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Went to the doctor 4 years ago for a normal check up. He did blood work to check cholesterol, glucose, etc. The nurse called me a couple days later and asked me to come in asap to go over results. At this point I think I had my first panic attack. I was scared. I arrived at the doctors office and he started in on my cholesterol. He told me it was high and that I would die before reaching the age of 40 if I didn't start taking medication. I was 35 at the time. I was so upset and accepted to take what ever I needed to take to get better... that's when all my anxiety and panic attacks started. It has been hell.

I don't see him anymore after I was told by my psychiatrist to find a different doctor for second opinions. I have become a hypochondriac. I constantly think I'm going to have a heart attack. I have had every possible test done and the results are always negative. It does bring me peace of mind for a while, until i start to feel chest pains and then the nightmare begins.

I have tried every ssri and have had no luck with any of them. I'm not good with meds. The only thing that has helped me is xanax. But it's only temporary.

I have been seeing a counselor and trying everything from meditation, mindfulness techniques and it has helped a little. The only thing that keeps me together is my kids and wife.

Lately I have been feeling lightheaded and tired. Went to see my doctor yesterday and again he tells me it's anxiety. I almost feel like that is an excuse for everything. But I know that anxiety will make you feel that way. I have chest pains mainly around my collar bone area on both sides. I catch myself always rubbing it. At times my sternum hurts and I have been told by my doc that it's stomach related. Anxiety causes stomach issues too... I get head pressure and ringing ears. But what really gets me is the lightheaded feeling. I feel like I'm going to pass out. It hasn't happened but it gets that bad.

So if anyone has these feelings or symptoms I would like to know. And any advice would be nice.


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  • It's okay . As a fellow sufferer of anxiety and panic attacks I go through everything you describe . Anxiety and cause is to believe anything and everything is wrong with us . As soon as we feel the slightest pain or ache our anxiety takes it into over drive . If you been to the doctors and they've ran test and said your fine . You need to trust that . I've been to the ER 4 times and I still struggle with the fact that i think I'm going to have a heart attack or stroke . It's going to be okay . Try and trust what the doctors have said . I know it's not easy by any means but we have to fight ! Prayers to you .

  • I go thru the same thing!!!! Every ache and pain in my chest i think its going to be or become a heart attack!!!!! Im 28 years old and i have Anxiety Disorder im constantly going to the emergency room when i have the smallest chest pains or aches in left arm or being nauseous all the time and i had so many ekgs and chest xrays and stomach xrays along with actually seeing a cardiologists twice which they told me none of my symptoms seem to be heart related but they made me an appointment to have an echo done which came back normal they told me my heart is in goos shape but i still have aches and pains due to having GERD but in my mind im fixated on the doctors forgetting something or misdiagnosing me or not catching something and it messing with me everyday and i have panic attacks thinking about it or always looking up my symptoms making myself have attacks or having sudden sharp pains in my chest or anywhere in my body throws my panic attacks thru the roof so i definitely know your pain! I pray everything gets much better for u and the rest of us as well.!

  • I'm the same age as u and I suffer with the same thing hope u get to the bottom of it

  • I no what u r going threw I have health anxiety to and I get hart poulpertashopns to it is very scary people just say try and breathe threw it and it dose help some times and this site is grate for this tipe of stuff I hope u can get threw this like I'm trying to I'm 28 and I've had it for 3 years now

  • I have health anxiety too. Mine started when my eyesight started getting bad and I didn't realise that I was having panic attacks and neither did my dr as they sent me for testing for ms and everything just spiralled from there. I now have constant ache in my chest which I believe is a mixture of indigestion and also because I don't breathe correctly when an attack comes on. I am waiting to see a phyciatrist through NHS as cbt hasn't worked for me, I take mirtazapine 45mg each night as ssri didn't work for me in all honesty I'm not sure if I can cope with the side effects of mirt but I've been on them over 3months and the dr hasn't really got anything better he says. The best advice I can give you is do not google side effects or check your pulse or any other reassurance techniques you may do because they reinstate the problem in your mind. I'm working so hard at this but I do mess up at times. Best of luck to you x

  • Thank you all for everything. It makes me feel a whole lot better to know that I am not alone with this struggle. My prayers to you all and we must fight on.

  • I am the same but am still having tests. I had pelvic pain and it was normal no tumors or cysts. Now upper abdominal issues so went to doctor they tested my blood for everything including functioning of kidneys, liver and pancreas. Everything normal. Still don't believe I am ok. I am have a CT scan next week an I can't stop thinking they will find something. Everything I read blood tests are good but they are not 100% proof and now with my throat I am a mess. My stomach is in knots all the time and I am convinced I have something

  • Hey Betha hang in there. I know it's easier said than done to stay calm but if you worry too much your stomach is going to stay tensed up. Try looking at it like this. You're going to have a Ct scan and if there is something they will find it and fix you. I had blood work done about 2 months ago because of this constant pain I have right at the tip of my sternum. My doc ordered for my troponin level to be checked to rule out heart attack. My doctor called me that same day and told me to go see a cardiologist asap. I freaked out. Of course I got the news on a Friday and I had the whole weekend to deal with the bad news.

    So first thing Monday morning I went to the cardiologist. They put me on a beta blocker and a statin. I did a nuclear stress test and had a echo done the next day. 2 days later I went to the hospital to have a Ct scan done. The doctors at the hospital we very awesome at keeping me positive through the whole thing. I just new that they were going to find an issue with my heart and was just thinking the worst. After the scan was done the radiologist and doctor came in and told me that my heart was healthy. My iv was taken out and I was discharged. Talk about a relief. I saw my cardiologist the next day to go over everything. All the test came back good. He told me that he doesn't understand why my troponin level was elevated but that as far as my heart went it is functioning the way it should. He took me of the meds and told me to keep on living.

    At this point I told myself that I was going to get a grip on my anxiety. I'm going to fight back hard and not let it get to me. I feel like I'm literally killing myself with the constant worrying and the stess I bring amongst myself.

    So please know you are not alone. Many of us have gone through what you're going through right now. Hang in there and good luck with everything. Keep us posted.

  • My fear is what if they do find something I am going to die

  • I'm having an ultra sound done tomorrow on my stomach. I have a pain that is constant in my left upper abdomen. I understand how ya feel. I'm worried too. I just keep telling my self that at least if they do find something I can get answers and hopefully fix it. I have been keeping myself hydrated and have been eating clean. It has helped out a lot. Be strong and hang in there. Everything is going to be ok. You are on the right track to getting answers.

    My neighbor is a rn... I always go to her for advice and reassurance. She works at the MD Anderson hospital. So she's around a lot of sick folks. Anytime I have blood work done I always take her the results. So with her experience If anything cancer wise or inproper function of your body was present it would show on your blood work. So I think that if your doctor didn't see any evidence on your blood work that's why your not in a hospital right now and you have a regular scheduled Ct scan. I know we are all different but I do know anxiety is not prejudice. It affects all of us pretty much the same way. Please be strong and think positive. Best of luck to you.

  • Hi Cisco:

    I had my cat scan yesterday and it was normal no abnormalities but my pain comes and goes. Not sure if more tests are needed or if it is anxiety?

    What if they made a mistake

  • Betha it's good to hear your Ct scan was normal. If you don't feel comfortable with the results maybe get a second opinion. Are you seeing a gastroenterologist? Anxiety sucks!!!

  • I did not ask you how your ultrasound went? I spoke to gastroenterologist and they think I suffer from constant abdominal pain. Caused from anxiety?

    I keep questioning myself why is my anxiety doing this have I ever heard that anxiety does this

  • Yea I know what you mean about anxiety causing pain. It seems like anytime I have any kind of symptom of an ache or pain I get "it's your anxiety". It's very frustrating. My ultra sound checked out ok. I'm in the same boat as you. The doctor told me that stress and anxiety is what is causing my sternum pain. So I guess I'll just roll with it for a while and hopefully it goes away. If it continues I will go and get a second opinion or just take myself to the ER next time it flares up. Dont give up... you are not alone. I truly understand where you are coming from.

  • Thanks! It is great news about your ultrasound

  • I would need a referral and to be honest what would be the difference. I asked what the doctor looked for and I mean they showed every organ.

    Do you think I need one? Or is it in my head

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