Panic attack the day my boyfriend is out of town! Please help :(

Im having the worst panic attack I've had in forever. My boyfriend is out of town at a concert for his friend's birthday. At first it was the usual manageable anxiety but now my head feels like its going to explode, my eyes are super tight and feel like they're trying to close, i'm shaking like a leaf and i feel like im floating. Mentally I have the worst feeling of dread. I just know I'm going to die and my boyfriend won't be with me. It keeps peaking over and over again. I took a .5mg xanax and i'm praying that works. But now i'm scared because i'm also on vicodin after my wisdom teeth removal and im afraid theyre going to interact and kill me. I can also see like... trails? of things as they move. I am so so so scared.


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  • Are you on your own by any chance? I get scared when somebody I care about isn't with me. Your not alone with that and I am scared of dentists too!

  • Hello. Just wanted to assure you that .5 mg of Xanax with your pain killer is not going to harm you, in my opinion. It may actually work together to help calm you down....the pain killer will ease your body's reaction to your pain, and the .5 Xanax will ease your brain a bit. They both basically last about 6-8hours before you can take any more.

    What you're having is not a panic attack....those last only 10 minutes or less...You're having what I call an "Anxiety Hour". You can deal with that. Do things that make you use energy such as doing dishes, cleaning the house etc. If you are using energy that way, anxiety doesn't get it, and anxiety needs energy to keep going. You're going to be ok. Promise. xoxo

  • Hi someone5673, how are you doing now. Calming down some? x

  • yeah, quite a bit. (: Guess it was just Anxiety Hour

  • That really sounded like a very bad panic attack. Something you can do whenever that happens is to sit down, close your eyes and breathe focusing on the breathing instead. I know it's scary and terrifying, but we're here for you. Always remind yourself that the feeling will pass.❤️

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