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My anxiety symptoms have changed so much since I started having panic attacks..rapid heart beat, feeling faint and weak, ringing in my ears to now dizziness and pressure everyday in my head..I've had a MRI and catscan done in Feb and came back good...now I'm panicking because im thinking it could be more.. I feel weird during the day, face feels numb and the pressure makes me just lay down for hours..I've tried medication but the side effects were horrid...should I seek more medical attention?


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  • Try betterhelp.com online counseling free trial same as a regular counselor they can help. Now i was there before too i wen through that keep taking medication give it time to work try meditation, hypnosis, breathing excercises or patern interupt techniques. Know that anxiety has never killed anyone and you cant be afraid of it anymore you are strong. I wish you the best

  • Thank you so much...its very difficult especially trying to raise my kids and work...my therapist feels my anxiety was caused by my kids father passing in a car accident... Shook me up...

  • I've had many of your symptoms. Look into treating your neck and upper back with massages ad trigger point therapy. Anxiety Causes phyisical problems that build up over the years, and can be difficult to find and treat. Look into it. Especially if you have a job or hobby that has you sitting t a computer for many hours a day with bad posure

  • I will do that.. Thank you so nuch

  • Hi, I can completely relate to your symptoms. I too suffered panic attacks earlier this year (for the first time in my life) and although I felt I'd passed through the panic/anxiety period I still get tinnitus, light- headedness, weird pressures and sensations in my head and face. It's so scary and I find it hard to explain away these symptoms. My GP says it's likely nerve pressure and neck tension but at night I can't fall asleep easily and the strength of these sensations continues to worry me.

  • Yes... Its like constantly there and its very scary.... Don't understand why it won't just go away

  • Look into Vertical Heterophoria, it's an eye condition that could be your problem. Also have a blood test and have them check your B12, Vitamin D, Magnesium, and Iron levels. ALso check your SCM muscle which is in your neck. Look up all of these on the internet. Don't get too worked up. If you give the crazy feelings life it will make it worse. Just tell yourself that you are ok and these feelings will pass soon and I will feel better. Try to think about something else to take your mind off of things. Take a deep breath in through your nose so your belly gets big and then out slowly through your mouth. No upper chest breathing. Do this 10 times and you will feel better.

  • Will do..thank you so much

  • Ive done ct scan echocardiogram,stress test i think u name every test i think ive done it all thinking it might be something else but it always cones back to me all good..find someone to talk i know its hard to cope because even me im having hard time to cope with it..just try to do things to distract when u think your gonna have an panic attack..

  • I'm seeing a therapist now...hopefully something works soon..thank you

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