Anxiety and feeling panic

Hi everyone I'm really struggling, iv always suffered with bit low confidence and anxiety and a panic feeling in my chest, it's really affecting my life in work now, iv embarrassed myself so many times I can't get words out etc. I took anti depressants and beta blockers before and they helped but I stopped them coz I don't want to be on anti depressants coz I'm not depressed. Anyway after this now I'm suffering with a not normal feeling in my head and side of the head constantly and I'm taking notice of to many things like as if my nerves have been aggravated now, I can feel the pulsing by the sides of my head. Iv tried exercise,breathing but I can't control the panic in chest either which makes me feel like I can't breath or speak properly, what can I do I'm getting desperate, just want to feel normal again????


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  • Try calming least ten. Have a look at 7-11 breathing. You will be ok x

  • Iv tried calm breathing , its like my heart is racing then its worse when I face situations where iv made a fool of myself before, feels like a panic disorder but don't want to admit it, and this feeling on sides of head is weird never had it before , my head don't feel rite coz of it , I blame the medication from before which has made my head like this , I can't talk to my colleagues in canteen properly coz I'm so consice of the feeling on side of head as if I got bars nerves now , I'm struggling coz I want to feel normal so I can be confident again😢

  • Slooooooooow down. Slow the way you move,the way you breathe,the way you talk. Would u believe me if i said u can calm yourself down???

  • I do try when I'm in work I have to walk up stairs to see. A person to get paper work signed and I dread it coz I'm out of breath by the top of stairs then panicking inside when I have to see this person then I can't breath properly that when i make a fool of my self, it's all soo hard

  • There is one thing that my 20 years taught me and that is what we often believe to be true when we are anxious is often wrong. How do you know you have made a fool of yourself? What happens? I ask because so often other people are so busy with their own stuff that they dont notice what u r doing.

  • I know because I can't get words out and if I'm in deep

    Conversation I forget the point I'm trying to make. I have this pulsing feeling by temples

    Of head which I'm constantly concience of which puts me off when I'm talking. Is it bad nerves now?

  • I'm not trying to be an advocate for unhealthy behaviors, but my doctor reminded me that the people he treats handle their anxiety through a variety of methods. Some exercise, some use alcohol and/or cigarettes, and some use physical therapy lessons. From what I can tell, a sure-fire solution hasn't been found for everyone, so you'll have to see what works for you. I use a combination of all of the above depending on the situation, but I try to keep anything unhealthy in moderation. I've also been prescribed to different anti-anxiety (anti-depressants) medications, but none of them seem to work. Or, they may work but offer a slew of awful side effects that I have to take additional medications for. So I don't take those anymore.

    I like to remember that the entire world is screwed up and crazy. Your "normal" you're searching for doesn't exist. Just laugh it off and let yourself stutter through some conversations. I get pretty bad brain fog too and can't put words together sometimes. I just try to shrug it off and wait for it to pass, which is usually the next day. "Low confidence" is just being self aware that you're not perfect. I think that's a pretty special thing, not something to dwell on.

    If you're having an attack, I'd take a shot of some hard liquor. The awful taste and feeling of it burning your throat will have you forget about whatever made you anxious. Don't do it with anxiety meds though. You'll just get loopy and fall asleep. Oh, and don't drink more than a cup of coffee a day. That's a big one I've learned.

    Video Games: They don't help. Video games cause more stress and anxiety, so those are good to kick to the curb if you've got a bad habit there too.

    I believe the reality is that we aren't sick. Or if we are, it's generated from sitting inside staring at these screens all day. Find an excuse to get outside day and spend at least 30 minutes breathing in fresh air and keeping your mind off of work and whatever else is on these screens. I'm going to walk the dogs now and not worry about people not liking my first post on this site, even though it's burrowing in the back of my mind... :)

  • This sounds exactly like me. I too have really bad anxiety and panic attacks in work, so bad where I cried in the toilet today and had to go home because I can't physically speak in front of people anymore. For me, the inability to speak is the worst part because I cannot communicate how I feel at any point. do you feel the same? I didn't even tell my colleagues I was leaving to go home. When I do tell someone they tell me to tell my manager, but I physically can't. If you find something to cope, I would love to hear it (my current method is running away 😩) good luck!

  • Denimdungarees, I understand how you feel regarding having to talk with someone when you are not feeling up to it. Talking makes it worse (for me) because I feel I have to explain myself knowing they don't understand what I'm feeling. I have resorted to using emails giving an explanation why I can't do something. It's over and done with in moments. The relief is instant. If we don't take care of ourselves, no one else will. We have to do what we can to keep our emotional levels down. It may be the chicken way of handling something but until I feel comfortable in doing any different, that's my call.

  • I'm sensing your feel that running away is negative? I hope this isn't the case.. in a bad situation for example, your running and you come across a snake, what would your first instinct be? Yours most likely would be to run! Others may stay and fight off the snake. This is just a metaphor of the human intuition or more commonly known as our "fight or flight" you can't feel bad this is the way you react to a scary situation like a panic attack. Others will fight it! Embrace who you are :)

  • We are not powerless with this problem. Yes many self- medicate in one way or another but the key is to find ways that help but are healthy habits. Low self-esteem feeds anxiety and tells us we look/sound/act stupid when we dont. Most peeps have so much of their own stuff going on they dont notice. Learning helpful habits such as power posing and soothing self-talk go a long way..... Plus imagine how you would talk to a loved one if they felt the way you do and you will probably find that you are far harder on yourself than you would be them. Be kind and reassuring. Remind yourself the anxiety will pass. X

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