What's up with doctors and blood pressure???

Has this ever pissed you off beyond beliefe? I have a bp of 229 over 91 during a panic attack, now that is beyond hypertensive crisis, it went up there for a good few mins then slowly came back down.

I go to my GP and she's like Its just anxiety it's ok, my mom who is a 40 year er RN said no that's not normal. I have normal readings and kinda high when I have anxiety, question is, can I do anything about this mess? Its serious.

Doctors act like anxiety is harmless but they never talk about the high blood pressure readings. Its BE.


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  • High blood pressure causes stroke. Stroke can cause paralysis and death. You need bentos. Go to a different doctor. And be careful!

  • Benzos*

  • Yea I agree, but I had one say it won't hurt you as long as you come back down. They are all blowing me off and it's pissing me off.

  • Well I just read that during exercise the top number can hit 200 easily and go up from there, and my doctor just called me and said that panic attacks are badly released trips to the gym. He said it's hard when Its happening but try not focusing on it. He said that's why Doctors blow this off. He said that squatters that dead lift can get their BP up to 430!!!!!!! That's insane, he said it's not about you hitting that high, it's about if you stay that high.

  • Umm I don't like that at all. For someone BP to go that high from having a panic attack could cause serious issues. I don't like your doctor. I'm sorry. But a lot of doctors don't understand unless it happened to them.

  • Yea, well my mom said it is true as well. She's a 40 year er nurse, she said we Don't like seeing it hit that high but when you work out and go running, you can hit numbers that high, she said 90 percent of people with full blown panic attacks have hit that high probably but they didn't know because they weren't taking a bp right when it hit.

  • What does your mom say to do?

  • She is saying watch it but don't stress over it lol I'm going to give in on Monday and get a ssri. I been battling this for 8 months on no meds and I need my life back. Looking at leprexo or whatever it's called.

  • Hopefully the ssri will help! 😊

  • reach out for help if it is available if that is in a form of meds go that

    Route to see if it brings some relief.

    Start on the lowest dose and be patient because it can take quite some time to reach therapeutic levels. In the beginng it may actually increase symptoms and you Can supplement with low dose Valium to stay on course. I am a victim of anxiety that is not interested in theraphy or grin and bear it. This is a world wide condition that has been shelved since it most likely not life threatening and doctors do not have

    The knowledge to help. Research is needed desperately.


  • Hi there ~whenever I go to the doctors and they take my BP it's always high (It's called white coat syndrome) due to the stress etc ~I bought a home BP monitor from Argos (I live in UK) to keep a check ~ to make sure aok ~you may want to consider buying one just to ease your mind

    Take care

    Kath 🙂

  • I'm so tired of this pounding ❤ heart of mine! I can be sitting here relaxing at home and it starts pounding. Take my b.p. and it will be 150/ 90. Today I went to the cardiologist. Driving there, my heart was pounding. ( I have much anxiety when driving ) Got there and tried to read a book while waiting. Heart pounding away. When I went back to see the Dr. I just knew my b.p would be high. Nope! 120/80. They did EKG and was good. Listened to heart was good. While he was listening, still pounding. He's actually having me come back for a 5hr. stress test. Not that he saw anything wrong. Just to rule out an actual problem. Every time Dr. checks me it's normal . Come home and it's high. Try to do deep breathing. Hope your well.😁 Ruby🌹

  • Armyguy,

    Read about Baroreflex Failure. Just Google it. I have the same issue and have seen numerous specialists and tried a long list of BP meds. I found a combination of Coreg (smoothest BP med of all - doesn't put you BP on a roller coaster due to repeated rebound effect), anti-anxiety, and anti-depression meds helps. The latter two meds are also used for BP control and NOT just anxiety and depression. It's worth looking into this. Best wishes.

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