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Living with anxiety


I just want to post about my experience with anxiety.

2 years ago was my first attack I didn't no what was happening and ended up in the hospital. I was really scared and always tried running from my anxiety which in the end made it so much worse I had every anxiety symptoms going it was awlful I taught I was going crazy. I tried antidepressants twice but they never agreed with me.

I take inderal 40mg in the morn and 40mg in the evenings to manage with the physical symptoms

I then started Theraphy talking about my anxiety really help I bought a book in easons about anxiety not to cure me but to find out why and what anxiety is I found this really helpful I then started a journal writing down all my negative thoughts and replacing them with positive thoughts

I downloaded a app on my phone called headspace it's really good I listen to it everyday even when I'm feeling great

Now when I feel anxious I say to myself it's ok it's just your body pumping more adrenaline it's ok to feel anxious it's not going to hurt me what's the worse what can happen I no sometimes this can be hard but I found the more I accept that I have anxiety the less it comes if I try running away from it it will just keep running after me

I also find breathing techniques very good breath in for 4 hold for 4 and out for 4

il keep doing what I'm doing and hope this post helps someone cause your bad anxiety won't last forever nothing lasts forever good times and bad times.

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Love to hear posts about improvement and recovery. Thank you!

Thank you some days are harder than others but have to keep going

I agree. Keep going, one day at a time. Hope today is a good day for you!

Bravo Chris2323, you found the answer. Thanks for sharing and continued success.

Chris2323 in reply to Agora1

Thank you please god it keeps going good but do still have some bad days that does be my mind trying to play tricks on me

Agora1 in reply to Chris2323

Chris2323, Anxiety will test you from time to time but it should get easier to ignore and go on with your day. Prepare yourself ahead of time by practicing meditation and deep breathing every day. Doesn't hurt to keep reading up on anxiety. The more you know the stronger you will be. God Bless!

Chris2323 in reply to Agora1

Yes thats what I found very helpful understanding the anxiety I do say to myself it's ok everyone gets anxious and try to let it go the meditation is great also and breathing exercises

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