Miracle for anxiety/panic

1st know..... am not selling any program. I have posted this, but I want all to have an opportunity to heal. My story, i was miserable. Panic and neurological & physical symptoms out of the blue. No diagnosis still. I truly believe it was caused by a medication. I Scared to leave home. somedays I didn't want to live because anxiety was so bad and do unpredictable. I have have tried CBT, neurofeedback, beta blockers, accupunture you name it! but a month ago I tried Sudarshan KRIYA. it was AMAZING. I didn't take the course for anxiety, but it cleaned my mind! IT'S like all my prior treatments on steroids. It was nothing I expected. I would say try it! I feel like a new person. I will say, you have to stick with the routine after the 3 day program, but it's AMAZING. My husband said I'm a NEW person. my therapist said I no longer needed to see her for therapy. thus was immediately after the course.

I just pray it lasts.


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  • What three day program did you use?

  • The Art of Living "Happiness Program". Don't let the title fool you. Its a SERIOUS program.I traveled to North Carolina, but I later found this program is offered locally in MANY cities in the USA and other countries.

  • What is it a course or medication?

  • It's a course for 3 days. medication is not embraced and you will find there will be no need for medication once you complete it. I continues to work after the course. Like i could feel changes by the hour. I felt like i was emotionallt purging hourlt. There will be a daily self commitment to the practice. I NO LONGER HAVE SHAME GUILT GRUDGES OR PAST PAINS. I just can't explain it and I truly don't understand the. I just know it worked!

  • So happy u found something that worked for you is it online and whats the cost

  • Locally $395. I paid more beca use I did it as a part of a retreat. there are signifcant discounts for students, repeater and some other things I just can't remember what. there are OPTIONAL "FREE" weekly support/fellowship sessions for 1 hour locally forever after the program. so you truly get your money'so worth😉. my spouse has PTSD from the military, and he is so impressed with me he is going in a few weeks, locally.

    It's also called "project welcome home" for Vets.

  • There is also the Vipassana courses 10 day silent retreats around the world

  • I think they can be shorter than 10 days.. but I have been told it should start with Sudarshan Kriya then move on to the silent retreat. I had remarkable success with SKY.

  • Hi my anxiety more mental disrealization and chest pains feeling as tho I'll collaps all the time my head feels numb how do you find this retreat ? X

  • Google the Art Of Living Happiness Retreat in your area. Or visit Boone NC. PLEASE don't let the soft name fool you. You will be a different (better) person when you leave....just 3 days. Best wishes.

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