Anxiety and panic

Hi everyone, I'm new to this group but certainly not new to Anxiety. I'm 47 and been dealing with it since I was 19 and I still feel like I'm alone at times. These past few months I've had to deal with pa in disorder as well. The feeling of pressure in my head, lack of focus and fatigue is all new.. it saddens me that others go through this but at the same time it's a comfort in knowing I'm not alone.

Thank you to all of you in advance for being here for me.


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  • I know it doesn't lessen the physical distress by knowing that you are not alone, but at least it supports you emotionally. It saddens me as well to know there are so many people whose lives are put on hold or destroyed by anxiety. My thoughts are with you for better days.

  • Hi, Your not alone,I for one have been suffering for years with mental health issues.My biggest problem at the moment is feeling so alone, this illness definitely makes me feel that way.Just keep in touch and we will all get through this together. Take care.

  • I am sorry you are going through this, I do not know what methods you have tried to combat this? Do you do breathing exercises, meditation or anything, a deep relaxation tape helped me tremendously. I do still suffer panic attacks but they certainly do not rule my life. Mine happen in airports or away from home, but I manage to control them. You will recover but it is finding the right remedy that will suit you. I hope I have been helpful. Sometimes our body clock works against us like the menopause etc. We are all here to support you 😊😊

  • I take celexa daily, I have a scrip for Xanax but I only have it for comfort of knowing g it's there. I do deep breathing, camomile tea and lavender essential oil on my pillow at night.

    Thank you for reaching out

  • No problem, it is horrible to keep suffering. If you have a cold or break your leg people can see and sympathise. Depression is worse. Keep seeking alternative solutions, one will emerge for you soon, contact me any time xx

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