Constant Blood pressure monitoring

Ok I took my BLOOD PRESSURE it was a little high 134/85 so I panicked and kept taking it it went to 155/90 so even though I don't usually have high blood pressure I am obsessing over it and constantly take it like 15 times a day my doctor said to stop he won't give me anything because I am working my self up with anxiety is anyone else doing this?


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  • Yip Dr is right . Please don't put yourself through this torture constantly and I know it's easy to say but please you are working yourself

    Up . Take a deep breath and get someone to hide the machine !

    You need to be kind to yourself

  • Thanks Carrie I am trying so hard

  • I have no doubt we are all here , keep trying and praise tourself everytime you resist ! You can do it !!!

  • I tried to convince my gp that I suffer of anxiety but he was convinced to prescribe me a tablet for blood pressure regulation.I refused because my level was high only when I was in the surgery not at home pharmacy orveven during ECG.even the nurse was surprised why my go was intentioned in giving tablets for high blood pressure...I heard that they have lots of side effects.

  • Hi,this is a common repeated testing obsession to do usually with underlying feelings of feeling 'unsafe'.It's presenting as a health anxiety around blood pressure.(some its,thiere heart rhythm, other common is breathing capacity etc etc.).

    Blood pressure rockets up and down all the time, even in 1 second.This is in response to physical activity and/or emotions. It is NOT harmful or relevant as it is the way your body keeps your adrenaline balanced so keeps harm AWAY.(Like the springs in a bed, or suspension on a bicycle/motor car).Your blood pressures ability to rapidly rocket up is necessary and healthy.Like hunger and feeling full up,like wide awake and sleep.The body needs this huge massive range of responses to keep everything healthy and in balance through your life.

    The only relevant measurement is your RESTING blood pressure.(no physical activity,no arousing emotions).Having this measured 2 or 3 times over a few weeks is your RESTING blood preasure.And this shows your basic health level in relation to blood pressure.

    Your reading of 135/85 is completely within the normal healthy range which is under 140/90.

    However,it is irrelevant to measure your blood pressure through the day as it hugely varies,(to keep you healthy),depending on rest or activity and peace or panick or most emotions.And varies literally second by second.It is like measuring how much you sweat.Sweating is your bodys way of dealing with excess adrenaline or heat that would otherwise be harmful bought on by activity,emotional arousal or fighting infection.Like high blood pressure leaping up,it is a sign of everything working well as it keeps you protected,(usually by burning up excess, harmful adrenaline and cooling the body).

    Have your blood pressure measured by a PROFESSIONAL with all the correct knowledge and equipment 2 or 3 times over no less than 1 week,preferably 3 weeks.At,ideally,rest,(emotional and physical inactivity).Anything below 140/90 is perfectly healthy and normal.The variants in the day are NOT relevant.

    Throw your monitor away and trust in your doctor.Unless you have a very serious medical condition like heart failure or serious heart abnormalities(and you would know!).High blood pressure rocketing up to 'riduiculous' levels is not abnormal and in fact is keeping your metabolism in balance through the day,safe from harm.

    Dr.Joseph Cymrank,London,u.k.

  • Oh thank you for taking the time to write all this info my goodness thank you,

  • Thank you again

  • Lol I used to do that all the time. I had to stop because like you mine would go higher, what I suggest you do is take it as and when you want but don't look to see what it is. Have a look the next day and you will see that your readings are normal . That reading of 134/85 is ok. Try what I've said and you'll see the difference

  • My GP always takes several readings, whilst making me sit back and properly relax, as my first is always high (in anticipation of the result). The knowledge that you're about to monitor it will automatically raise it, and the more you monitor the higher it will rise and the more your anxiety will increase.

    As others suggest . . . . . . . .throw the machine away and leave the monitoring to your


    Your BP is constantly raising and falling so can only be judged accurately by monitoring over a significant period. I do take medication to lower my BP and have it checked every three months.

    Best wishes. x

    PS Taking a 20min+ walk each day is good for lowering both BP and anxiety.

  • Thank you all I am trying I work and also take care of my elderly parents and my family. Thanks for the support

  • You have a pretty full

    Plate so

    Just be kind to yourself !

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