    I then made the mistake of "thinking" that I had beaten the anxiety. We'll you don't typically beat it. It's gonna hang around, you just learn to manage it. I failed to pick up my Xanax and went about 3-4 days without it. Now, I don't take a huge dose, just a 1/2 mg in the mornings. Well, I had a few things come up and work stressed me out and WHAM. My wife and kids were out of town for the night last Tuesday and I had a full blown panic attack. I didn't sleep ONE SINGLE MINUTE. My heart was racing, my chest was tight and throbbing, I was nauseas, had a name it! I kept telling myself to not go to the hospital because this is just anxiety.

    Long story short. It's been a week since my panic/anxiety attack. I'm back on my Xanax and exercising like I always do. I'm still having some chest discomfort and headaches, but I gotta keep telling myself that my Anxiety came back full force and brought all these symptoms back. I HAVE BEEN MEDICALLY CLEARED, but I can't accept it either. I know each day will get better, because I've "beaten" these symptoms before.

    Take the corrective steps (go get whatever tests you want done) and try to eliminate health. Once you can understand that the MIND IS POWERFUL, then you can accept it for what it is and the symptoms slowly go away.

    My prayers are with you man,


  • I have perfect cholestrol and BP I've had all those test and except angiogram and ct scan I do have bad anxiety my dad died of a heart abnormality at 26 but it was not hereditary they said but its scary thinking your gonna have a mi

  • I know it's scary. VERY SCARY. I have two young girls (5 & 3) and I adore them. I couldn't imagine leaving this earth and them not having me as their rock. It's mind over matter. There is no perfect science to beating this, as I am a prime example. I thought I beat it, but then it manifested itself again. I will work towards beating it again and get a better understanding at what caused the reoccurrence.

    Demand the angiogram and CT Scan, then roll from there.

  • Ya I have 2 kids man I don't wanna leave just yet

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