how does anxiety change you?

hi. I have always been a friendly and cheerful person but since I got my new job anxiety made me a different prrson. my manager said that I found this role challenging because of my quiet and reserved personality. I feel so strange. they have known me for 2 months now and they have such an impression. It is hard to integrate with people when you suffer from anxiety. and especially when you are a foreigner and have a new job. I think they labeled meband they are always watching me what makes me even more nervous. vicious circle :( i feel like an ET ! the problem is that anxiety makes it harder for me to express moyself. the words get stuck in my throat.. I say something and then I want to kick myself thinking it was not relevant or ridicoulous. ehhh I give up..


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  • Have you shared your anxiety with your colleagues? It can help sometimes if people are aware. I'm not suggesting you stand up and make a formal announcement, maybe talk to your boss or someone you feel more comfortable with. Please don't give up.

  • my manager knows about the course/ treatment I attend but I think that people dont realize what anxiety is if they never had it. sometimes I think that maybe it is not the anxiety.maybe it is the real me? Im confused. maybe im just shy.i dont know. thanks a lot for your post! how does anxiety affect you?

  • anxiety has made me a shell of the girl i used to be and i feel everyday im fighting to get her back. x

  • Im sorry Sam :( I feel the same. every day is a battle and Im scared of the future. good luck with fighting this monster!

  • having contact with all you guys makes life a little better. thanks. x

  • Hi yea its a monster alrite i had a good job untill this started id go out wiv my mates drink not worry bout a thing now i dont drink i lost my job and hardly c my mates anymore it even got 2 a stage where i couldnt even drive my car. My doctor put me on a cbt course and its quiet interestin wot u learn there.

  • hi. its really sad you dont see yohr mates. why? do they know about your problem? I drive but I almost had an accident this week. just were too worried and nervous and didnt concentrate on the road. kne day i will get killed because I think about my future instead of focusing on the present! are you on tablets?

  • Yea they know bout my problem i just feel uneasy around them atm. No doc wont put me on anythin wants me 2 ride this course out on cbt first c how that goes. Yea i know wot u mean bout concentratin it can be hard sum days.

  • Hi gatita. We all put on a brave face, call it an act if you like, when suffering from anxiety. You see someone and you think, my goodness, he/she is really "laid back", but do you know? You seem to appear that way to your colleagues but they do not really know you? Let them watch you. Perhaps they have nothing better to do! Do not let it worry you. IT DOES NOT MATTER. They may be waiting for you to fail, such is human behaviour. So what. You are NOT going to fail and that's it! Yes, it is hard to integrate when you are anxious. So "words get stuck in your throat". So!!! Let them stick but don't fasten on to the feeling. With anxiety who does not have words that get stuck? in fact some of us have problems talking at all! Who would not feel strange the way you are. Feel strange. Do not "fight" the feelings. Go with them and do not be afraid of them; they cannot harm you physically so why give heed to them? Do not put too much emphasis on what others think. Everyone is not right and a lot of people can be downright boring. They may come to you for help themselves. At least you have had the good sense to come here and talk about it. Well done and happy landings. jonathan.

  • Hi Gatita. I used to be much more relaxed and calm, able to take things in my stride. Now I'm tense and irritable and need everything to be predictable. I hate how anxiety has made me like this. I do believe you can get back to your old self (and so can I) and part of recovery is learning to manage the anxiety so it doesn't limit your life so much. I'd say try to spend time with people you feel comfortable with, and try to have interests outside of work that help you to feel more confident too x x

  • Anxiety has changed me by keeping my thoughts more to myself! It's often hard to tell others how we truly feel on the inside. That time of the month and the ten days before are not a lot of fun to say the least my anxiety really kicks in at this point, already taking cipralex and usually have to up the dose a bit just to get by and tolerate myself .

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