Extreme Health Anxiety?

I've been suffering from health related anxieties since I was 3 years old and it was around the time I lost 6 family members in a row to cancer. It first started when I heard about choking in pre school and I had a huge panic attack. Then it moved on to suffocation, drowning, and breaking my neck (I was litteraly only 3/4 at the time). Ever since I've had extreme anxiety. When I was about 5/6 the fears were more due to ghosts, curses, ect. (I used to refuse to wear clothes that I thought were "cursed") I also had irrational fears of a snake in the cafeteria, scissors, intruders, and electrical cords. When I got older I started to worry more about health things like cancer, heart attack, tumors, ect. It was so bad so that when I was 7 and 8 I washed my hands every few minuets. But recently the anxiety has gotten so bad in the past few years. When I was 12 I was super afraid of some cardiovascular problem. I began to get into the habit of searching every single symptom and I had knowledge about so many diseases just in case I get them. I started to have panic attacks where I thought I was dying. The fear didn't stop until I went to the doctor (for a different reason) and he told me I didn't have heart disease. This no longer works. Nothing relives my fear anymore. With in the past year my fears have gotten SO bad. I had multiple panic attacks a day and I started to develop agoraphobia where I couldn't leave my "safe zone". I couldn't go to school for a long time. This time was so hard for me, and in this time I've ran to the hospital about 6 times, called 911, and had extreme panic attacks everywhere. My fears kept switching: cancer, respiratory problems, heart problems, brain tumor, everything. Eventually summer came and my fears calmed down (though I did have a lot of trouble with a heat stroke fear over the summer). When school started in September it was mostly fine until last month. I started to get my chronic dizziness again, and the fears came back. It is so so scary. I constantly feel like I'm going to faint. I constantly monitor my heart rate, peak flow meter, and everything. And nothing will satisfy me anymore. Going to the doctor only makes my fears worse as I always worry that they misdiagnosed me or I forgot to tell them a symptom. I am so so so scared all the time. A few weeks ago there was a time where I didn't have any medical fears and so instead I had mental fears about my mental health. I always find something to be afraid of and I have these constant symptoms of dizziness and fatigue all the time. I see a therapist but she only helped me control my panic attacks, not the general anxiety. I'm so scared all the time.


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  • Somehow you need to get out of your head and into your life.

    Thinking about your problems reinforces them. Trust in God to look after you for a few months. Pass the responsibility to him, ignore all your symptoms and thoughts, have a holiday from them and leave your old self behind.

    Maybe easier said than done but why not give it a go?

  • Omg me too !! How old are you !? , I'm 20 years old . Ever since I was younger too my Heath anxiety got to me when I was 16 I went all depressed cause I thought I had cancer & it was scaring me more when I heard it or even seen TV commercials about it , i always had a panic attack when I thought about it & I tend to really overthink Too . I always googling my symptoms and it scared me more because I thought I had all these different things like kidney failure or blood poisoning or even heat disease too , I've been cramping for a week now and I've been too the ER because I had a bad anxiety attack that I had to know what was wrong other then worrying , the doctor said I was fine but I still worried so now I went to a different doctor and gonna get blood work done , the anxiety doesn't help especially when you had babies to take care of , the only thing I can help you with is that don't think about your symptoms at all and see if they go away when your not thinking of it ? If it doesn't then see a doctor and ease your mind , don't googling things like what I do , it doesn't help , your not alone , glad I found this site because I know I'm not alone with this anxiety

  • Hi, I know you will get through this. The more you focus on your symptoms the more it feels worse. I have done that. Try to eat healthy and light exercise like walking. Do something you like and enjoy to take your mind off of your symptoms. There is a website with free downloads of radio programs that has helped me understand and deal with my anxiety. It is bible based psychotherapy by Pauline Holmes Phd. Go to graceandsanity.org and select the "web radio" button at the top. You will find downloadable topics including the "Fear" series that will help you understand fear and anxiety and offer guidance to lessen the anxiety. I listen to this often. Remember that everything is possible with God through faith in His son Jesus Christ. I'm praying for you. You will get through this.

  • Find something to care about, older people, pet, voluntary work...you have to get outside your own head..... best wishes

  • Hi. You do not sound very old to me and it seems that in such a short time you have endured so much. It does not sound pleasant having your fears switch from one thing to another like you appear to have had. It seems you have become trapped in a vicious circle of somekind that you can not break free from. Other than continue to talk to your doctor and therapist and any other health proffessional i do not know what else to suggest other than more natural homeopathic remedies but i hope you manage to learn how to cope with these issues to help you endure them

  • You need Something called CBT, look it up and ask your GP to get you a psychiatrist, anti anxiety meds or antidepressants will help too and you must stop googling your symptoms!

  • hi i suffer from health anxiety too. i get chest pains.dizziness, arm pains. back pains. headaches, nausea. here if you need a chat :) x

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