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Horrible health anxiety


I have had HORRIBLE health anxiety since April, thinking my heart is bad. I've had ELGs (like 12 since April), an echocardiogram, and stress test, all normal, and still panic over my heart. I came back to work today after 6 weeks off due to panic and am trying not to have an attack now. My chest is hurting and my left arm too. I hate this!

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Elizabethbinion, you should rejoice and give thanks to whoever that you've had all those tests and your heart is strong and healthy. Many people who had the same tests as you at the same time are not so lucky.

Panic and non-cardiac chest pain and arm pain are common symptoms of anxiety disorder but they will not disable you and certainly aren't life threatening. Over sensitised nerves have a remarkable ability to mimic real organic illness. But they're not real illness despite feeling real to you right now. They are fake symptoms caused by blips and glitches in your over worked nervous system which you have been constantly thrashing with fear, fear and more fear.

Elizabethbinion, why not break that vicious circle of fear causing symptoms causing more fear causing more symptoms etc etc and give your nervous system a rest? Why not do that and in good time your nervous system will recover and all these fake symptoms will cease. Don't spend your future running scared from a glitch in your nerves.

All you have to do to recover and rid yourself of these worrisome pains is very simple but you must practice and be persistant and let time pass. All you have to do is stop fighting and accept the symptoms without fear for the time being. Fighting the symptoms only causes more stress and worry which makes things worse. Instead uf you accept the symptoms and carry on as normal you have taken the first step towards taking back control.

You now know that the symptoms of anxiety you're experiencing are imposters. O.K., they make you feel uncomfortable but you can put up with that for a while., the important thing is that be accepting the symptoms you've stopped feeding your nerves with constant fear. When you adopt this Acceptance method for recovery you immediately feel empowered in winning back your good mental health.

So let the panic come, don't try and hold it back, it's an invaluable opportunity to practice Acceptance, an opportunity for you to show who's boss. But now you know that the bad feelings can't harm your body and are only a quick short circuit caused by your over sensitised nerves what's to fear?

With pravtice and persistance you WILL recover in time as tens of thousands have done before you. I wish you God's speed along the Yellow Brich Road to recovery.

jessiejakes in reply to Jeff1943

Well said Jeff1943 I'm sure you are talking from the heart ,as I'm sure you have suffered anxiety/panic yourself and it really good of you to help other people who are starting on that journey of recovery.hope you continue to help people.

Saz12345 in reply to Jeff1943

That's brilliant what you have wrote any tips for me I suffer with this to it's horrible x

Jeff1943 in reply to Saz12345

Hi Saz12345, the same remedy applies to you also, anxiety comes in many forms but it is always still anxiety.

Jeff1943 thank you so much for your thoughtful post! I am almost certain you're correct I just don't know how to accept the symptoms when they are so real and so scary. I've had therapy and hypnotherapy and practice meditation and I pray. I'm better than I was but still so far from being well. :(

Jeff1943 is right you have to accept the symptoms and gradually you loose your fear of them it can take a few weeks or even months but you will get better.

Did the hypnotherapy help? As I was going to look into this as my anxiety is at its worst at the moment

What was the hypnotherapy like? Did it help at all?

Thank you all so much! I'm really trying!

Acceptance isn't something you can switch on like a tap, it takes practice, lots of practice until it comes easily and naturally. Remember 'glimpsing', just achieving acceptance for a fraction of a minute or a couple of minutes to begin with is a good start.

Thank you! I've tried practicing this in small increments since lunch today and it's helping!

Elizabeth, I cannot lay claim to being the author of the Acceptance method of recovering from anxiety, that distinction must go to Doctor Claire Weekes who many, many years ago wrote 'Self help for your nerves' also titled 'Hope and help for your nerves' in the U.S. This book brings understanding, reassurance and a path to recovery that has helped untold thousands over the years. It's available on Amazon for a few pounds/dollars. There are hundreds of readers reviews and 90% classify it as Very Good or Excellent. You may care to read a few of these reviews. If you onlyread one book in the rest of your life this is that book.

I have that book and read it a couple months ago. Apparently I retained nothing and need to read it over again. :)

I get this all the time heavy chest and left arm pain are you on any medication x

No I'm not. I have anti anxiety meds as needed but don't use them. I try and cope on my own.

I am the same I got given them but scared to take them we can get through this

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