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Busy day today,Son toddled off to school,went to the gym and would you believe it,the cleaner only tried to fix me up with another member,yes,a female.I said

"thanks,but no thanks" I didn't really say that,bit rude but I have to say,not my type so my exit was sharp,thanks anyway!

So,good session at the gym then to Morrisons for a "flying start" new girl on the till today,miserable bitch,not like my usual friend plus,she got my order wrong,I didn't ask for toast,thats not the point!

Anyway,after that on the way home,thought about a comment written in my Sons daily planner from school.Head of English wrote and in red"He must have a copy,Of mice and men".

For a start who the f is "He" who do you think you are, telling me "He" referring to my Son,"Must",you don't tell me what I must do.

Anyway,got wound up,straight into school guns ablaze,not available as usual.Hour later phone rings,she got both barrels,she said"sorry" end of.I have always fully supported school re my Son,but don't ever make the mistake of thinking I will assume school are always right and never ever,ever,ever,ever underestimate my protective instincts towards him,ever!!

After that,my young friend rang to ask if I could take her to the vets,no,not for her,for Charlie the cat,remember,he got run over a month ago,fractured leg,broken pelvis,lucky to be alive really,will never be 100% again but he's alive.

Returned from Blackpool (vets),brew, then Morrisons again,see my friend,quick brew,home,Son home,made tea,he went out,he still out,me on here,soon be time for bed.

So people,quite a full day,oh forgot,my Mum phoned,moaning about her twin Sister,they have always been like that!

Yes,today has been busy but a good day,another one that has been enjoyable and not full of anxiety,you see,it does happen.

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That sounds a real positive day

Very busy , you did do a lot

Take it the girl at the gym didn't look like Tina then ;-)




Yep,Tina Turner and a similar age probably!


O dear , that doesn't sound to good :-D


I cannot imagine meeting anyone of a similar age who I would be interested in,is that just me,is it wishfull thinking or is it as my young(22) friend points out,I have a young outlook,I certainly don't feel 50,here,have a feel!


no you certainly don't feel 50 :-D

Young at heart I would say :-/


There you are, we missed you.

So glad you had a good day, we were getting worried. Lol, what was our friend whywhy feeling or is it rude to ask lol, I don't think I need to know, I'll use my imagination tee hee.

Xxxx glad to hear from you xxx


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