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The worst

O last night I had the worst panic attack I woke up around 1 and felt a funny feeling in my throat immediately I thought the worst my heart started racing and I couldn't control it I started shaking and feeling cold my heart was racing so fast I was thinking the worst my stomach is queasy and I have been having the run in it makes my stomach very loose I am also having a hard time getting over the worry I rarely get palpitations so I know that I am stressed any I bite sorry advice

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Hi cwoodside,

I'm sorry that you are having a bad moment. Take a few deep breaths, its OK to cry to release some frustration, get you some warm tea, and allow the moment to pass. It will pass and you will be just fine, honey. I'm praying for you. Peace and Blessings!!


Thank you so much Kenya



Well upset stomach is normal after your experience but as you calm down so will your stomach -)

When we have a massive scare like you did last night it can play on our minds and then the more it does we stay in a state of feeling anxious

When I get like this I have to try and talk myself back round

So I would be saying that was a dreadful panic attack last night but I am still here to talk about it

Then I would tell myself the chances of it happening again are very slim and I need to put last night to one side now and let it stay where it belongs in the past

Have you ever imagined a secret drawer , box or anything where you can put all the yuk things that happen in and shut the lid on it telling yourself it can stay there rather than follow you about , sounds a bit crazy maybe but it can actually work

Try distracting yourself , maybe look at relaxation for anxiety by putting into Google and see if you can get your mind to relax it does help -)

Take Care x


Good words of advice....


Thank you so much last night I went on YouTube and watched Yoga for anxiety and it helped I am going to have to try hard to get over last night but I have faith


Hello :-)

Well I have faith in you to and know you can let go :-)

I come across on You tube like trickling river music and then someone talking telling you to imagine this and that and find it very relaxing :-)

The other thing I do even at my age if I have had a bad night I leave a night lamp on I have the following night if I feel anxious and that works for me just a very dim light

Let us know how you are tomorrow , I bet you sleep ok :-) x


Thank you my dear

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