HI my name is Chris im 21 years old and I've been dealing with health anxiety for a few years now I've had almost every symptom known to man from sharp chest pains dull chest pains to skipped heart beats in a row and I've had multiple EKGs blood test chest x-rays all normal and my doctor has even listen to my heart and said that it sounds beautiful but he sent me for an echo and 30 day event monitor which all came back great. So today I'm driving down the road and all of the sudden I feel my hands and face started tingling and then I feel my heart rate shoots waayyyyy up like I was having a panic attack but I didn't hyperventilate is the thing but my chest and arms were tingling and vibrantingling like crazy all this last for about 10 to 15 mins until I calmed down. So has anyone ever have this happen to them like you have an anxiety attack without hyperventilating.. and help on this!?


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  • Tingling sensation is very common with us anxiety sufferers. I've had tingling sensations on all areas of my body. When I get it on my chest or face I think im about to have a stroke or heart attack.

  • Yes abs it came out of no where today and I wasn't even hyperventilating

  • Hi Chris.

    If it's of any reassurance I very very rarely hyperventilate only really if I cry and totally lose control. I tend to get a realy badl pain/tightnesd in my chest and feel like I can't get enough air in but it hurts if I breathe 'too hard/much'. I'll also get the shakes sometimes with the chest pain but sometimes separately and I just feel overwhelmed and wanna run away. I would try not to worry (easier said than done I know) that it is more than some form of anxiety attack. Just keep thinking I've been checked over, I know this is anxiety and it will pass in time.

    Hope this is of some help.

    L x

  • Okay thank you for the reassurance it just sucks so bad and it will strike out of thin air for no good reason at all.

  • Yes! Almost everyday tbh. Once I had a really bad urge to start hyperventilating in a room full of people but had to stop myself because at the same time I didn't wanna embarrass myself so I sat there feeling like I couldn't breathe and my entire body was tingling especially my hands and my heart was racing after I went home I was so worn out and had a headache and felt so weak. Anxiety honestly sucks especially health anxiety. Sometimes I feel like If I didn't have health anxiety But just normal anxiety I would of been able to get out of it. It's the health anxiety that gets me everyday tbh

  • Yes that's me everyday and I've been trying to get back into working out again but I end up having a panic attack afterwards which made me stop again

  • I badly want to go to the gym and start exercising but at the same time I have all these thought like what if i stop breathing or what if I have a heart attack

  • I completely agree that it totally sucks. And as much as I have total respect for doctors (and this goes for friends, family etc too) some really don't understand the physical pain of anxiety and depression it may be 'in our heads' as I have been told many times but that pain is REAL at the time. I think accepting that the pain, the tingling etc is real but that it's not something to panic about is the only way to get through the is real but it isn't a threat to us.

    L x

  • These all sounds like classic health anxiety and the commonest type of post on this site.

    Try learning mindfulness and let those feelings be observed and pass by.

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