Can anxiety make you think the worst?

Can anxiety make you feel like your ill

Dizziness, left arm pain, headaches,falling like sensation, scared, worried, tingling, chest pains, off balance, feeling like you're not really here like in a dream type of thing. Please tell me this is just anxiety i been having these symptoms for more then 1 month now and im going nuts :( im tired exhausted all the time due to all of these thinking im going to have a heart attack even though when i went to the doctor and they said everything is clear, it's just hard very hard to believe when i got all these symptoms :( im so alone and scared.


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  • Yes! I had all these symptoms and also went to the doctor and everything was fine! You may feel alone, as do I... but you're not, here to speak if you need

  • Thank you so much makes me feel so much better, im always alone with ny 2 kids and all i do is search on google :( so it kinda sucks bc all i see is heart attacks for everything i search.

  • I'm a habitual googler! It's a terrible habit, maybe an addiction! I've had the pains you mentioned plus left jaw pain and am still scared! Even after EKGs, chest x-rays, blood work and then finally a echocardiogram stress test! It's horrible to feel this way! You definitely aren't alone!

  • I'm the exact same! Got my self in A&E as I thought I was having one, I'm only 20 years old but I googled my symptoms (worst thing you could do btw) and it said I was having signs of a heart attack so my mother took me through and everything was fine.. I was having an anxiety attack. Please don't google your symptoms!! I don't do it anymore because it just makes things 10000 times worse

  • I have a lot of those symptoms. I've had them for months. I've had 5 doctors tell me it's not heart related but I still feel like I'm going to die every time I get a pain.

  • I know how you feel nickie420me, even when the doctors give us the clear we still think it's something more and i always get freaked out by it.

  • I know how you feel. Currently I'm having these weird feelings like I'm tired and weak. I haven't eaten since Friday much and I just feel drained. Head pressure. I just don't feel right. If I use much energy I feel like I might pass out. 4 er visits and 2 urgent care visits plus 1 dr visit. Blood tests , ekg and chest X-ray. All normal. All say anxiety except 1 who saw fluid in my ear drum. Maybe a reason for the head pressure but what about my other feelings . I hate they go right to anxiety because I have it. I seriously feel like I'm sick with something.

  • Hi again Chache

    Same here, same symptoms that won't go away. I'm trying to convince myself that I do have anxiety and that's what it is, trying to accept it is hard as my symptoms very very similar to yourself won't go away, all they do is subside a little now and then. Trying to fight the feelings is very draining as I feel that the adrenline is keeping me going and once it 'wears off' I feel sleepy and fatigued and hust wanna lay down and rest. This has effected my eating and sleeping habits as i'm too tired to even cook at night so I go without most nights, very frustrating....keep well

  • Hi dunc thank for always replying to my posts, i really appreciate it. It sucks trying to convince myself that i don't have a bad illness 🙄. I know how you feel i be so tired my entire day i cant even get up to eat but the funny part is that i get up to feed my kids lol so i dont feel so bad after all.

  • Good to hear, we all have coping techniques that will alow us to clam down. Can I ask about your off balance feeling, what do you feel like with this and does it come and go or last all day? ta

  • Yeah it comes and it goes. Sometimes i can be so good but then i get freaked out and all these symptoms start to happen

  • Anxiety makes me feel like I'm very sick or going crazy, maybe both.When I go out shopping it's like a carnival, the floor tilts , I can't concentrate , I'm walking on jelly legs , and I'm sure everyone is noticing me. All of this can happen any time any where . In fact I worry about it so much I make it happen. My husband thinks I'm nuts and dismisses it , so I feel very alone also. At least this is the way it was 20 some years ago . I got help in the form of a behavioral psychologist , anti depressants, and went to college. The college part was for my self esteem. It worked very well for me and for the most part I am anxiety free, but if I get very stressed I can feel it in the back of my mind and I start relaxing right away. Get some exercise , eat well, and rest even if you can't sleep. Do all you can for yourself and come on this forum when ever and as much as you want too. You will get past this. Pam

  • Hey sweetiepye (love that name btw) lol. Im 25 years old and i have 2 kids ever since i had my second one which is 2 months, i had blood transfusion at the hospital bc i had anemia i think thats when this whole situation started i get freaked out most of the time for no reason, i cry a lot bc i don't want to leave my babies alone :( thats when i get all these symptoms, im trying to convince myself that im healthy and ill be here for a long time for my kids bc they need me. Thank you so much for responding 😘

  • Life is so interesting. I also had anemia, 2 toddlers, and a great fear that I wouldn't see them grow up. I knew no one would love them as much as I would and do. They are now 46 and 50 and I am 70. I still worry about them, they slow me down. You and your babies will be fine. Don't let anxiety take this wonderful time of life away from you. Pam

  • Yes it alll sounds like anxiety.

  • Hi Chache

    i truly feel your emotion and pain..its like when i read your post it was me asking this..i had my first full blown panic attack almost 6 years ago from 2011 forwards i had physical symptoms every day till this day i think im having a heart attack when i feel the slightes pains inmy chest area. i have 2 little girls and they demand attention and a happy mommy so i put up a smile most days when i am actually in so much pain in my body..i have been through all the tests as well 2 rule out heart desease again in 2016 went to ER 3 times was told its acid reflux...had blood tests done again for clots and heart all came back normal. no matter how many times a doctor tells me all is okay my mind just doesnt believe it even when i try my best...its so difficult to even just have a few glasses of wine with my friends at events because the next day i feel even worse and so scared..i know we can beat this so many people have i just need to confront those lies and issues..God is a great God and i know He will not forsake us even many days it feels so alone. Fear is the fuel for anxiety and thats what we hear from almost all the posts written on here...Your strong i trust that and yes being educated regarding anxiety can also help. I too google like a million times a day and then get freaked out when it shows heart attack!! All the advice up here is so great and i will definitely also use them in my daily battle..



  • I could've written some of your posts!

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