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I have been suffering panic attacks and general anxiety disorder for about 3 years this time. I have had previous panic attack episodes in the past but they did not last this long. I used to take Zoloft and buspar for this and had about 15 years of not much problems. About 4 years ago I decided I wanted to get off the medicine. I weened very very slowly off the medicine and had about a year or two of good health. Then I had a health scare I had a stress test done and it said I had a blockage. This thru me into a major panic. My regular doctor gave me lorazepam as I was hoping to not have to go back on medicine. They did a heart cath and determined the stress test was wrong I had no blockages. I was over joyed for a couple weeks but then the doubt crept back and I have been fighting anxiety stemming from health ever since. I have went through many symptoms and test and all have come back normal. But after each assurance I would have a bit of peace but then find another ailment I was sure I had. After about 2 years of trying to deal with this naturally I decided I need to go back to a psychiatrist and get back on the medicine that worked for 15 years. I did and finally up to the does I was on before. I have had some success but I still have rough days that I believe there is something wrong with me. I am so scared now that the endless anxiety has actually caused damage to my heart and vessels. My blood pressure goes up when I anxious but down to a good level when I relax. I am on bp medicine but I still fear my anxiety has caused my bp to be up long enough to cause damage. My doctor has reassured me it has not but I continue to worry. I have been back to see my doctor about every two weeks cause I need the reassurance. I pray for help and try to push myself to overcome these fears. Any advice or techniques that have worked for you I would appreciate for you to share. Thank you.


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  • Hi alan here I have the same problem I always think there's something wrong with me which has brought my mood very low I'm now going getting therapy to c if I can get of this merry-go-round u have 2 keep telling ur self that all this anxiety is in our head and we have 2 break the cycle like yourself we have had this 4 years but remember that we r still here so that must tell us something. I try 2 do positive things get out of the house try 2 exercise I think the trick is to be active I no when ur low it's hard but we have to push on we deserve a good life. Be positive . active. Remember break the cycle.

  • Thank you for your reply. It is a good point to remember that even after all this worry for so long we are still here. I do try to exercise as I have found that has helped a lot in the past. However lately I have been nervous as my heart rate goes up when exercising. As it should. But I of course get obsessed with seeing how high and worry it will hurt me. It is ridiculous and a constant battle. It does help to know there are many others out there suffering with the same condition.

  • Hi tomnwen that's our mind trying 2 feed our anxiety try 2 find another train of thought 2 starve it this is a tip from my therapist iv been so fed up with it that I'm trying 2 take the couldnt careless and go with the flow I no it will not b easy but I'm trying to have a more easygoing way of life . When I have the anxiety thoughts that is what I'm going to do is 2 try to move on 2 a more positive thing to think about. Let's b positive not negative. I'm here 4 support good luck.

  • Thank you. That's good advice I will try as well.

  • Ask yourself if the thoughts are real or your anxiety. You did the medical stuff and you are fine. Score one for your side!

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