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Hey my name is Chris I'm 21 years old used to be pretty fit i still am for the most part I still have my muscles but I'm completely out of shape and afraid to workout because of panic attacks and I've been dealing with anxiety for a few years now since I was 16. It's predominately been surrounding my heart I've experienced almost symptom you could from skipped heat beats to racings beats out of nowhere and slow pauses in my pulse. I've had multiple normal ekgs blood test cheat X-rays and my doctor has even listed to my heart and said that everything sounds great but he ran a stress test which was normal and sent me to a cardiologist where he ran an echo and 30 day event monitor which all came back normal... the one this that I can't seem to shake are the random heart beat flutters and skipped beats I go weeks sometimes even months without feeling them I been working out some trying to get back into some kind of shape and then out of the blue there back and they bring me back to square one!!! Anyone else been going through this and any words of wisdom/advice?!?! 😭 It sucks so bad everytime I get better this happens


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  • Magnesium deficiency can cause fluttering ( skipped ) heart beats.

  • So what can i do

  • Buy some and take it, Magnesium glycinate from iHerb.

  • A lot of what you can do is easier said than done. Put some faith in your Dr. That's hard when your mind is convinced something is wrong but it's really the way to go. Address your concerns but be open minded to listening if they say you don't have anything to worry about. Supplements and vitamins can help. It's about finding the right dosage for you. It's a lot of trial and error.

  • I do try but every time I get more faith it happens again just like right I'm as I was driving I felt skipped beat it's so frustrating because the entire time your just thinking ok my heart is about to stop

  • Mate honestly, I have worried about every single other problem the human body can have but not my heart, that is irrrelivant, the fact is your mind and body is in over Drive and your body is reacting the way it's meant to. Your doctors will help mate along with time and patients. Health anxiety is a bugger of an issue but mate I am exactly the same! It's scary but it will pass

  • Thank you so much what do you do whenever your feeling really anxious?

  • Mate what I do is all you can do which is just try to move myself around.. if i can I take myself to the beach or just go for a drive. It may only be temporary relief but it's something.. I've been suffering practically my whole life to the point recently I nearly lost my job!

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