Pain in left arm

I've got pain down my left arm, it's like achey but my fingers feel a little numb. I've felt FINE all day? I feel really sick too. And now I've started to get a little chest pain. I'm hot? Or short of breathe? But I'm now starting to panick?! I've only recently had an ECG of my heart and it was fine... But doesn't mean there isn't something wrong now does it! :( 


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  • I like you had that all done, I still feel like something is wrong with me. Every ache I know feel & I mean I feel everything. I hate living like this. This is a visious cycle. I had a panic attack on Saturday my breathing out of nowhere started giving me issues again. I get chest tightness can't breathe have to keep yawning to make myself better. 

  • I honestly think anxiety is the worst thing I've ever had. I don't even know if it is anxiety?! I've never been diagnosed with it. I just know every medical test I've ever had comes back normal??! I'm sick of it! 

  • I was just sitting here watching some tv & my hands went completely numb. I started moving them all around so that would stop. If it isn't one thing it's another. Breathing again has been starting i would like one day to just feel normal again with no symptoms. 😔

  • Without trying 2 worry u more, I would go 2 A & E ASAP & get checked out Or at least ring ur doctor & explain 2 the receptionist the urgency of the call, if u av'nt don it already, then do it NOW!!!!! Please let u all no how things went. Gentle Hugs.x.

  • Oh I'm fine today thanks. I've had 3 ECGs of my heart recently 

  • It's the pain down your arm that concerns me. I know you feel fine now. But I think you should talk to a medical professional (your GP, NHS Direct), and tell them about that. Just in case.

    All yesterday and last night my stress and anxiety was through the roof, and I could feel it physically, in the centre of my chest, at first like an uncomfortable, tightening that hurt a bit, but I ended up having pains too, and I wouldn't move in bed because it seemed to make it worse, and yes I thought, it's just stress and anxiety, and I'm sure it was, but I DIDN'T get pains in my arms or anything, and if I did, I would have gone to the hospital and got it checked out!

    I have had ECG's in the past too, and although nothing significant has ever happened, on 2 occasions my heart rate was significantly high, and I was monitored closely during that time. 

    There's no harm in getting this checked out again. I'd feel better if you did. Take care. Let us know how you get on. x

  • I've had this also. Rushed myself into A@El and been told nothing is wrong but I agree, chest pain, loss of feeling in your arm, numbness is all very scary! Apparently these are very common symptoms of anxiety but it's difficult to know when to take these symptoms seriously. 

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