ok so back in june I had a panic that was horrific I mean it made me feel like I was going to die I was shaking I was shortness of breath and I was praying to god out loud it really scared me so I went to the doctor the next morning to get checked I had an ekg done blood work done and my blood pressure everything was fine so now Im just stuck with this dreadful dying feeling all the time and these symptoms such as derealization and depersonalization shortness of breath fatigued and so on but I just wanna know am I the only one going thru this.


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  • This sort of description seems a fairly common post on here. It is of course all in your head. A risk of being facetious, how can you possibly know what a dying feeling is like unless you have died??

    I recognise you feel bad, but if you can detatch yourself from the feelings to see them as just feelings to be observed, it may help.

  • But it's very hard to detach myself from this feeling ive been dealing with this for mabye 12 months and idk how to coop with it

  • Hi James,

    I think the dying feeling you describe is because so many things are happening to your body at once, it's impossible to think we can survive it.

    I too have suffered just over 12 months, palpitations, shortness of breath, nausea, aches and pains, weak arms and legs, and more, endless trips to the doctor.

    I had been working away for 9 years and getting weary of it, so handed in my notice.....when my last day came, it was like a switch, all my symptoms got better. I'm not saying they have gone for good, I have my moments, I am that kind of person I suppose.

    Also I developed a real problem with my eye, not serious, but it gave me something else to worry about and my anxiety symptoms disappeared. Just goes to show you how fickle the mind can be.

    This doesn't take away the fear you/I fill when we get stuck in an anxious time....but it isn't real, you will be ok.

    Did you have something in your life that started all this? Although sometimes it just comes out of the blue.

    Get as much help, reassurance from doctors as you need and don't go down that road of "I don't want to bother them" that's what they are there for and it's your life, they don't understand how bad you are feeling and how much it affects your living. I had to get quite firm in the end. I thought I'd this were my child or anybody else I would fight for them, so why not myself.

    I wish you all you wish yourself and hope something, or some here can help you get over this dreaded thing!


  • But bear in mind the more you focus on your symptoms and investigate them (with negative results), the more you will reinforce that feeling. I would suggest working on your brain with mindfulness, meditation, distractions, mood gym etc

  • thank u Jenny and its just came out of the blues but u can view my page and find all that out

  • and after I had the attack I was having bad heart palpitations and alot of anxiety symptoms but what cause this was that I was masterbating that night.

  • Did the Dp/dr symptom go away?

  • It actually came back bc im having some high anxiety rn at the moment I hate it alot

  • It's damn hell. 3 months of this crap! I don't even know what normal is

  • yea me either like when I go outside it just seems I'm somewhere else but ik where I'm at know wat im talking about

  • Everything looks strange yep. Sucks. How did it better better for you before?

  • idk really know tbh I just stop worrying and stopped thinking about it but its back now

  • I wish it was that easy for me but it came with uncontrollable weird existence thoughts and it's hard to shut my brain up

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