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Hello, have you guys tried the End The Anxiety Program before? And has it helped?

And also, is it like CBT?

Because I've heard good things about it and I was wondering if it worked for you guys.

I am really tempted since my anxiety is basically taking over my life and everyone wants me to take medication but I don't want to rely on it....


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As an older cynic I see numerous similar programs, schemes, books etc on the internet selling a dream. Get rich quick, overcome your anxiety , cure your depression, improve your self confidence, lose weight, etc. They all use a similar technique with personal testimonials, no actual scientific evaluation of their system, no general feedback possible for the tens of thousands buying the program, lots of text selling the program and trying to hook you in, lots of so called independent reviews which are clearly written by the company, usually American with pictures of wealthy happy people etc, etc.

Success really comes down to you and your commitment. No one can do it for you. Whether you use the established Claire Weeks books or some complex internet based scheme probably makes no difference. The guarantee is probably worthless and your anxiety may deteriorate when you realise you've been hooked into their scheme

The only qualification this guy Dennis has is the nacp life coach, which can be purchased for $325

But he can certainly talk!

It doesn't even involve any assessment process.

He also publishes books and is clearly looking to make money out of people with problems.


Someone else posted their "scheme (braingearz)" on here, but it's now been removed. Seems there are lots of similar around trying to lure all of us in.

And here you are advertising a similar scheme promoting yourself. However I note your "qualification " as an infinite possibilities trainer is more expensive at $999 for the online course.

As with other similar schemes, your system begins with free offers, designed to obtain e mail addresses for further contacts when I presume the financial costs are revealed as the unsuspecting person is reeled in.

This is deceitful marketing as is common with these type of online programs.

I really feel you should not be allowed to plug your program on here and lure people in by getting them to privately message you.

However you have done well to overcome your anxiety and set up your company, your website and program, but I note that your route was hard work, multiple authors and courses, but no single item

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Your website gives no indication of the costs, but rather sets up a lure of a free product, by which you will obtain contact details. I feel you should be up front honest and open about the costs and am suspicious of what I se as deceitful marketing like this

Actually I'm probably just envious that I've not managed to do something similar!


I'm very dubious about quick fixes and promises. I bought a book by barry mcdonagh called dare...very much in the same vein as claire weekes and his approach changed my outlook completely. Anxiety is not something you can get rid of or magic away. The only person that can get you through it is you.... no amount of money or quick fixes will do that. You need to accept the sensations you feel and carry on living life to the fullest. Too many think their sensations are different therefore they are special and there must be a magic pill...I'm afraid its not true. We are all the same....i have struggled with anxiety and panic attacks for 11 years. I still have days where the sensations knock me for six out of the blue....but because of what i learnt i get straight back up and carry on even with the sensations....but thankfully these days are few and far between now. I hope you find your way through this 😊


So you're saying that it is a good option to purchase the program? Thank you anyways :)


Reading through the comments i think the general consensus is to be wary. At the end of the day everyone responds to different methods. If you can afford this method and you think it will work its your choice whether to use it. It may have worked for some but not for others. But i would urge caution if they are not up front about the costs. Ultimately if you want a particular method to work then it will....but there arent any easy paths out of the end the effort must come from you


It is something of a scam as it has no postal address no money back guarantee and is the product of one person with no proper qualifications.

These ones are recommended by anxiety uk


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