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Has anyone tried Hydroxyzine?

I was prescribed hydroxyzine and I wanted to let everyone know who has anxiety, these pills have helped me TREMENDIOUSLY! (Don't know if I spelt that right) Lol

I take one at night because I usually have more anxiety at night for some reason, anyways & it helps me sleep a lot better! It helps me clear my mind & it helps me relax. Not sure if this will help everyone but it seriously has helped me soooo much with my anxiety so I thought I would share & hopefully help someone get relief from Anxiety!

& just so you know I have been using this pills for a couple weeks now & they have helped sooo much! I was nervous to take one @ first because I have really bad health anxiety I have determined but my Fiance helped calm me down & to try one & ever since that day I am so greatful for these pills! I thank my DR all the time. :) they seriously help clear your mind & they help you relax. (they do for me anyways) & I wanna help people with anxiety! I hate it just as much as anyone else! So I wanna share my experience with these pills! Please give them a try! They are hydroxyzine 25mg! Please let me know if they help!

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So glad they work for you! I believe they are really strong antihistamine, kind of like taking a bunch of Benadryl. I have strong health anxiety too and I felt fine taking these.

I wish they worked for me during the day but when i have to work or function they don't take away the anxiety, just make me tired on top of being anxious. These can definitely put you into a deep sleep though and there's a lot to be said for getting a good night's rest. Thanks for the reminder, I may take one tonight!

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Yes I can agree with your reply completely! They do put you in a deep sleep which helps me during the day to not be so anxious. :) I'm sorry they don't work for you during the day. That's too bad. They help me be calm & relaxed when I take them during the day. I wish it worked the same for you but I guess everyone is different.

How long have you had your health anxiety for? What is your biggest fear with it? Its nice to know we arent alone in these battles. :) that's why I'm so happy I found this site!


Have you tried propananol beta blocker I find these are very good I personally take the 160mg they come in 40 80 and 160 they are also used for high blood pressure to help reduce it


Wow how long is not an easy question. I've had health anxiety for about 20 years but it comes and goes. When I'm at my Ultimate Health and everything is going great I don't have it much. I've had different fears at different times dependant upon what's going on with me and just where my mind is at. I have had all the classics. Shaky hands made me think I had MS. Of course I'm worried that Im having a heart attack or a stroke because that's what we do. I actually had uterine cancer and was fairly calm. We're usually only afraid of things we don't have. I had it I dealt with it it's fine and I'm good (kind of missed the babies but thats another story). The scariest things are those that we fear. When we actually get something that we can deal with we are good. The fear of the unknown is what frightens me. That makes no sense but this disease makes no sense. I guess I'd rather have something that I can see and fight?


Does it make you feel relaxed but yet then not happy or depressed? I need something that calms anxiety but don't make me sad and depressed in doing so. Anyone have any ideas on what would help?


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