Chest pain

Hi all hope your well more advice and help please. I've been suffering chest pain for a long time now about 9 months every single day at some point. Does anybody know what causes it ? How does stress & anxiety cause chest pain ? Is it unused adrenaline ? Is it our digestive system not working correctly & gas causing problems ? I'm waiting for my results from a heart monitor I had fitted a few weeks ago. Hopefully my heart is ok. I have a lot of physical symptoms at the moment & I feel like I am punished every single day. I'm really fed up & unhappy but I'm very lucky to have an understanding wife who loves me very much but she must be feeling the strain I cause I just pray I can get better so I can start enjoying life again with my beautiful wife and daughter and go to bed and sleep instead of going to bed lying awake, checking my pulse, leg and arm throbbing wondering if I'm going to make the night. I would just like to say thanks to all members this site has helped me so much coping with work and living day to day.

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  • Hi

    As you have been seen by your GP & had these pains for 9 months it really sounds like its anxiety related

    Hopefully you will get your results soon & then you will have peace of mind your heart is fine

    I have had pains in that area due to anxiety & also we have muscles there & when we are anxious we get tense & without even realizing it we can tense these muscles which then causes pain

    Are you getting any help with your anxiety from your GP ?

    Let us no how you go on when you get your results back




  • Thanks for replying whwhy my gp has sent me for counciling I've not realy clicked with the lady im seeing & I've only seen her once but i will do my best to try to listen & get the most i possibly can from her. I should get my results back this week. Friday for instance we took my mother to a quiet pub for dinner I was finishing off my food having a nice time then boom out of nowhere my chest started hurting which made me feel anxious & scared maybe it was a bit of indigestion maybe it was the stress of work thats built up during the day who knows .

  • Hi

    Yes give the lady a chance with the counselling , I no what you mean when you sometimes think you haven't clicked with someone straight away , but sometimes I have found that people I think Oh I am not sure about you I end up liking the most !

    Hopefully this will be the case with you :-)

    Sounds like that could have been indigestion , I get it a lot think its something we tend to get with anxiety

    Let us no how you go on with your results :-)


  • Ok pain can hit you anytime and if you suffer from anxiety then it will feel worse have you tried relaxation every day it helps but you need to do it every day take care

  • Thanks bigguy that's good advice I do breathing exercises maybe i should do more relaxation what do you recommend yoga ?

  • Hi there I have had anxiety for over twelve months now and I have had feeling like I cannot take a deep breath , lightheaded. Chest pain off and on so your not alone which I think helps sending hugs xx

  • Thanks Maggie that's reassuring hugs straight back xx

  • Hiya, ive suffered with anxiety for over a year now and this time lst year i was off work for three months and housebound because of it. i had therapy and slowly hav learnt to ignore and carry on. this week tho my chest and bak hav felt strangee again..hard to describe but its under my left breast and then around to my bak. it also affects my arm and left leg especialy at night..making them tingle and feel kind of numb. i had this last yr n was terrified as u wud be but it eventually went. it came on again this week afta eatin a spicy curry...any relation? Cud u describe ur chest pain/ symptoms and any ideas to help x

  • Thanks for replying, my chest pain is 90% of the time left side under my nipple area so thats very similar to you. I sometimes get a stabbing pain Occasionally left side round a bit more ribs area when taking a deep breath in. It's my right arm and leg I get trouble with especially at night they throb away mainly my right calf muscle is the worst. It seems to be at the same time to, my leg and arm does your leg and arm tingle at the same time especially at night ? Take care xx

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