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Reviews on propanolol 40mg? Just read the leaflet & big mistake


So just read the leaflet and coming off these can cause heart attack and sudden death!! Oh great my worst nightmare. I really need some reviews because im at my wits end with my anxiety and havent been out my room for days and if i dont decide tonight wether to take them then im just going to end up like this forever

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Where did u read that? On the net or leaflet? I have done my anxiety without meds. It's still a struggle and it's there daily but Iam getting there slowly. Hope that helps. Can't comment on propranolol Hun as never had it or anything to do with it xx

Hi I was given them as well for two reasons first was to help lower my BP and also to help relax you in I did not take them as I want to do this without medication but we are all different but here is a fact 1 no mediation is a cure for anxioty but they can help. But this is me I did not take them as I feel what's the point if they don't cure you !

2. loads of pepole do take them with high BP and Anxioty and migraine as well ! The coming of them is for peeps with high blood pressure and bad hearts think it refers to those pepole . but you could phone your out off hours and ask to speak to a nurse I'm sure they will be glad to help Ashbash stay calm and do some breathing ok you will be alright it won't last forever

Here are my top tips to help you

Don't drink coffee ie caffine

Get to the gym as soon as you can

Don't drink loads of alcholal beer wine

Get a relaxation app for your phone there's loads out there and some are free

Don't lock yourself at home and avoid nothing

I'm having a bad day last few days in fact so your not on your own :-) x

Ive been on them for over 10 years and I have an heredity disease will b/p and heart problems, I take Ramapil now so only take propranolol when I need them I stop suddenly and am still here.x

in reply to gina62

Gina do they work and how long do you take them

Good for you x

Think the above advise is what she needs. To here x


Hi the above advice is very good. I can recommend a couple of apps; Head Space and hope that helps x

Great for palpitations x

If there was any high risk like that then they simply wouldn't be available to the public. I'm sure your GP wcould confirm that.

Hi, i ve been taking them for two weeks with no problems and im a side effecty person, cant take the pill, penicillin etc etc. I feel much better, if you ve tried evertything else like i had and your anxieties still sky high then give them a go. They ve made a huge difference to the quality of my life xxx

Hi please read my post to you on the tabs you have taken

Hay looking glass just had a read of your post I've been give them to help with the BP but am a little scared do they make you feel dizzy faint or are they just not notable at all and in what way do you feel that they have I proved things for you do they takeaway any of the feelings and if so how fast do the work

hi sorry for the delay i was distracted by facebook! i felt the difference within a couple of hours, they took away the wooshing of adreneline, the palps and breathlessness. For the first 3 or 4 days it felt like the back of my brain ws buzzing and had been switched off, not in a dozey or unpleasant way but i was aware of it, i was also dizzy for the first few days but thats passed now too. I know they only switch off the physical symptoms not the cause of it but its been such a relief for me. because i ve got about an 85% reduction in the physical symptoms i dont do as much thinking if that makes sense, im not exhausted all the time, i had nt realised how much my brain was zapping me! oh for the first few days it took me a while to get to sleep but it was nt the gut churning, breathless anxiety i normally get before bed.

i hope this has answerd a few of your questions, i know im coming off like yay take the drugs but im just saying they ve worked for me and i was the ultimate resistor of them xxxxxa


Hey there, just to say I understand your concerns..... I recently had an assessment with a phychiatric nurse prescriber who recommend some new meds for me, and I had to have an ecg first, so you can imagine how I felt about taking them to begin, but its the devil or the deep blue sea as far as Im concerned!! Plus they said to me don't just stop taking them or you can be ill and when I questioned him he said, you have to reduce them slowly or they can cause siezures, so as you can imagine I took them and sat there paralised wating for some awful side effects, but nothing, the gp said to me when I questioned him, oh I wouldn't have done an ecg, there a little over cautious, we use this all the time as pain relief, which did ease my mind until the nurse prescriber said about the coming off them........ clearly they don't understand that much about how anxiety affects you!!

Anyway Ive been fine, I know my story is a little different, but just to say I know how you feel, reading the leaflets is the worst thing and I don't do it anymore. And Im fine and taking them ;-)


Sorry for the late reply if still not took them and I'm still a mess but I don't think I ever will take them I've got a stomach ulcer and been prescribed amoxicillin and metronidazole and I won't even take them :/ really sad I know but I just really struggle with meds thanks for the advise though very much appreciated xxx

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