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Constant health anxiety

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Hi everyone.

Does anyone have constant health anxiety? I'm really bad at the moment, I've been in and out of hospital, they have said I have svt in my heart, its really scary when I take an episode.

Every ache and pain I think I'm dying. Haven't left the house, which is not me at all. I'm scared to move incase my heart rate goes up high again. I'm in to see a cardiologist next week so hopefully il get something to help.

I'm terrified to be on my own, always make sure there's someone in house with me or il take a panic attack. Doctor won't give me anything yet as they want to get all the heart checks done first.

I've had anxiety for years, but never this bad. My health anxiety was always about my heart, so the fact that they've actually found something wrong with my heart is crippling me with anxiety.

Sorry for the long message. Xx

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I too have constant health anxiety💛 it comes in waves .. I can Be good for a couple months and then all the sudden it comes back and every tiny thing I’m sure it’s cancer or something deadly. I know intellectually it’s not real but those intrusive feelings are really hard to control… it makes me a stressed mess and takes my joy in life. I don’t have any answers other than do all you can do to stay healthy and remember that’s all you can do so try to enjoy life.. we only get one.

Yes, all the time. I too have been going through it for the past month 1/2 in and out of the doctors and hospital. I also went to the cardiologist and got a heart monitor put on for a week and just took it off yesterday. I’ve been waking up to my heart racing every morning for the last week. I randomly have fluttering and palpitations. I’m praying it’s anxiety because everything else has checked out. You are not alone. My health anxiety is very bad, always has been. This has been the worst with it though. This go around all started after my boyfriends car accident. Feel free to message me anytime.

I have SVT. I was officially diagnosed in 2019. I went to the ER where they promptly did noting. I think I then sat on the couch and didn’t move more than walking across the room for a year to keep my heart rate under control. While it is a benign condition, it does feel scary. I take 50mg of Atenolol daily which helps a lot. There are other meds that supposedly work just as well but I haven’t tried them. My cardiologist referred me to an electrophysiologist who offered an ablation treatment which sounded really scary to me. I’m managing with the meds, keeping my health anxiety at bay as much as I can, eliminating caffeine, and doing vagal maneuvers which do help. I’m now pretty comfortable with my SVT after 2 years. My health anxiety keeps me busy with lots of other imaginary diseases so SVT is not my biggest fear at the moment.

You could be my twin. I am always worrying about my heart even though it is fine the drs say. You are not alone I am 68 and have been dealing with this anxiety and panic sense i was 30. I wish i had a magic answer. I just take day by day or hour by hour during an attack Good luck

You are not alone! I went through a very bad patch this past Spring/Summer. It started with waking in the middle of night...feeling a 'sensation' ( not really a headache) in the back of my neck/head...and just this overwhelming sense of 'unwellness' . Symptoms seemed to improve during the day. Then, on March 23/21, I was reading the morning paper and the headline type on the front page ...appeared to lift off the page(like 3-D) and slide back and forth! I didn't really freak out --my speech wasn't slurred/ or paralysis in arm etc,,,so, I knew it wasn't a stroke. I probably had half a dozen similar experiences( very brief- less than a minute) over the next few months. I was in denial. Didn't want to go to doctor...because I was sure he would find out I had a brain tumour ...or Co-Vid etc etc.

From the end of March until the end of August this year... I woke up EVERY morning in a high state of anxiety ( yes EVERY morning for 5 months), Couldn't eat breakfast. Could barely function. But appetite/mood improved slightly as day went on. Still in denial.

June 6/21 - a Sunday morning and I am sitting on the patio of a cafe and a member of my AA group ( I've been sober 32 years) walked by and asked me ' How are you doing?' That was it. I lost it. Broke down. When a casual friend or grocery clerk asks ' how are you doing' ..I can dismiss it with " Oh great!"... But, when someone in AA asked How are you doing? They really mean HOW ARE YOU DOING? We met and talked for a few hours every Sunday. Eventually, I was so full of anxiety, fear of what might be going on...also fear of slipping from anxiety into depression ( which happened). I had to move in with my older brother for two months. I didn't/couldn't be alone. I didn't answer my phone or return calls. I couldn;t even go to the store alone.

My denial continued.

After (a horrible) experience involving a trip to hospital emergency. ( The attending Dr (over)prescribed the sleeping pill Zopiclone AND Ativan. I had a bad experience with Ativan (lorazapam) a decade earlier and said I would NEVER take another one. But, here I am hooked on them again. The benzodiazepines are VERY addictive. Very fast.

Finally, I called my doctor told him all that had gone on ( during co-vid lockdown he was only doing phone consultations, but eventually had an in-person visit). He said I was suffering from anxiety/depression and that my 'head sensation' was probably a result of accumulated stress, over past year. I was working in a 'front line' service job all during the pandemic. All my support systems had fallen AA meetings.. were shut down. Couldn't even go out for dinner with friends. Everything locked down.

He ordered a cat scan. Results showed no problems in the head/brain etc . He prescribed sertraline ( a SSRI) (Zoloft) . I was on it for 4 weeks. Didn't work. I think mostly because I was taking the Ativan and Zopiclone--which just left me like a zombie until about 4-5pm the next day.

Finally, On August 16, he changed prescription to Mertazapine 15mg.

He also weaned me off the Zopiclone and Ativan. Thank God!

In less than two weeks I could sense the changes in my mental health.

It is amazing the difference in my mood, motivation and sense of well being. No waking up with anxiety! It has been almost two months.

Like all meds, there are side effects. I'm feeling joint/muscle aches , especially in the morning. The odd bit of light headedness. But, (for now) I will take the minor physical discomfort over the anxiety ANY DAY.

Anyway, sorry for going on so long, but I have just joined this site as well and hadn't really told my 'full story' and have already had some helpful responses.

Hang in there. And I will end the way I started .....You Are Not Alone!

i have same problem even though my heart reports are normal

Hey i feel ya, same thing happening to me, for the last 4 years, so yeah doctors did find a heart condition, and everyday is a rollercoaster for me, i have my good days but bad days dont stop coming by. I chose to not be scared, i am working on my fears of dying, i do yoga, mindfulness, meditation, prayer, it helps i'll give u that. Its just some days are better than others but i hold on in there, and thank the universe each day i wake up. I think we all have a misión in this life. Hope this helps. So lets keep on keeping on. Blessings to u.

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