Blood pressure help!

Hey guys I having a hard time with my blood pressure every morning I check it’s 147/93 or

145/91 then at night it’s 141/85 or 135/85. I take a 10mg of bysoltic for two years. I stay away from salt and coffee I eat right I drink a gallon of water everyday and I walk and jog everyday for an hour. I tell people about my blood pressure and they say it’s normal? I’m 6’1 262 lbs. I’m not understanding it’s freaking me out I’m doing everything to lower it and it’s not ugh. I’m scared but I don’t feel it’s high but it’s drives me crazy!! Hopefully someone can help me out and guide me thank you all 🙏🏻


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  • Your blood pressure is only marginally above the threshold for normal according to the British Medical Association. If it would reassure you you could ask your doctor for a mild blood pressure reduction med. Either way don't worry about your bp, it's only a problem because you're obsessing about it. Be grateful your bp isn't 230/210 which isn't unknown.

    So - as I often say: don't spend your time trying to cure an illness you don't have, instead spend your time addressing the illness you do have - anxiety disorder.

  • Thanks Jeff I really do appreciate it a lot. It’s just frustrating because when I check it I’m not anxious just normal I sit there and relax not thinking about anything and when it’s done I get those results :(

  • Hi Vitonyc, I'm getting ready to call it a night but wanted to respond to your concerns first. Jeff1943 is absolutely correct regarding blood pressure. The more focused you are on the number, the more they will go up.

    We don't have to feel stressed or anxious, remember that blood pressure is a quiet disease. Most people don't even know that their numbers are high until the doctor tells them. Your higher number (systolic) is okay, may be considered borderline but okay. As for the lower number (diastolic) that is just showing you that the blood vessels don't totally relax.

    Blood pressure fluctuates throughout the day coming to more of a restful number late at night when the body is tired and in a more calm state. However, if you anticipate higher numbers you inadvertently get yourself tense enough for it to reflect on your arteries.

    There is also a proper way of taking blood pressure. Do not take your pressure immediately upon having worked out, walking or having had dinner. Wait at least 10 minutes before sitting down to test you pressure. Sit at a table that when your left arm is extended is the height of your heart. Plant both feet on the floor never crossing your legs or your ankles. Place the cuff on and before pressing the start button, take a deep breath and blow out slowly. I think you may see a difference in the lowering of your bottom number by doing this. Give it a try. Also remember that the pressure should not be taken multiple times a day. Once a week at the same time and day should be sufficient in comparing your numbers with the doctors on your next visit. Just in giving him a borderline comparison.

    I hope this helps you some. You are doing fine. You are doing all the right things, don't let worry and frustration drive the numbers up. Eventually you will see them lower when you no longer worry about your pressure.

    Goodnight my friend....take care of yourself. :)

  • Hey agora, thanks for replying back to me.

    Every morning right when I get out of bed I check it and it’s high and when at night before bed I check it’s high which I don’t understand. But I’m not going to check it anymore I’m going to drive myself crazy! Like yesterday I was happy had a great I said to myself let me just check I was breathing in and out very calm and it’s was high again. I don’t get it. I hope one day my numbers will be normal again lol we shall see thank you so much my friend! Have a great day 😄

  • One other thing Vito in that first thing in the morning is not a great time to take your pressure because that's when the cortisol levels are the highest. As for evening, did you know that just the anticipation of taking your pressure will make the numbers rise especially the lower number.

    The more we take our pressure the more fear we instill in ourselves. As everyone's responses state, we basically can over do a good thing which ends up perpetuating the reason for taking it in the first place.

    We are not doctors, we tell you through our own experiences. The person you need to listen to is your own physician. Sometimes it takes the right balance of meds or adjustment of a dosage to help see the difference in your readings. My dose of the right medication for high b/p took time for the doctor to find just the right med/dose to make a difference as well as not making me too tired. Your doctor can and will adjust it for you only if he feels it necessary to do.

    You are doing all the right things, now it's back in your doctor's court to keep you going forward in living this healthier lifestyle. Enjoy your day but most of all, stop worrying..You are okay, the medication will keep everything in check and protect your heart. You are not over reacting, you are being a very responsible patient and doctors like that.

    Take care and stay positive. :)

  • Thank you my friend always there for me :)

  • Always :)

  • Ditto what everyone said. Anxiety will blow your blood pressure up. There was a point where I would run to the ER everytime I had a panic attack. My BP would be around 170/110. As soon as I got back and talked to the Dr and calmed myself down it would be 117/78 or close to that. A lot of the physical symptoms you feel during an anxiety/ panic attack are because your blood pressure goes up. Take some deep breaths and try and relax it will go down.

  • Thanks for the reply, but when I check I’m not in anxiety mood I’m very calm. So I don’t know why it’s high. Maybe I do have bp or maybe is normal for my height and weight don’t know. We shall see thanks man!

  • Oh do I hear you Christory77... Breathe.. it's my life line too. :)

  • I’m the same with my heart rate but found if I keep checking it and worrying about it, i end up making it go way over a 100bpm and not checking it, it was actually normal. I think I told myself over a 100bpm while standing or walking wasn’t normal but it is for me and my resting is 76bpm so I know I’m fine. I just had to convince myself not to check or worry about it.

  • I don’t think your blood pressure is that bad. Also depends on your age weight and other things. It’s the bottom

    One you need to be concerned about and it’s not that bad. Plus you need to do it sat still and take 3 readings one after the other and take the lowest result.

  • Thank you hac82 that’s what everyone been telling me that’s it not high at all. We shall see :)

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