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Has anyone found citalopram helped them?


i went to the doctors last monday and she prescribed me citalopram 10mg for my anxiety to take one every day for one week then take two daily. i took it monday night and felt sick all of tuesday and very strange wednesday. so i had to have 2 days off work. By friday i felt the side effects had gone. On sunday i went out for a family meal at a pub i managed to sit there for 10 minutes but my anxiety got so bad i had to go and sit in the car till everyone had finished. i felt really silly that i wasted all that food and had to go and sit in the car. Today i was meant to be going to the hairdressers but cancelled it this morning as didnt want to embarrass myself and at lunch time im meant to be meeting a friend for lunch at a pub. i think its probably best that i dont rush too much at once but dont want to let my friend down and am scared of what happened on sunday. i should have started taking 2 tablets on monday but i havent as scared of the side effects and cant afford to take time off work. i think i will start taking 2 tablets on friday night then i got the weekend.

i dont think the 10mg has made me feel better at all. has it helped anyone else or did you feel better when had 2 10mg a day?

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I was on them for two weeks and had to come off them as the side effects where too much for me but everyone is different doctor told me you needed to be on them two to three weeks before you notice the difference .Everyone reacts to medication differently love so go by your experience not anybody else's i find this site great for talking but sometimes reading the stories of other people have made me think i have their symptoms or i will react to medication the same way but we are different people hugs Sharon x

going to try and stay with the tablets and hoping when i take 2 tablets on friday it might be better. i really dont know what to do with my friend i dont think i can sit in the pub and act normal and ive got no appetite at all. really dont want to let her down but dont think im ready for it yet. but on the other hand i think if i dont when will i.


Try not to think about the situation till the day and see how you feel then otherwise your just going to get yourself worded up about it x


Hi I ve been on citaloprforget years ago and I was fine,no side effect.now I m on cipralex wich is the updated version of citalopram and it s even better.again we are all different,for example I was sick on mirtazipane but most of the people are define with it.goid luck

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Lindenlea. I have suffered from anxiety attacks and agofaphobia, and depression for many years, I cant stay alo ne or go out alone, I am on Cipralex 15mgs in the morning, I tae them at 7pm, and fall back to sleep, but I asked the doctor of I could take them at night, but he said they would keep me awake, I am addicted to valium for 30 years, and still feel depressed, but my husband has Altizheimers, so that does not helpme, its like I married a different man, bless him/ I have been on many antimeds of the SSRI type, and the doctor had me on Seroxat for 3 years, and astopped them dead, I was so ill, and never would go back on them again, it should have been weaned off me,I feel so depressed,and lie in bed some days, as I am unable to face thbe days.


I have literally just come off Citalopram after a year and a half on it. Those little tablets helped me through a very tough time. I had a few minor side effects (ibs worse and tinnitus) but all were worth it for the help with my anxiety and depression. The doctor has taken me down and now eventually off citalopram, but I am still on quetiapine for anxiety.

Inbox me if you ever want to talk about citalopram


Hi Tash21 just logged on and seen your question re citalapram and felt i needed to reply.I was on the tablets 6years ago the 20mg one a day they worked for me then.I had been free from my anxiety state until the begining of the year when it has come back with a vengence with worse symptoms.My gp has put me back on the same ones only the 10mg dose of one a day taken in the morning.I do have some side affects the very dry mouth feel a bitsick and my appetite is very poor feel a bit not with it but they say you can feel a bit worse when you start t

them before hopefully you turn the corner. I am going to stick with them and have some faith.That might not be a bad thing to wait until Frday to take the increased dose at least if you feel any worse side affects you are at home.Dont feel bad you might have to let your friend down the more you push yourself the worse you are going to feel and the anxiety will be more intense. I would just try and be as relaxed as much as you can harder said than done i know. Take care, a saying i always repeat to myself is IT WILL PASS.

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Hi Devon,

Just saw this post and hope that you're managing ok with the side effects.

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Hi Mazziel,

I have been on the tablets a week now the side afffects have been horrid dry mouth,nausea,sweating but hopefully these will ease off soon. I to have the tinnitus has yours eased now you are off the citalopram?


I have had two periods of anxiety & both times Citalopram has helped me a lot. 20mg works better for me than 10mg. You have to know 2 things: the side effects only last a few days so be prepared to struggle through that & it can take a long time to start working on your mood & anxiety - up to 6-8 weeks even. So I would say stick at it - if you can ask the doctor to put you on CBT as well that would be even better - did wonders for me. All the best.

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hi, I have a real phobia of taking tablets, I've been described citalopram 20mg, but so afraid to take, I've just started taking 2mg a day for anxiety, but I'm really struggling. What's the worse can happen if I take this drug? Don't want to be more anxious 😩

hi Tash,side effects for the first 2 weeks were horrid but better than the panic attacks l was suffering with. I kept going on 20mg and now feel amazing,one little tablet has been a life saver. Keep strong and hopefully you will feel better too.

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