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Hey, I have been experiencing death/health anxiety for a month now, and it all started when i was at CPR Lesson that lasted for 5 hours, and It was bad air there, and i had 2 coffe's that day + I was using nicotine. And while i was there he started talking about heartattacks, and i had went into a panic attack thinking the worst about it. And he really scared me. He scared me into a very hard anxiety. But this didn't quite evolve before a week later. I started having panic attacks, but later i got chest pains, and i went too a doctor one day while i were having really aching chest pains. He told me that it was Just anxiety. So i got better the same day, but later, after a few days i still had anxiety. I got really scared so I went to another doctor that excluded out heart attack or heart failure by performing ECG, blod test and breathing test (if it were lungs). After this i started to calm down, because it came back very good, but i started having wierd pains like left arm, right arm, chest pains, etc. So i went to the doctor one last time. And he told me that I shouldnt worry about heart attacks, since i am only 22 years old, been to the military doing active activeties almost every day. And that no one in my family records had shown any signs of heart failure, it was a 0,02% That i could have a heart attack. So of all of this i started calming down. But i still had issues, when lying in my bed trying to sleep, and alot of times when at work. And what i found out really helped me were TFT which my coach(aid, kind of shrink, therapist) showed me, and performed on me. This Stopped my chest pains, left arm pains, and to be honest i really think this is the way to go, but i am still concerned some times about sudden heart attack, but its fading a little at a time, as im facing my way through jesus and god, about afterlife. But i really want to get rid off this once and for all. Cause i have trouble sleeping, and trouble especially calming down. And alot of my life styles and activites just stopped because im anxious almost all the time, what can help me?

PS im 22, male, a little overweight, and i exercise 2-3 times a week (jogging)

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HI Wib x And welcome x Im Donver, fellow anxiety sufferer and also a sufferer of the health anxiety fear of death thing. I think when it comes to anxiety anything can trigger that initial panic and from there the mind goes into over drive. It just creeps up gradually and then bang it comes like a tonne of bricks. The chest pains are a very common side effect of anxiety and because yours focuses around hearts in particular it would be one that you fine tune in on. See the mind is like a radio scanning the air waves looking for little warning signs of our fears. And when the heart is a fear and we get a small pain it leads the mind to think worst case scenario. I think maybe the best case for you would be to go back to your gp and explain that you thin you are in the initial phase of general anxiety and see of he could offer you some help. There are meds you can take to ease the symptoms also there is therapy that learn you methods of dealing with the on come of panic x I hope you can get sorted soon. Donver x


Thanks alot for the fast reply, it comforts my heart when i see post like this, and i appriciate all the help you give me, im thinking about not referring to medications as I want to solve this without it, not relyining on it for the rest of my life, but i dont know if this may be the only way out ofd this evil spiral.


NO probs happy to help. If you don't want to go down the meds route then there is always the therapy, congenative behaviour therapy teaches us how to diffuse anxiety and turn negative thoughts around, which makes living with anxiety more bearable. It gets you ready to face life with the anxiety and then before you know it you forget its there. x


Hi & Welcome

I am sorry your are experiencing HA , as that is what it sounds like & we can seem to focus in on one health fear in particular & something we hear or feel usually triggers this of , then the fear turns into anxiety & the more anxious we are we focus in on every feeling & think the worse

The pains & niggles will be the nerves & muscles tensing & after all the tests you have had done it wont be your worse fear of a heart attack

It is not easy when we have these fears but with each feeling if you can try & accept it is anxiety & nothing else the less we allow ourselves to focus on them they do start to fade

We can get into a negative pattern of thinking & again its not easy but you can reverse your thoughts & trust your GP'S would be more than their job was worth to say you were ok if you wasn't

Keep talking on here as you will see you are not alone & people do understand & it can be a great support :-)





Hello, I think you'll find that a lot of people here will relate with how you are feeling. I joined recently and have found it useful to get advise and support from strangers who don't feel like strangers because we all can relate to each other in some way.

I'm going at this as natural as possible and so far have found that talking to others, meditation, yoga, and over all relaxation have really helped. I use the headspace app which is really nice for beginners in meditation.

Good luck in your journey... Know that you are not alone, but the road is not as easy as we would like and you must learn to be patient. Patience has been my hardest challenge, but little by little I'm getting better at it.


Hi and welcome

Lots of us suffer HA,myself included.Its very scary and you do feel scared and the more you worry the more anxiety you get.

I can relate to your fears about a heart attack as I feel this too.

You've had all the tests,and all came back negative.I know it's hard to believe this is so when you still have the symptoms,but that's anxiety for you.

I've learnt such a lot from being on this site,and you will get help advice and support here.

I noticed someone suggested the headspace app,I've found this helpful with breathing and meditation.

Goo luck,hope your feeling better xxxx


Hi there. I had my first panic attack and subsequent anxiety spell when I was 18. I took measles and had a high fever. Lying in bed I suddenly heard my heart miss a beat. I leapt out of bed, ran downstairs in a complete panic to my mum. That was the start. Began calling in at the docs several times a week saying there must be something wrong with my heart. There wasn't, of course, but i didn't understand anxiety and there wasn't anything around back then to enlighten me, such as we have now online or books or group support. I lived with the horrible symptoms for around 3 years, eventually it subsided and I became 'normal' again. I am 61 now. There was nothing wrong with my heart. I have anxiety again now, but it's because I've had a number of years of stressful events that I haven't managed properly. My trigger this time was due to a careless comment by a consultant after I had my appendix removed 4 years ago. Strangely enough, I don't have palpitations this time but dizziness and balance problems. Do not fear your symptoms, try to accept them as if you had a cold etc. I had many years without anxiety. I think it's link to our personalities and how we think and respond to life. Don't pressure yourself either. I wish you well. Hope this helps.


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