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Im so scared and alone. help me


Hey,Im 17 and I struggle with anxiety for a looong time. I used to have some control over it. But now,for 1 month I feel like its ruling my life,like my life is over,im going to die or faint or something bad. I feel like nothing is real and I feel very tired because the lack of sleep and because Im afraid I will die in my sleep. It first started when me and my boyfriend had very intense fights and then broke up. I started to not take care of myself,not eat because i didnt feel like eating and i felt sad. After 1 week,we worked things out,but still the lack of food was there. And I always had periods when i couldnt eat and felt lightheaded but it was pointed to me that i looked sick and i felt fine. But two days later I felt like I was actually sick because of what my teacher said. I started to panic and felt bad and I felt like if I stand up and walk,i will die. I still do. I had 10 panic attacks daily,I felt like the light was too intense and I felt like everything was over and I still do.My parents are not supporting me at all,they say its all in my head and maybe it is but they are not supportive at all and i feel lonely and alone. My boyfriend is supportive,but still thinks im very healthy,just stresses out. I must mention that I dont do well at all with stress. Im stressed everyday and I can barely catch a break. I went to my doctor and she gave me calcium and magnesium because i had hypocalcemia. It was fine,I felt fine for 2 days,but then my anxiety kicked again and convinced me im dying. Its like im waiting for it to happen everyday and every moment of my life. Im scared. I also lost 4 kg and I feel dizzy like im not going to be able to stand up.I dont feel safe at all. Last night i didnt sleep and I feel like im going to die from it. Does or did anyone felt like this? Can someone help me? Thanks

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I feel like your body is lacking vital nutrition that is needs to keep you balanced. You are probably lacking many vitamins especially vit B. Try to start eating healthy...and if your parents aren't being supportive just get on this site and everyone here can relate to what you are going through. It is just real important that you start eating. 

There lies the problem,Im taking multivitamin tablets and Im eating three times a day. But i dont gain any weight at all and I feel like im sick and thta's it. Im eating well for almost 2 weeks but I barely see any results. Plus,Im hungry almost all day ,which is strange for me.

Try meditation videos on YouTube for panic/anxiety. They really help me. It takes time for our body to get back to normal once the panic sets in...drink lots of water too and try yo stay relaxed.

Is it normal to feel like dying?

Well that is how panic attacks make you feel, but my therapist told me we aren't going to die. My doctor told me to take deep breath in count to ten then let it out slowly. It helps.

When I had anxiety my blood pressure w as sky high and I lost almost 20 pounds in 3 weeks I also thought I was gonna die. I was put on anti depressants and anti anxiety meds and therapy and got over it. You also mentioned things not feeling real that could be derealization a symptom of anxiety.  

Oh,Im very familiar with derealization. Ive had this for years,actually it was my first anxiety symptom.  Thats the bad part of anxiety,it feels so real,even if you do know its just your fear,it can convince you that you are sick or dying or fainting. I have a very fast metabolism,i barely put on weight and Im worried that I will be so thin,i will not be able to stand. Its nice to see that you are not alone in this :) how do you feel now?

I'm over it now it was years ago after having 1st child I was in a deep depression and had depwrsonalization. I thought u was going crazy and this was 1983 no Internet so I didn't have a name for it. It wasn't until maybe a year ago that I found out it was actually something with a name. I was so surprised to read about other people's experiences about depersonalization I thought I was the only one that ever felt that way.i had a psych artist put me on anti depressants and anti anxiety meds  and got better. Then a couple yrs ago I had mammogram and surgery for abnormal cells and went into depression again cuz I was so scared I had breast cancer that's when I lost a lot of weight. So now I'm back on anti depressants and feel good I don't want to go off them ever again cuz I know at some point something will happen to trigger another bad depression. I know a lot of people are against medication I don't really like to be dependent on them either but it sure beats feeling like your going crazy or the awful depression and anxiety. Hope you feel better soon

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