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Hi guys I am new to posting chats. I am 15 years old. About a year ago i woke up one morning and felt like i just could not catch my breath. It worried me but I thought it would go away soon. But it didn't. So my parents took me to the doctors i got chest xrays exams everything. And it all came back normal. So the doctors said it was anxiety and i was put into therapy. But it did not help. Every morning when i woke up the first thing i would concentrate was my breathing. And it got really bad right before i went to sleep. And i was having daily panic attacks. It was pretty much ruining my life. So that lasted about a year before my parents finally agreed to try medications. It was about a month ago when I tried my first medication. It was called Vibryd. It actually really helped in reducing my anxiety but the chest tightness was still always there. And that medicine about a week or two in it made me really depressed and suicidal. So my psychiatrist stopped that. And I was just put on a new medication yesterday actually. Its called trintellix. I was put on 5 mg last night. But right when i went to bed i kept jolting awake and i felt super weak. I thought it was nothing and just tried going to sleep. But then around midnight all of sudden my mind woke up but my body was paralyzed. And i heard ringing in my ears and my chest felt so tight. I was so scared. It was really weird because i knew i was in my room and i knew my surroundings but i just couldn't wake up. I tried screaming for help but my voice wouldn't work. But then i jolted awake. I ran downstairs bawling and woke my dad up and he said i was fine and that i probably just suffered from a little bit of sleep paralysis. I am assuming this is because of the medicine because this is the first time it ever happened to me. But my dad said it couldn't have been because 5 mg is such a small dose and it wouldn't have done that. So now I am really worried there is something wrong with me. Its about 10 in the morning right now and I am completely exhausted and i feel so weak. I am really worried. Do you guys know if the medicine could have done this? i still feel the constant chest pressure too. Thanks


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  • sleep paralysis and anxiety often co occur!! it probably wasn't the meds. maybe you were experiencing heightened anxiety which caused the sleep paralysis! it is very scary! you got this!!!!!!

  • thank you so much for your kinds words of encourgment!

  • you are so very welcome !

  • A lot of people get acid/wind stuck in their chests (me included) from anxiety. Over breathinand concentrating on it can cause you to feel breathless and on edge. Try burping and you'll notice it goes away a little

  • Ok thank you so much. Its just really hard to deal with it sometimes but i really appreciate your response.

  • Accept these symptoms of anxiety with as little fear as possible and by accepting them instead of fighting them you will recover.

  • thank you so much I will try.

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