Health Anxiety

Health Anxiety

Earlier on I posted regarding health anxiety which had ruined my life.

Because I had suffered it for years my skin was so bad...dry...grey. I had purple lines under my eyes.

My hair was falling out in clumps. I think a lot of people who battle anxiety/depression give up on their own personal appearance. I did...when you have anxiety...nothing matters anymore. It also made me angry...seeing people live their lives so carefree.

It's been a year and a half since I had my last panic attack. My life now is a far cry from not moving from my bed.

My hair grew back

My nails were given a chance to grow again and I gained my weight back.

For anyone who thinks recovery is's not....and you will all get there :)


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  • Awe you r so beautiful and sweet for saying that! I went thru same and have also healed from the inside out! God bless you for saying that! I hope it gives hope to all that read it!

  • Awww thank you.

    So so happy that you've healed.

    I want people to see there's hope no matter how hard it is xxx

  • You are the picture of health. Thanks for the positive post.

    I hope when I am fully recovered, I will look like you :)

  • Aww bless. Thank you. Wishing you all the best xxx

  • Wow it's like reading about myself bedridden, hair falling out, dark under the eyes, weight loss, I was like this 7 years ago them hospitalised for 5 weeks and put on meds I came through it and could function again but it never went 100% and now I'm heading back there I've lost interest in my self, my hair is falling out I'm weak drained, I do have a vitamin D deficiency and taking supplements but only a low dose as I can't tolerate the higher dose, I'm scared hat I'm going to die through this deficiency I'm so weak and it's pushing me back to how I was 😢 x

  • Sometimes anxiety and depression has a sneaky way of creeping back up again.

    I developed anemia. And was given medication....I was to scared to take it....I never died :)

    You won't die trust me.

    I do remember the bald patches that were on my head :(

    Try and be strong...I know it's easier said than done.

    People don't understand how hard it is xXxX

  • Yes it certainly does I'm there now it's awful

    I'd rather have physical pain than this, oh I'm so scared with the horror stories of the vitamin D making people sick ok so scared of actually vomiting yet I feel so bad without it too ah yes I have patches where my hair is falling out its so fine now I can't even do my hair that's true people just don't get it and how bad it can be/feel xxxx

  • It pains me to see people suffer in any really does.

    Rule number one with health anxiety...never listen to horror stories, ever. I used to be a sucker for them and they would ruin my life.

    When I had health anxiety I was pregnant with my first daughter...every time I had morning sickness I would go to a&e because I thought it was something else :(

    I too....fear vomiting.

    Awww bless :( that's the way my hair went too. When I woke up in the hair was all over the pillow.

    People really don't understand...I was always accused of being "lazy"

    Things people would say "oh just get over it"

    I wish it were that simple. XXxX

  • Ah yes hun I'm a sucker for the horror stories too but I always have to find out the negative sides of medication "just in case" and it acres me off taking it then oh Im shocking for fearing vomiting even if I feel sick I panic 😢 thank you hun you're a very positive person and that good to say you have been where I am now 😊 xxxx

  • Hi Twinkle

    Have you ever had your calcium and parathyroid hormones checked?

    I had low vit D and it turned out it was from hyperparathyroidism. I had the bad gland removed and the my bloodwork normalized.

    Anxiety and depression are seen in hyperparathyroidism. 

    The surgery did not get rid if my anxiety but I think it helped some.

    Go to, very interesting information.

  • Hi mrae yes I've had my calcium and thyroid checked in fact I've had lots of blood work but nothing has been found as of yet although I have just had more blood test I'm not sure what for though I I did think of hyperparathyroidism too because my symptoms are very similar what symptoms do you have with hyperparathyroidism? 

  • Hi

    The parathyroid glands are separate from the thyroid gland.

    You have 4 of them and they live behind the thyroid gland.

    My main symptom was anxiety and insomnia which only responded to benzodiazapines which I quickly became tolerant to.

    All the drugs they have put me on have made me sick.

    After my surgery the surgeon said I could start weaning off all the psych meds after 2 months.

    I have just come off the 3rd med and don't  feel well. I'm hoping its just withdrawal.

    The other side effect I have is osteopenia, the over active gland sucks the calcium out of your bones.

    They said my tumor had been there for about 10 years.

    These tumors are NOT cancerous.

    Some people get hypertension, insomnia, depression etc.

    If you go to the website it explains it very well.

    Hope you are feeling better and please stay in touch.

    I am in Canada, are you in the UK?

  • Oh wow I never knew about this I assumed it was the thyroid gland oh so did they put your condition down to anxiety until you wer diagnosed?  I will ask my doctor about it as my symptoms are very much like this ah thank you hun I will stay in touch yes I'm in the UK 😊

  • Hi

    When I didn't respond to the usual meds for anxiety they dug a little deeper and found the high calcium, high PTH and low vit D. The doctors here we're unsure how to proceed and wanted to put me on vit D, which is a no no for hyperparathyroidism, so  I went to Florida, USA for my surgery.

    Now I'm left with all the awful withdrawals from all the meds I was on😝

  • If your calcium is above normal or even high normal and your PTH is high you have hyperparathyroidism.  If so, make them listen to you. It is not very common so many doctors have never seen it and don't know how to treat it.

  • Ah I see wow that's awful you've had to go through all this my vitamin D was extremely low well non existent really I've had supplements for three months and now it's normal but it was hell taking it I just seemed to reject it it made me feel so so unwell 😥 ah withdrawal is awful from anxiety meds I take lyrica and if I miss a dose it hell I've been on them 7 years though 

  •  Hi

    Intake Lyrica too, have been on for 2 months.

    If a person does have hyperparathyroidism the body keeps the VitD level low as a protective mechanism, low VitD keeps your body from absorbing more calcium.

  • Oh at last someone else who takes lyrica lol there's not many of us here, wow that makes sense ate you're level ok now?  I've heard low vitamin d can cause you to feel terrible I know I did but still do even though my levels are ok now 

  • Sorry, what level are you asking about?

  • The vitamin D level hun 

  • Hi

    My level is now 80. It was 50. 

  • Oh that's really good my level is 48.9 

  • Wow it's amazing to know that this can get better! I just hope one day things can change for me! There's nothing I want more than to stop worrying myself sick about having something wrong with me or worrying that I'm dying. Id also kill to get my weight back! I'm so tiny :(

  • It's been 5 months since you replied and I'm hoping you have had relief and feel better.

  • I have serious health anxiety I have had a numbing sensation by my mouth in my left side and Im freaking that in having a stroke or something my be says I look normal but that feeling is still there

  • There was once the left side of my body became completely paralyzed...I thought I had a stroke. Anxiety causes numbness in all areas of the body. It's terrifying, but will pass.

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