anxiety and blood pressure?

hi guys, i've had panic/anxiety for about 6 years now and i'm begining to really worry about the long term effects it might do.

recently i went to my doctors about chest pains. he said my BP was slightly high but it could have been "white coat syndrome" : ), i'm currently having blood work done an ECG came back fine, i also have to wear a 24hour heart monitor next week. has anyone else wore one of these 24 hour monitors and how did it work out?

best wishes



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  • Hi wots white coat syndrome?? Not heard of that

  • Hi Mouley. This "white coat syndrome " is when you have had a hell of a time trying to park your car and then you go in for a BP test. It has shot up! Quite normal. Most doctors will wait a while for it to settle then take another reading.We have to understand that blood pressure is relative. What is "high" for some may not be for others. Age and circumstances come into it. Best wishes to all. jonathan.

  • Hi mouley, its just a term to describe how one gets overly nervous in the presence of a doctor or being in a health center, which causes you're BP to jump up. ??

  • Hi jocky ty 4 tellin me wot it was. Theres so many things anxiety can give u.

  • Hi jocky, I went through it two years ago, there isn't much involved. They stick numerous disks on the upper torso and the wires all attach to the box that hooks over a waistband. I came home and was told to go about my daily routine as usual but I was not to shower or bathe during the 24 hour period. I received a copy of the results sent to my GP shortly afterwards. The diagnosis was set out in medical terms which to the 'layman' doesn't make much sense. Mine was - normal LV size (LV = Left ventricular); mild MR & TR; mild prolapse of the mitral valve. I asked a friend who is a heart specialist and she reassured me that I had nothing to worry about... it meant that the Mitral valve (MR) was leaking slightly and one or two of the three floppy 'leaflets' in the valve (TR) had become bowed thus allowing a trickle of blood to be regurgitated back. She added that there are hundreds of people walking around that never know they have any problems until they go into hospital because of something else. I hope all is well when you get your results. Best wishes

  • Hi was, your reply has really gave me some much needed piece of mind about this. I was a little worried about it because my friend has one on a few months back and took it off because it was hurting his arm so much.

    Again thanks guys for taking time to reply. : )

    Best wishes


  • update. well i got my 24 hr monitor on today, and it isn't what i was expecting. i thought i had to wear a cuff round my arm for a day but i don't and i'm not complaining : )

    but just like was said, i got 3 discs attached to my chest and wired to a box untill tomorrow morning.

    best wishes


  • Hey Jocky,

    Yep I had it done and it came back fine as I'm sure yours will too, but it's good they're double checking things anyway, hopefully it will give you peace of mind.


  • hi poppy, i've to phone my doc next week to discuss the 24hr monitor results, so fingers crossed.

    best wishes


  • hi guys, its been a while since i was last on. so i thought i'd come on and update on the outcome of the heart monitor and blood work i had done.

    the monitor and blood work all came back normal, much to my relief.

    my GP has put it down to the our old friend "anxiety", and maybe related the chest pains to over doing it at the gym.

    best wishes


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