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Im so confused

I start feeling light headed last year of november. Then i take ferrous sulfate iron supplement thought my blood is lower to made me feel lightheaded then i start thinking it constant that i did not know it makes output black bcuz of the iron i take it makes me feel nervous and worries everyday from lightheaded it get worst i started feel imbalance when i walk, sleepless night which made so worst of my head. I feel pressure in the back of my head i feel wierd sometimes if i eat it releif some of the pressure in my head, i also got neck sore when i had thr pressure in my head...i check ent no ear problem, went for blood test, thyroid, urinalysis everything came back normal. Please help im confuse of my symptoms. The dr. prescribe me anti-anxiety meds lexotan bcuz i kind of feel muscles tension, if i feel scared and worried about my symptoms my heart beat so fast, last december i got panic attack sweatings, hands, trembling heart beat so fast. I feel im going to pass out that time. Is this anxiety? When i take first one medication the next i feel a little better. But then last night i feel again my heart is beating fast feels hot scared..please helpme i need some advice..i do not like to feel this way.

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Yes Ayzee, I don't think there is any doubt about it, your symptoms are all classic symptoms of anxiety causing over sensitisation of your nervous system. You were right to see your doctor and have those tests, I suggest you accept your doctor's diagnosis of no organic cause and don't look for physical causes for your problems as that is a dead end which will lead you nowhere except into further worry and anxiety.

Whatever caused it doesn't matter too much but through a period of stress and worry your nervous system that encompasses your whole bodyhas become over sensitive. This makes problems seem so much worse than they really are and causes your body to mimick symptoms of organic illness when in fact all the things you mention from light headedness and imbalance when walking to the pressure in your head are really caused by blips in your nervous system. They are fake symptoms, not real, though they seem real enough to you I know.

what happens is that your worry about the symptoms causes anxiety which causes more nervous sensitisation which causes more anxiety which causes more symptoms etc in a continuous vicious circle. Recovery lies in breaking that vicious self-perpetuating circle through temporarily Accepting the nervous symptoms and not fighting them (which causes more tension). By temporarily accepting the symptoms you stop them producing more anxiety on which the symptoms feed.

Knowing what this is all about will bring you reassurance through understanding: your symptoms are not life threatening and can do no permanent damage because they are fake. Knowing that means you willvfear them less and less, when you do feel the symptoms don't tense up, instead feel every muscle in your body relaxing and going limp. Cultivate the mind set whereby you no longer fear the symptoms because you now understand what they are - and because you stop re-sensitising your nervous system continuously they will eventually return to normal and you will feel relaxed and normal once again.

But it's not a quick fix, it takes practice and persistance on your pat, but you can do it because the Acceptance methods has cured many, many people over the yearsvincluding members of this forum.


Wow im surprise that anxiety could mimic a serious long have you been with anxiety?


Thanks mucho jeff1943 for the helpful feel good to know there is somewhere out there willing to help me bcuz im dealing it all myself...thank a lot for yor time☺


Ayzee, it's well established that anxiety can cause symptoms of stomach ache and nausea, visual disturbances, aches and pains in all parts of the body as well as the ones you experience and many others. I had my one and only panic attack followed by other symptoms back in January 1974 would you believe. Fortunately I very quickly came across the book that explains in full the Acceptance method of recovery thatcI briefly outlined. In the U.K. it's titled 'Self help with your nerves' andvin the U.S. the same book is titled 'Hope and help with your nerves'. It was written by Dr Claire Weekes who followed it up with several other books before she dued 15 years ago. She had suffered from anxiety disorder herself as a young woman and her Acceptance method for recovery has helped hundreds of thousands of people to recover from nervous sensitisation. It worked for me, sometimes it can come back a bit but as I know the symptoms are fraudulent and I know how to deal with them it's not a problem for me.

Claire Weekes books are still available from Amazon and used copies can be bought for one penny/cent and a couple of pounds/dollars for postage.The book I mention is easy to understand and not too long.


Oh thank you so much jeff1943..can i ask what type of anxiety you had before. It just i cannot believe that anxiety makes my symptoms constant everyday. Last night i take anothet anxiety meds. the other day i feel panic again it just came of no where i try to block it but i cant. This morning i feel a little better no head pressure but still have dull headache is it maybe the reaction of medicine? I also have abscess in my tooth i went to dentist today but her say no problem my tooth is not impacted but i can feel its pressure too. Sounds a good book you have mention for anxiety disorder much as i want to get it but maybe i cannot purchase it bcuz i live in the philippines it would not be easy for me to get it. The doctor prescribed 10 tablets meds for anxiety she tell me to take it if i only feel nervous or tension. I take it every other day. I feel maybe i am a weak person thats why i develop anxiety. Thanks jeff1943 for yor time to respond me means a lot to me. I join here cuz i feel i can share my pain and problems here. Good day


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