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Hard day, chest pain & left arm pain


God please take this pain away. What do I do? I'm so frustrated, left arm hurts all the time along with my chest. It usually hurts worse after activity like raking or mopping etc. I had a EKG a month ago when I went to the Dr for hernia pain. It's not my heart I guess. This pain isn't from my hernia, it's more like muscular pain. When I stretch my chest out it pops.

What should I do? Should I go to my doctor? I'm just tired of hurting. My anxiety is so much better, but the pains getting to me

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Hi , easier said than done but try to relax ..muscle tension will hurt ..I've had this left arm pain going into chest ended up at a+e but it truly is all anxiety related ,wether you feel anxious or not .. Try a warm bath or muscle rub .. Hope you soon feel easier !

Might be costochondritis, an inflamation of the ligaments where the breast bones join the chest bone. Or it might be anxiety. Either way, Elizabeth, your doctor should be able to give you some effective pain reliefand anti-inflamatory. And you should take what is offered as you'll only be taking them short term.

I'm with all of u on that I've had this chest pain for two weeks now and I went to the hospital and I've had blood work done and X-rays and they r doing a ultrasound on Sunday of my heart but everything else came back good!! One doctor said that the blood work showed I have a blood clot but they r not sure yet so they gave me a blood thinner and a Ativan!! I do have to say I got so scared yesterday I called the ambulance the pain was bad!!

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