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So scared and obssessed


I can't stop obsessing about a brain tumor. I have severe depression and health anxiety. I am in therapy and take lexapro but it's ruining my life .i feel pressure in my head, confused, forgetful, and can't stop thinking the worst. Then I fear if I accept the anxiety that I'll be wrong and they will tell me the bad news. I'm so scared all the time :/ someone please help. It's this feeling of dread thinking something MUST be wrong😢

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How long have you been taking the Lexapro? I too have crazy thoughts about my health, heart and brain mostly. I'm only 26 very healthy but I have severe anxiety and panic attacks. I just started taking Paxil. Today is my second day. I finally made myself get on something. I cant keep living like this I have to get myself together just like you do! If Lexapro isn't working try paxil. It treats, OCD, PTSD, anxiety and panic attacks.

They have me on 1 1/2 tablets of 20 mg so 30 total. I'm only 24 but am constantly thinking the worst. It's exhausting!!!! It's just so frightening feeling like this. I have been to the doc more times in the last two months then I have my entire know.

How long have you been taking and whats the medicine name?



I think if you read your post as you have written it you describe your fear but at the same time you are admitting as you write it in a way this is anxiety that is causing you to think & feel this way and not the fact you have a tumor

I have had Health Anxiety for years including the same fear of a Brain Tumor and the fact as I have got older I now suffer with Migraine and get Aura with them you can imagine and at times I find it really hard not to allow these migraines to make my Health Anxiety flare up but I have to keep telling myself , I have seen the Doctor , they have trained for years so why would they say I don't have a Tumor if I did , it would be more than their job was worth , I presume you have seen a Doctor and they have told you they have no concerns you are showing any symptoms of a tumor ? maybe you could slowly start to re train your thinking and when these thoughts pop up keep telling yourself this is anxiety and the anxiety/depression is trying to keep hold of you by feeding this fear and the Doctors no best and rather than believe the anxiety slowly start to believe the Doctors who are trained , like someone once said to me why go & see the Doctor if you won't believe what they tell you ...I went away and thought about it even though I was not very happy with the statement but then I did have to come round and admit they had a valid point

I also have to tell myself if I were to get something there would be nothing I could do and again have faith that the medical profession would cure me as all these illnesses we think we have or fear we might get we just see negative that it will be the end yet now the percentage of curing people is higher than ever so even if these fears became reality it does not have to be the end as our minds tell us

Have you looked on the other Communities on Health Unlocked , you can be a member of more than one Community and there is one called Action on Depression maybe you have seen it but if not as the more support you can get the better it might be worth you having a look on there as well

You are not alone as you can see these communities have so many members all either felt or are feeling like you and as much as we would like to see no one suffering like we do it can be a comfort to now we are not alone as well as a comfort when we read posts where members have recovered after suffering with anxiety /Depression or at least life has improved and become a lot more manageable just like yours will to :-)

Take Care x

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Thanks for responding! It's just a vicious cycle and yes j have been to the doctor to many times. Way to many times. It's just I never can kick the horrible feeling. It just sucks :/ it's gotten worse now that I have a 2 year old

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You could still be suffering with a postnatal depression , some think after 2 years women cannot still be suffering but they do

Take a day at a time , be kind to yourself as you deserve it and worth it & a lot more , slowly and give yourself time , talk to others that understand on here but things will get better :-) x

Hello, I'm such a worrier, if I've got a headache and dizziness it's a tumour, and I go on like that with other symptoms with other parts of my body, I think the worst all the time, I sit and cry about how I'm feeling and what illness I think I may have, I've also visited the gp lots, but if I experience something new I panic and think the worst! its an awful thing to live with, I really want to overcome this and start enjoying things

Hope your feeling better


Has any of you tried cognitive behavioural therapy? Or read the book dare? I have health anxiety it's the most awful thing ever!! I was convinced I had a brain tumour until I got a different symptom then I had stomach cancer and forgot all about the brain tumour! I used to google all the time and Google told me I had every cancer you can think off! If I get a cough I got lung cancer the I thought how can one person have all these cancers one day then something totally different! Your mind plays tricks on you and I'd honestly recommend all of you pay under £10 for this book! It's helped me a lot x

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Hi just read your post from five years ago are you still on site would love to talk to you many thanks.

Hi jes, sounds like me! I had cbt about 4 years ago, I want to go back and have some more therapy but she's off sick. I used to google everyday, but now I try my hardest not to do it, I no it's bad! I find that I diagnose myself without using Google now 😩 It's so annoying x

I know this feeling my anxiety triggers with pain . I woke this morning with the worst headache , pressure , sight affected and went straight into full blown panic

It's awful as this was what happened two years ago when my anxiety triggered .

Try talking a hit shower , going a walk and drink plenty water anything to make you feel good and keep you distracted !

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