The worst one yet

Hi everyone.....As I type "HI" my prayers and heart go out to all of you that are suffering with this crappy thing we are all going through called ANXIETY.....

Tonight was the worst attack yet....and im so upset because I had such a great day today......I had a performance this morning, went bowling in the afternoon, then had my students rehearsal for their Christmas show.....then drove home, had a hot bath, had some tea, some fruit and tried to wind down with my husband and star wars....sounds great doesnt it!? WELL.....i sit down on my couch and instantly start feeling makes me so upset because as i said, i had a great day! no i try to ignore it, go to bed, my head is humming, i can feel my pulse, i take my blood pressure and its 150 something over 80 freaked me out like CRAZY.....then it went to 146/ pulse was over the top. I called 911, I talked to the dispatcher and she said to take some baby aspirin which I did. I took 4...81 mg.....the paramedics came, checked me out because i was terrified out of my mind i was having a heart attack and i could barely speak.....they checked me out VERY well....2 EKG's, pulse, pricked my finger, oxygen, blood pressure...everything...they said I AM 100% just having an anxiety attack and they see it all the time.....BUT this one was my worst yet...what the HELL should I expect NEXT!? they were very helpful and knowledgeable.....i almost didnt want them to leave so they can keep telling me im ok.... :**(

What the HECK am i supposed to do....Im supposed to be taking Hydroxizone? if thats how you spell it? its an antihistamine and cures anxiety but i am scared to take that too.......ill pick it up tomorrow...but omg am i scared...please tell me what you are going through? am i going to be ok?.....

So fed up....


im even scared to cry because that makes me have an attack.....


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12 Replies

  • I feel your pain . I have had those days two . I remember a night very much like that after driving back from holiday . like you I had the paramedics out and they told me I was fine . It is so hard to believe them but we have to trust them they are far more highly trained than we are . I also had a prescription for an antihistamines for anxiety but never collected them as I have a med fear and also reflux and was told antihistamines were a no no so I struggle on med free

    Take care and be kind to yourself

  • I have a medication fear too..i just don't like anything foreign in my body but yes i will try very hard to trust the medical having a hard time going to sleep

  • Have you tried meditation or breathing exercises before bed to calm down ? There are plenty on youtube .

    I don't know what part of the world you are from so don't know whether you should be sleeping now . I am in the UK and it's 0830 ish here .

    Hope your day or night improves.

  • yea i have i do yoga but haven't gone daily like i want to...i just have to be more persistent in doing in the USA its 1:29 in the morning on December 16th..

    thank you i hope yours does too..thank you for your help

  • Take care try to get some sleep if you can't sleep try to rest and relax your body and mind . Don't reply put your phone or I pad computer or whatever down .

    All the best .☺

  • It's horrendous you had a great day until you were home and wanted to relax that's because I bet you were thinking of it at the time it happened the more you think of it the worse it gets do a puzzle when your not busy to stop you from overthinking or come on this and tell us how well you have been you will get there a promise it's just a mind game wich is really hard to beat x

  • Thank you tanya

  • Don't cry nothing is going to happen bad honest your still here take deep breaths get a drink of water, x

  • I know how you feel after having a bad few weeks I came out the other side and I had a great 2 weeks I thought my anxiety might be cured then I got what I am told are panic attacks 2 days in a row and now I feel like shit again it is so discouraging when you are feeling good and the anxiety attacks. Have you read the book Dare? The theory is we will get set backs on the road to recovery and during these set backs we may feel even worse then ever but the trick is to continue the techniques within the book and push through but oh it's hard!

    Feel better :)

  • Like today I had a brain zap right in the middle of my students lesson with me and it freaked me out I finally got to relax my students cheer me up <3 this is so exhausting....

  • Brain zaps are the worst so freaky

  • Yea thankfully from what I've read they aren't dangerous

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